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I came across words today, wrong rightness, condemnation and the Bible that is cruel and unjust.  There are reasons for this young lady to use such words and I understand where she is coming from.  There is anger in the words that she uses that I understand completely.  We both agree on certain areas, Men are pigs that is my words not hers they taught me how to lie with the best of them in and out of religion, my whole life consisted of a lie that other men taught me or mimicked.

She believes in God and I get that from the tags she uses what God does not matter to me.  I talk with young people of all different kinds of religions and their beliefs.  But when the Sun sets it will come back to one thought that there is only one existential being.  Do define the concepts of one God rest solely in Nature and what you perceive.  So we take that off the table.

The young lady also commented on why women are subjected to such cruelty by men anywhere in the world.  It is because man’s religions teach men that the woman is responsible for sin entering the world you will find that thought in any religion.  Case in point, I came across this article this morning from a mature lady.  She was commenting about a knee pain her husband was experiencing part of the conversation as follows;

“…..We are made from the dust of the earth…..”  What she is saying here on one hand that woman are subject to the man, by her statement by the use of the word’s We, made, dust.  That is where the lie comes in.  She never read the Old Testament the first 3 chapters of Genesis.

When I explain something I am using KJV imagery of the words in those three chapters.  Man was created from the dirt of the earth and he was born dead that is why it says God breathed life into his Spirit his soul comes later when he gains the knowledge of good and evil.  Woman was made the key word here is MADE, a Living Breathing Spirit.  God never breathed on the Woman. She already existed before Man showed up.  How can I make that assertion because the ancient Aramaic languages when written you read from the right to the left.

.I want to focus on a word she used rightness.  How does one determine rightness for their lives?

In the Aramaic perspective life there is no verb tense for future, verbs are either present tense or past tense.  In layman’s terms today is your present rate it on a scale of 1 – 10 good or bad evaluating from past experiences it is called self evaluating yourself.  Life is continual learning to better oneself.  There is no words for hell in the Aramaic language if you are doing what can be construed a bad then your simply in spiritual darkness your life is not productive the word is nether.  You are in the nether world and again you will judge yourself as there is no real description of heaven then you are doing good lets say then you can always do better.  We all learn from life experiences it cannot be taught applications are different, from person to person but they remain relatively constant between right and wrong.  Enough said.

Now for the Woman I am going to show the Oldest, Old Testament in existence it is called the Leningrad Codex it goes back to around 1000 BC.  It is a far cry from the KJV version, I have spent some time with it .

Gen. 1: 1 -2

1: 1 In the head of the tribe of Bara, God is the God of the people, the Lord of the world, and the Lord of the earth.

Bara means (male and female), the people the Lord of the world (Creation is the Woman the tree of Life, the Lord of the earth is the Man, the knowledge of good and evil the second tree.

And Elohiym filled (bara) the man with his image, with his image he filled (bara) him, male and female he filled (bara) them.The Hebrew word translated as “image” above is צלם tselem [H:6754] meaning an outline of a shadow, a representation or image of the original. Once God “formed” the man, he filled him up with a representation of himself, and according to this verse, his image is “male” and “female.” We are comfortable calling God a “he” and assigning masculine attributes to him but the fact is, he is male and female, not in appearance, but in function.

2: 1 And the earth shall be filled with bread (words), and it shall be his bread, and the bread of thy bread shall be on the breadth of the bread, and the bread shall be poured out upon the face(man) of the face.(woman)

2: 3 And the Lord said to him, ‘The woman of the Lord (Creation) is the God of the Lord, the Lord of the Worlds.’
There are many women around the world the represent the Lord of Creation they birth his creation both in emotional context and their maturity goes beyond the man.  The woman teaches the man, the man teaches his sons the woman teaches her daughters and sons.

The Picture graph below is what is called ancient semitic/Aramaic writing the letters of the alphabet in the upper left corner you will see a pictograph of a oxen, it means man and it also means learn.  To the lower right bottom is what is called the Tav, this represents a cross two sticks together this is the woman.  Put the Aleph and the Tav together the Cross would go through the skull of the oxen.  This is the union of man and woman the man is subjected to the woman.  If you are in a church that tells you that the woman is guilty for bringing sin into the world they are lying she is the Lord of Creation.
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