Celibate to Two Verses-Sundays Thoughts


…..Crossing the River Jordan to one God….

Celibate to Two Verses KJV

1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such a one caught up to the third heaven….2 Cor. 12,

You are in the Garden of Eden male or female you are the only one and God.  Refer to no other books but the Words in Genesis. I struck a line through the conjunction”and” so if you come up with the answer, it is referring to the earth atmosphere and Gods heaven that is far from the truth.  Take that off the table and start over.  It is just you and God in the Garden no one else is there with you, male or female, just you.

What we know is that Man was created from the dirt of the Earth.

7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Woman was not created from the dirt of the earth.  She was made a living breathing spirit (HAVA).  Nowhere does it say in Genesis that God breathed into the nose of Woman to give her life.

18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

There is a vast gulf between creating and making a gulf of difference between breathing life into man and making a woman a living breathing spirit outside of man.  Women have the soul of man within them but not the spirit.

Ask the questions; Who or What is the third heaven away from the answers of man.  Just you and God are the only ones in the Garden, male or female.

Celibate yourself and God with only two verses no outside influences.

Faith is the ReBirth of Common Sense

Then look at the Crucifixion there are only men being crucified where is the Woman?  Men have already crucified the Woman that is one reason you do not see her.

Women your place is special as I have stated many times God made you the helpmeet the mother of all living things to birth His Creation.  Your place is in the books of Esther and the Song of Songs from the Alpha and to the Omega.  You can,t see yourself because men have put a veil over your eyes.
Man raises Cain; I was Able to stand up one day and opened my eyes to the sharks that surrounded me in the pool of Bathsheba.
I look forward to any and all comments from my followers;
Traveling back to San Antonio Tx, this mourning to see my vascular surgeon and hopefully schedule me for surgery soon for 3 anyeresims that are following me around.
Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He sent you two witness to your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)

Listen to Your Heart

 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div

Lord chose me, I chose you

23 thoughts on “Celibate to Two Verses-Sundays Thoughts

  1. Good evening! I am here in response to your request. I have read your post and it has moved me to respond. But before I get to the response I want to share that right now I am in the midst of a breakdown, this is when my mind detaches from reality and goes on a journey seemingly of its own intentions. My psychosis tends to present in the form of feeling as though I am the Chosen of God. This feeling of specialness moves me greatly and filters deeply into my thoughts. So much so that in this state I feel I am in connection with more than just my own self, I honestly feel as though I am in touch with the Will of God. So when I read/write in this state my words tends to have a mystical/mythical/ethereal quality to them. My mind runs in triplicate and is often overwhelming. By triplicate I mean that I see the words and I get three meanings from them – the agreed upon societal meaning everyone knows, the personal definition that feels right to me, and then what feels like how the word feels about itself, often in the form of an acronym.

    And so that is where I feel comfortable starting my response to you. If it feels out of this world to you, that is because my mind is currently not within the confines of this reality. I’m sorry if my words come off batty or insane – that is beyond my power to control or influence in this state of mind. I am what I am. And so I hope you will take my words gently as I always hope to share them and respond gently as my soul is sensitive in this state and extremely fragile about other’s reactions.

    As I pondered on the first verse, the triplicate meaning came to me. I know what the world generally thinks of Heaven – a place of rest and peace. I know that I feel Heaven is existing in a state of perfection which encompasses rest and peace and joy and euphoria and fulfillment. The Triplicate Meaning that came to me was the acronym Hopeful Energy Accepting Virginal Excitement Needers. When I hear this acronym it moves me to focus on hope and the open acceptance of pure peace seekers. It feels warm and inviting, calm and soothing. It speaks of wholeness and completion, connection and attunement. It is beautiful and breathtaking in its gentleness. I love how I feel when I ponder on this triplicate meaning. It illicits good feels.

