Why is God So Cruel !


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Why is God so Cruel !

I read a comment this morning from a young lady and one of her comments why does God kill people in the Old Testament. To answer that question I will answer that question very narrow in scope.  My skill set comes from life experiences is in Military Intelligence,  I speed read to look at the analysts reports of what they think is going on and make a determination on what is true and what is false.

One of the young ladies comments was,”Why was Job persecuted so much?  Which we know at the end everything was restored to him/her.

To answer her question accurately requires me to post this comment below that came from a Man of the Christian persuasion and authority who teaches others on his blog.  This man of authority is what I call the worst of the worst he is a deceiver a liar he just killed the spirit of the Words, read it and I will explain.

Banker’s Joke (warning: slightly rude) – Genesis 38:9: “Whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, Onan spilled his semen on the ground. What he did was displeasing in the sight of the LORD, and so He took Onan’s life.” This is the oldest known example of a …(wait for it)… “substantial penalty for early withdrawal.”

Gen. 38: 9…….And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother’s wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother

First to read this scripture correctly you have to define the words highlighted;

  • Onan in the  Aramaic language means Second born.  In layman’s terms I as a man represents the Second born.
  • SEED……..there are only two seeds of thought throughout the Word either the thought of one God or the thought of a triune God.  One thought is life and one thought is death to self.
  • This man just told others his brothers that seed means semen and the children that read this garbage.
  • He sexualized the scriptures into something vile and dirty plain and simple and spoke from the position of authority.

10 And the thing which he did displeased the LORD: wherefore he slew him also.

  • LORD does not mean Eternal God.  This goes to the heart of thoughts the spiritual realm of outside the realm of Eternal God or Intelligent design.  LORD is uppercase by virtue ; Adam was the First born he believed in the thought of one God then he step away from the Nature of God after the 7th day as it states.  Jesus is the Second born who brought back the thought of one God to the tribes of Israel.  Men killed the thought of one God one Eternal being to maintain control politically and spiritually over the people.

Layman’s terms man is the Lord of his creation and man discards the thought of one God and becomes his own creation he kills himself spiritually morally and those around him.  He becomes an animal like the so-called Neanderthals mindless creatures with no soul, spirit but no soul. God creates Life man destroys life simple as that.

The long story of Job is condensed to one thought.  If you believe in one God then be prepared to have others fight you and or kill you.  Look in Africa at present being taught different gods, women and children being sexualized at the hands of the Lords,  look at Europe, America and Venezuela, different gods people fighting and dying.  Look at the turmoil on the Pakistan border and India all over thoughts of god.  The fight is over which man is stronger. The Lords of Creation are men and the worlds they live in and the gods they create.

God is not cruel it is men that tell that and you fall for it.  Job was simply an object of others enmity to the idea of one God written in prose of Aramaic imagery.  No different then parts of my life.

I posed a question to myself and some others that follow me on this blog.  Why is the Woman’s imaged veiled in the Old Testament.  Dwelling on the answer why is the imaged of the Woman veiled in the Word, it came to me; Gen. 3: 15;

15 And I will put enmity between [thee and the woman], and between [thy seed and her seed]; it shall bruise [thy] head, and thou shalt bruise [his] heel.

NUN in the Aramaic means snake that is the man who gains knowledge of evil.  He will kill his own children the women and other atrocities that is the seed of man who does not change his ways.  Look at the world around you.  The woman’s seed is the caring and nurturing of her children, she is less likely to kill her own babies unless she lets her guard down and aborts them.  The man convinces her to kill her own babies.

Deep within the spirit of woman she knows she is a living breathing creation that was already alive the tree of life man killed her by lying to her and still kills her and children to this day.

Job means persecuted the, “object of enmity”.  For the woman the object of enmity is the man not God.  Man kills, Women give life, becoming”objects of enmity,”to the man.

For the man you are either the first-born or you are the second born you can not be both at the same time.  Woman was made living and breathing, nurturing and beautiful, man created himself dead to the seed of Woman .  It is the Woman who gives him life and her children.  She is nether First born nor Second born only man is given that distinction.

