The Moon Mysteries of Alura

I follow this young lady who goes by the moniker if Alura and she asked me to comment on her post the Moon Mysteries.  Let’s set the parameters before I comment.

  • I interpret the Word from the eyes of the ancient Hebrews the way they viewed life this goes back into the rivers that flowed out of the Garden in Gen. 2.  Ancient Mesopotamia.
  • There is a difference between Israel and the ancient Hebrews you can see this when the kingdom split in two after King Solomon died.  You then had the Northern Kingdom for all intents and purposes they were the ancient Hebrews and the Southern Kingdom became Israel as we know today.  In a spiritual concept that would make Israel the second born right now, The second born receive no inheritance  the first born always receives double the amount,  just FYI.
  • The ancient Hebraic language had no verb tense for the future only the present and the past.  Common sense no one can see the future you can only see your past in the present.

Case in point; this young ladies post was written in the past around 2015 , I going to expound on some of her perceptions in the present tense and when see reads my comments she will look to the past from her present tense and if I do my job correctly she will evaluate her present tense that is as I can make it.  We are not taught to look at life in the present we are only taught to look at the future.

I will only extrapolate on certain thoughts that she presents the article is well written and correct as two the moons as we call the red moons.

She experienced a loss around 2014 it shattered her faith, by use of the words, the heavens were screaming to be heard.

I interpret the spirit of the her words not the black and white there is a difference.  She is married to a wonderful husband and they have several young children:

………..chiefly being as a celebration of the deliverance from slavery into the hands of freedom.

She suffered a loss back around 2014 (slavery to a loss ie…) this is 2019 Mar 14, she is married to a wonderful husband with children, slavery into the hands of freedom, Paradise not perfect but Paradise nonetheless.

The Feast of Tabernacle is a celebration of the years spent in the desert in search of the Promised Land and an appreciation of the loving protection God provided during those difficult years

Years spent in the desert nothing grows you are spiritual dead in search to the Promised Land, you follow the covenants of the Lord ie…marriage between an man and a female with which she now has children that is a glimpse of the Promised Land in the spiritual realm of her soul.  For the Hebraic thought your heart is your soul your mind, your spirit is life around you.  The Spirit of God came across your face and your face. Gen.1:2.

………plan of salvation and redemption ……Alura kept true to one God and today in the present is happily married with a great family; she is better off today then when she was in then in the past. Who knows what the future brings you will not know that till it goes past you.

………God has come again in this New Age to deliver you from the darkness you refuse to expel from your presence… this comment is correct she is talking about her past her generation.

………And wouldn’t you know that six days after the sixth heavenly sign, I was lucky enough to deliver a beautiful baby boy whom we felt with all our heart should be named Patrick-Henry.

Her baby boy constitutes a New Age a new generation because Aluras generation is passing away as is mine, the cycle of life.

……I don’t believe that I was the one to deliver the Savior of All…Alura will teach her children about God and Partick will save his children and their children and their children the cycle of life that is a glimpse of eternity in the both the physical realm and the spiritual realm.  Patrick is and will become the son of God no different then her husband or me or any other man that follows one God of the Hebrews that came out of the ancient lands of the Mesopotamia thousands of years ago in the past and is still alive in the present, who knows what happens tomorrow we won’t know till it goes past us.

………My son was my deliverance from an unhappy life and a return to a life I could be proud of happily living in.

With all these heavenly signs and helpful happenings I wonder, what else is going on in the world? Who else has somebody special delivered to them that made a world of difference to the world around them? Who else is celebrating the special birth of a special being who is so special that being around them feels like a miracle?

……Who out there has the baby that is to save us all?………Aluras, Patrick, to save him so can save others.  What nobody told Alura was that the Word God in the very first verse is plural in the Hebraic language translated, her husband’s name is Patrick and her sons name is Patrick and they both serve one God.   She is the Lord of Creation of her world and her family all serve one God.  Sort of like Joseph, Mary and a son named Jeshu and he had a message.  Patrick the son will grow up and also have a message to those that listen.  The difference in the spirit between the First born and the Second born who inherits not so much.

This young lady made a comment one time in the past why is God so cruel and lets Job go through a mess of stuff in his life.  God did not do it men did it.  The next time you see the image of Christ on the Crucifixion all bloody and bruised whipped and the life is coming out of him.  That in the spirit is the Woman you are crucifying the Lord of Creation who births God’s wonders sons and daughters into the world.  In the Hebraic thought male and females are functions of God and the Cross is a feminine gender the Tav, the Omega.  Your throwing the women into darkness into the nether world by crucifying them everyday because we are the Lords of the Earth.  The Women are the Lords of the World, Creation.

I serve one God who already told me not to gain the knowledge of good and evil from the past.  He already pasts judgement on good or evil.  I cast myself into judgement if I don’t listen to his already spoken word.  God does not burn you, you burn yourself on a scale of 1 to 10.   Men put you in darkness not him.

So to wrap up a little bit,  Alura, God heard your cries in the wilderness and he validated the questions you had in your spirit today.  You have to look at your past sometimes to see the present, sort of like Job, pain and suffering, and in the end he kept faith and all things were restored double inheritance a double portion, the face of Patrick the face of Patrick and the face of Alura and the spirit of God came across the face of the deep. KJV

Mysteries of Aluras Moons; the face of Patrick and the face of Patrick, sometimes they shine bright sometimes they do not each one comes in its own season.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He sent you two witness to your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)
Seeing is Believing not what you Hear

Listen to Your Heart

 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div

Lord chose me, I chose you