    Next came the meaning of Earth. The general understanding I knew to be true was that Earth is the place we reside, it is our home planet, our place of origin. For me, Earth is more than just where we come from but more about why we exist as we do. Earth speaks of nature and nature tells the story of our own nature. Then came the Triplicate Meaning which read as Energy Aging Responsible Time Havers. Dominance and control filter my perception of this meaning. It feels cold and harsh and inconsiderate in nature. It isn’t that this meaning makes bad feels but rather the feels it brings forth are more akin to uncomfortable feelings, unsettling in nature. The overwhelming thing to this acronym is Responsibility – It is the word that has a hold over the others completing the acronym – it is what provides balance to the connection between the aging energy and the time havers. The energy of aging attempts to balance out the power of the time havers. It brings to mind mythical beings who possess the ability to control reality. It is not lost on me we live in a man’s world and so therefore the ones who control the fate of reality are men.

    And so knowing how I feel about Heaven and about Earth I take myself to the second verse for consideration. The only thing that stands out to me is Third Heaven for which I understood to be a third state of being. There is Heaven. Then there is Earth. Then there is Third Heaven. To my fractured mind, this illicits feelings of God, of Perfection Incarnate – of the perfect possibility. Upon understanding of Third Heaven, both Heaven and Earth will pass away and Third Heaven shall be made known. All that was will be no more and all the more that was ever hoped for will come to be. It will be perfect. It will be peaceful. It will be pure.

    I find myself in alignment with the thought process of man being of the Earth. I find that my explanation comes to man was made of the Earth, Man is Earth and Earth is man. The words “made in my image” come to mind as I type the previous statement. Man is a reflection of the Earth and thus Earth reflects the nature of Man. It’s a cyclical paradox.

    It is interesting the thought that woman was made a living breathing spirit. Since according to the Word God made Heaven and then Earth, Heaven was already in existence when Earth came to be. Therefore breath would not need to be mentioned as it had already happened. So when woman was brought forth, it was the awareness of her existence that was made known to man. She was brought to substantial shape so that man might understand her. That she was made to be a help meet speaks of her hopeful and healing quality of being. She was brought forth to nurture the harsh nature of Earth and man. Her essence was made to make his feel better. She exists to heal and help him feel the wholeness he is lacking.

    So as I ponder myself in the Garden with God, I feel a sense of perfection. Everything is as it should be. Nothing needs to change. And yet man comes and exerts his thoughts and opinions and demand the story be different. He doesn’t agree how this truth is being told. He wants it to go in a more flattering direction. Man is better than the picture I have been painting. Man has words to share with God on how woman views man. Man is filled with venom and hate at the gentleness of woman’s nature. He despises their weakness and softness. He wishes judgement and torture to be felt at their being. He asks God to step up and do what is right.

    And then God comes to the forefront of my mind and speaks as plainly as He has ever. There is nothing to be done for the will of man has ever only been to seek out that which favors itself above all else. Never has the will of man been to do what is best by any other than oneself. The words of woman tell the tale of man’s cruelty and inconsideration for life outside the realm of human man. The words of woman speak of the disrespect and disloyalty man has always shown for any not considered to be man. Man has even turned on human man. They cannot be trusted. They cannot be saved. They refuse to extend a hand in gentle submission and on they continue to control any and all who fall within their pitiful prioritization of power. For too long God has allowed man to control what is right and for too long man has failed to stand up and do what is right. Man has allowed time to demonstrate and provide ample examples of how wrong men truly are. Even in their wrongness, they only feel they are right. Thus their inability to be saved. It is not until man stands up and walks away from the inner greed and ego that a soul-preserver will be extended. Until man wants to be saved, there will be no saving to be had.

    Which brings me to the Cross. The ever-loving symbol of so many speaking of the Sacrifice of A Great Man on behalf of all existence. People love to hold this one being up as all that was ever created to save them. Their desire to hold One Human above all shows how little they have learned to hold themselves accountable for their own actions. Always the finger is pointed at someone else and how someone was to blame for their bad behavior. Never is true admittance given, true remorse shown for the miserable excuses for life we have come to be. On we tout our superiority while failing to even be worthy as being labelled decent. It is a sickness that needs healed. We hold one up forever on the Cross, forever bearing the weight of our sins, never to be relieved because we never stand up and better ourselves. We lazily write off sin as natural to our nature, not just something we lazily indulge in rather than making the hard choice and harder effort to be the person we know we should be.