In the Ancient Hebrew languages there are no verb tenses for the future.  There are only tenses for the present and the past. What the future hold resides in how you view the past and apply it in the present.

God is not cruel, God does not Kill, those aspirations are left up to men.  Common sense would tell you that an existential being that cannot be seen or touched only in the realm of Nature how is he going to kill you with his hands.  Man owns that, the Good the Bad and the Ugly.
In 65 years of  Life I have never heard of a existential being killing anyone, Have you?
Man is definitely Cruel and will Kill himself and others including his Wife and her Children.
Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He sent you two witness to your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)
Seeing is Believing not what you Hear

Listen to Your Heart

 Peace and Quiet

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7 thoughts on “Why is God So Cruel !

  1. For a long time I haven’t been a fan of the Bible. I just don’t feel connected to it. I know it is supposed to be the word of God and all but honestly it just feels like a bunch of gibberish created by men to prop themselves up as superior without ever giving any true proof of that supposed superiority.

    For in their book they speak of a God of love and light and perfection. And yet in the book they go about the business of describing a God that is jealous and cruel and unkind. Where is the perfection in that? Where is perfection in being unable to trust and consider?

    There isn’t. And there isn’t truth in the Bible apart from any efforts made to convince people to be nice. People are looking for all kinds of words and explanations and interpretations of what the Holy Book should mean.

    Here’s a clue: It’s two words that we tell children all the time that as adults we entitled ourselves to forget about.

    Did you guess it? No? I don’t want to leave you hanging, so I’ll be clear:


    Those two words are all that is needed to sum up God’s message.

    And yet somehow MAN has taken his simple and eloquent message and turned it into some monstrosity that somehow enables the subjugation of women, the torture and condemnation of homosexuality, and the general dismissal of the needy.

    Men took “Be Nice” and turned it into “How to Make Niceness feel like Hell”

    Why aren’t women mentioned in the Bible? Because men wrote it. Men lack the basic concepts of niceness and therefore probably lacked the necessary skills for recognizing that niceness quality in women. And especially since they were conditioned to think themselves superior, they never would have given time or word to the consideration that woman might be the very virtue they should be extolling.

    Men are tricky beasts in their nature. Always at all times they must think themselves better. No amount of proof or words to prove them wrong will ever be good enough. They know they are right and we must all pay the price of the wrong rightness.