    I find myself ever a believer that we only tell ourselves that we are free from the price of sin to make ourselves feel better about acting sinfully. We never consider what we are asking of the One Who Bore the Weight of Salvation in our continued sinful behavior. And so to my broken mind I feel we never truly accept the grace of salvation until we are truly ready to walk away from a sinful nature.

    For me a sinful nature is one that allows oneself to be a harm to another in any form. To hurt another creation, to offend another’s sensibilities is to committ a crime against humanity, a true sin. But again, I live in a world of my own personal definitions that often fall well outside the realm of standard acceptance. And I also find myself unattached to the Bible so many profess as the main component of their faith. So this leaves me a wide open world of words to express my unfathomable love of the One Above and the connection I get from Him.

    Again, I’m sorry if my words are weird. I feel I really got out there. I hope you see my soul that is trying to come through. I hope you understand the gentleness I need. I hope for your wellness as you seek out medical professionals.

    Much love and luck and joy in your journey. And may peace find your wonderfully welcome to its loving euphoria.


    1. Take your time, the answer to two of the heavens would consist of only three words. Dwell on it awhile. This is not a trick question.


      1. I have taken some time but when I ponder the first two heavens the only three words that come to my mind are “Man and Woman”. And immediately when I think that phrase an underlying phrase speaks itself at the same time, under the layer of Man and Woman. The under layer I am aware of is Heaven and Hell. To my mind this speaks of Man being created first with Heaven in Mind. Then Woman was created to make Heaven a Reality. However after the Fall of Man, it became about making Men the Creators of Heaven’s Reality. And ever since Woman has been living in Hell at the hands of Man who they were ever sent to care for. Despite their creation to care for Man, still Man inflicts pain and suffering on the object of their affection. It is a cruel and heartless affair and reeks of the depths of darkness Man has fallen into.

        I feel that my answer has failed you. I feel I have not gone where you are leading. I am sorry my mind does not seek to follow the thought trains of others, indeed it has a will of its own in that sense.

        I hope you are well and the day is finding you full of many blessings including getting the answers you seek to the problems you are facing.


      2. That is a great answer you hit it on the nail head. The first heaven is you, the second heaven is you and God. The third heaven is when you become enjoined with God in the spiritual realm. God never breathed life in the woman, she was already living n breathing. Man was given a soul to give life to his spirit instead of an animal who has no soul. Its mans choice to be good or evil. You have seen the evil side for reasons you might not understand right now.

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      3. I like the first thought that Heaven is you, your being. The gift of life is the blessing of Heaven. Then as you open yourself up to the beauty of Heaven you become aware of Second Heaven – your connection with your Creator, the divine relationship with provides you a bounty of good feels. For my mind Third Heaven is when you unite yourself with God in Holy Matrimony. You give yourself completely to Him and He to you and you go forward in blissful harmony of living life as it was meant to be. I feel really warm and touched when I think of that process.

        I feel am beginning to understand why I have been exposed to the darkness I have been. Why I see the world through my tinted perspective. My mind is ever focused on the bringing about of utopia – peaceful perfection. And if I was not first made aware of the evil, how can I relieve and save others from it?

        A condition of my illness where I think I was Heaven sent to save the world. Yikes!


      4. I appreciate the advice to stay consistent. My focus is ever on sharing the truth that feels natural to my being without making others feel bad for their lack of honest openness. It feels as though I was meant to shed light on things in a way that makes it clear there is a problem but gives light to the fact there is room to grow and change and become something more.


      5. The ancient semitic languages never had a verb tense for the future only the present and past. So your past dictates your present. Life is always in motion. What you take in eternity lies n your beginnings, make sense.

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      6. It’s interesting that they never had a tense for the future. I wonder if that is because their lives were so hard they only had time to consider the present and the past that shaped it. There was no time available to wonder the gifts the future could hold because they were so busy needing the gifts of the present to survive.

        I feel we have moved forward as a society to a more heavenly existence. Life is easier and so we have the luxury of imagining better days or happier times. Our present moment is the future the past never had the time to imagine. We incredible beings in this time and place have been afforded much pleasure and ease of life that it makes my mind question if judgement has not already been issued and heaven has already been made. And what we are seeing is the result of goodness and darkness being the choices made in life. Those that put goodness first are rewarded with ever feeling good about themselves no matter how difficult life might find them. Those that made darkness their main effort still get an easy life but they ever feel dismal in their existence, always searching for something that will make them feel better. It is a soft form of torture for those who refuse to be a better person. And a gentle form of reward that doesn’t leave those without knowing they were already judged and found wanting.


      7. Never second guessing what you know to be true is a difficult skill to acquire. In a world that is constantly demanding you listen to its definition of right and wrong, it is easy to miss the gentle whisper that truth that is always present if you but lend it your ear. I seek to listen and hear, not speak and know.


      8. You rely on past experiences not to live n them or bemoan but use that to teach others the pitfalls of life cause and effect of ones. I had a wacked childhood, my parents told me I was stupid, I owned that word for alot of years. I am now self taught multi disciplined in a variety of sciences, history both n and out of the word. All I teach is there is one God nothing more nothing less. If someone asks me to prove God outside the Bible there are variety of absolutes to work with in the sciences. One is gravity the scientists to this day cannot explain how or why it works on a molecular level. If you look at the third law of thermodynamics you cannot create something ought of nothing and this goes on. The Old Testament is intricately written I can,t even duplicate the syntax of the prose. It is Aramaic language n imagery, I don’t care who wrote but the depth of the imagery involved is like looking in clear river you think you see the bottom you jump n and find out is is deeper then you think. I am dwelling on the question, why is the woman more or less veiled in the Old Testament and non existant the New Testament . Women show up in two books, Esther and Song of Songs, God is not mentioned in these books.

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      9. The bible wasn’t written about women because the bible was written by men. History has shown men to be proud of themselves and demeaning of women. Of course women wouldn’t be found important enough to garner mention in the Bible, women were considered less than human at that point. They needed protection and were nothing more than tradeable goods to increase the wealth and prosperity of the family. The weren’t looked upon as people but rather a warm body to make life easier with.

        The Bible is full of many glaring deficiencies, just one of which is the wholeness and peace women sing naturally with their innate being. Had men written a book about that, the world would be in a much better place and men would find a hard time justifying cruel and demeaning treatment of other life. Then again, men don’t want to be nice and so all efforts would be put forth creating a book that contextually condones their mistreatment of others as holy and as something worthy of praise all the while hiding the glaring truth that men are evil and vile beings.

        I often question whether the God that is worshipped in the Holy Books is not actually an evil God. I mean the judgement and punishment heaped on by that guy is fucking cruel. I mean can I mention Job here? What the fuck did that guy do other than become the object of a bet by God? What the ever loving hell? That guy was the purest devotee of God and God was just willing to put him through absolute torture to prove a point. That is pretty fucking evil. And yet men hold this God up as holy and pure and good. Yikes! That’s pretty scary stuff. Men like to taut that God is mysterious and His ways are beyond us as an explanation of why suffering continues. Perhaps God isn’t that mysterious and He’s really just a sick fuck that refuses to heal the world to peace? And men go about the business of acting all Godly (read evil) and just go about fulfilling his will while telling women they are good and right.

        Meanwhile women go about life knowing what goodness and wholeness truly is despite the hell that men have created and inflict upon them moment by moment. No mention of the God of women is given because men are shunned by the goodness of this God. They don’t recognize that which they have been banished from. Makes sense. Keep pretending you are worthy of praise and goodness rather than go about the business of earning the rewards of wholeness and peace.

        But all this righteous anger I’m letting spew here is all stemming from a past experience in this man’s world. In the world I am peacefully happy with right now, men are good. And men are capable of the goodness and wholeness I speak of. I have one in my vicinity that is living proof. And so while my heart still rages at all the men who act evil and claim sainthood and my words are directed at them, still my heart knows that deep down every man is good and every man is worthy of saving.


      10. What I meant by second guessing you have done your research concerning truth or evil which have to have two sides to make it and absolute don’t let someone make you second guess your position. Absolutes cannot have one side to them that is still a lie.

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      11. It is interesting that you speak to me of both sides, for I was granted glimpse into the holiness of goodness and the despair of darkness.