    1. Your last sentences speak volumes young lady. I play both sides of the fence because I am guilty of the things you speak about in all areas. I do not agree with the KJV in a lot of areas because I know it was written for political and religious reasons. I do know that it has a Eastern mysticism in it and a Western Spiritualization from the Greeks . I do know that an existential being which I believe in just by intelligent design with multiple sciences involved, We are not here by happenstance. I am not a christian never claimed to be one. Nothing every made sense to me.
      I realized my mistakes about 10 years ago and made peace with my daughter in laws my sister in laws etc. That is why I play both sides of the fence.
      I am facing the final act of my life soon. It makes one reflect on life. You realize that a lot of things you were taught were lies and you act out a part and influence others with a misconstrued thoughts of truth.
      I am highly intelligent only by the virtue I never stopped learning. My skill set in the Military was in intelligence gathering and analyzing reports to make a conscious decision about battlefield conditions. You get to see life and death play out super fast before your eyes.
      My skill set from the Army was as they told us Keep it simple stupid.
      My point being to for me to understand even with the mistranslations I put myself into the Aramaic imagery of the prevalent two thoughts that run through the Old Testament. The original Aramaic language was an evolved cuneiform script writing once you understand the pictographs you get a little better idea of how they viewed life.
      With that in mind, God in the very first verse is plural in nature. It had a dual meaning, one it referred to an existential God and it referred to man becoming a God. Making himself a God as you stated in your own words. You are very intuitive. Men did turn nice into hell. One of the things my Dad always taught me was that men do not cry. Life was black and white. That stayed with me for most of my adult life until maybe age or whatever oneday things did not add up.
      The image of the woman is throughout the Bible in images. I know why men veil the image my line thought goes to the philosophical arenas. Why would a intelligent design veil the image of a woman to so many men. Thats is what I can not figure out. But I will keep looking for the answer all I got left is time.
      You if you look at the imgaes of Esther the later half, You are a mom now and you have a daughter . You will protect your daughter from men because I know from your writings you have been hurt before that is a given. Your other images (women) of your beauty and virtue resides in the Song of Songs. I do not have a problem with that book. If you ever read it and you come across words like fortress dwell on it for awhile days and it will come to you because it is talking about the woman. If you can,t figure it out ask me. I have no reason to lie to you there is no gain in it for me.
      Men are tricky. The serpent in the Garden is man or men however which way you look at it.
      You read my blog on that one scripture that this idiot wrote about the seed meant semen. I called him on it . He sexualized the context of what it was talking about. He is somekind of church leader I suspect with the Catholic church. He has 8k followers, statistically speaking there are a large number of young women and men who took what he said as truth. His explanation was I did not misinterpret the scripture because I was not interperting it. That is bull crap he just sent a signal to a lot of young people that it was talking about sex. The Word never talks about sex it only parlays two thoughts, belief in one God which women instinctively know or unbelief, which are men. He lied to 8k people. I watched the comments come in from men and women they had no problem it was all a pun, a good joke.
      Historically nations have fallen when they are allowed to have all the sex they wanted this was around 622 AD in the Middle East
      As far as Lesbians or Homosexuals that is their deal and their life keep it in the bedroom.
      I don’t condemn them because I know that men created that. I know from life experience I was molested at 12 you go through a emotional rollercoaster ride for years well into my 30’s. Manic Depressive, and other maladies. I got married at 17 and how me and my wife stayed together for 50 yrs this last Jan was a miracle in itself.
      I fully agree with your insights and hopefully you gained something out of my words to help you through life and your daughter.
      I look forward to out conversations. You have an intititive amount of common sense which is a virtue lacking in men. We are all taught or mimic others that is the only way we learn cause and effect of our decisions. That is why I said never second guess yourself but continue to learn never stop learning. If the ancients knew that the kidney filtered the waste out of the blood into the intestines then for me there is more to the story then meets the eye.


  2. The reason for the veil was to protect His Bride from all. He knew the darkness would squash her the moment it caught wind of the change that was coming. He left up the veil to mask all that was working in her favor. He masked what was not needed to be known.

    That veil has been removed. She knows Who She Is and What She Means to Him and All Shall Be Made Known now that time has moved everything to make sure nothing came between He and His Bride.

    The mystery is gone. The magic is known. Now all that remains is to listen to the tale being told.

    My ongoing question will ever be, who is whispering the sweet nothings of reality into your being?


    1. 2: 3 And the Lord said to him, ‘The woman of the Lord is the God of the Lord, the Lord of the Worlds.’ This is an extant from a thousand BC the oldest known (O.T.) Codex. The him would be like your husband read the rest carefully. You are correct when you said the man should see the virtue of the Woman. I usually do not teach this deep. Beyond this is the pictographs or what they call colophon writing of the Aramaic lang/ Semitic lang.

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      1. Indeed it is a compliment for I find that there is much to be known that is shown through unknowable words and undefinable understandings. There is much to be made known through the skill of listening to what isn’t there and through seeing what is behind all that is seen.

        The art of hearing the unheard is a beautiful talent and one that should be nurtured in all alike. When I speak of whispers of sweet nothings I speak of nothing more than how I feel I hear the divine. This is the best description of how my perception of reality manifests. I see more than is to be seen without seeing nothing more than what everyone already knows to be true. The truth of reality is found in the depth of connection I feel in all that there is to be. The truth of my awareness is found in my acceptance that there is always more to be found and a deeper understanding to come to. It is a beautiful spiral into self-awareness, one that I believe may never end until perfection is found. A beautiful process in the making.


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