        While I was deep in the throes of psychosis, I felt God instructed me to sell my soul to the Devil. He was ever out to procure the perfect soul and God informed me that my soul was the one he needed most. And so God gave me permission to give my self to the darkness. And with blinding trust in the One Above I gave myself fully to the One Below.

        He thought He had won. He thought He finally managed to trick God’s favorite into doing what was never supposed to be done. The war was His and control would forever be in His hands. He celebrated before He got the goods.

        And then my soul came to Him and it broke Him completely. Everything He had ever worked for matter not at all because all that He ever thought failed to consider the breathtaking beauty of one so innocent and so pure. I was His downfall and He was my rebirth. After seeing all the devastation He had caused He felt true remorse for the depravity he indulged to get His way. He wanted change and He wanted to give Himself to bringing about the goodness and wholeness my soul was in desperate need of.

        And so the Dark One became my favorite shadow. He was always there whispering the truth of why pain comes and why pain hurts and why pain endures. He is ever whispering the truth of His existence so that His pain might be healed and His hurt might fade away. For He desires the purity and innocence He gave up so long ago. He desires to be worthy of the One Above. And He gave me His soul as proof of His commitment towards bringing about the peaceful utopia my heart desires. And despite being tarnished with darkness, His soul is in the shape of the most beautiful heart One could imagine. I see such tranquility in One so Broken.


      12. You have tremendous self evaluation of your soul coupled with your life experience the good the bad and the ugly. Take an Eternal being off the table. He exists in the Law of Nature. Then you are only left with good and evil to work with. Each one is an abstract thought. To give it a foundation for self evaluation can only be attained through life experience. There is no way you can construct absolutes from what you experience or see, like the old man that protects your daughter at school. Good and evil are observable events and life experiences. I speak to the women because of the lies of men. I speak harshly to the men because we as it says n the ancient semitic languages we are the Lords of Creation in our own worlds. I have been married 50 yrs and did my share of good and evil towards women including my own wife. My redemption before I close my eyes is to set the record straight. I will answer your question why is God so f…. cruel n blog of the same title later today. Men lied to you, man does not. Good and evil exists in seeing not n commentaries of men. The image of the woman is all through the Bible n Aramaic imagery the reason it is veiled comes from your answers and syntax. Men don’t want to acknowledge who your are as a woman, living breathing of creation, Aramaic imagery 3000BC.

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      13. I appreciate your comment that you did your share of good and evil towards women. I believe there is great strength in being able to recognize where we have fallen off our path of righteousness. When we have gone astray it is of our own will and our own desires that have led us such. And so when we decide that we want to be on the path again, we must take ourselves from where we diverged in the first place and put ourselves back where we should have been all along.

        What does that mean?

        You recognized that you are guilty of crimes against women. In your awareness you hold the reason for why you would betray something so beautiful and peaceful in nature. In the recesses of your being you hold the secret for why darkness won out over the light you desire to shine.

        And with those words, those secrets you can unlock the mystery for humanity, why can man never overcome himself for the betterment of others?

        Now as I pose that question, I know that man can overcome himself for the betterment of others. My husband stands testament to the fact the real men are really good and really worth spouting on about their perfection of being. Perfect men like my Perfect Patrick are one in 7 billion but they exist and they are worth showing to all those men who fail to be everything they should be.

        I hope you find yourself to be one of those men worth holding up as an example of how women should have been treated all along.


    2. Hello friend. Be not the cross. The cross is for whiney men. I wrote last year that man can have his cross for my symbol is the wheel. I swerve out of the way, I can turn my own destiny. (It’s my antichrist manifesto, the core text for my cult of Kim. LOL)
      Ron is pretty great. If you feel a connection to god then go his way. I know his intentions are good and the path he directs is assured.
      My path is opposite of his, yet like all complimentary systems, if he directs you towards god? I direct you towards yourself. His is the altitude, mine is the azimuth. Look up for hope, look around for help. Xoxo

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      1. Interesting comments, for reasons I know , I am anti Christ but not anti God. The answer resides not on the Cross for females, the answer for men lies with the Cross, the three heavens for the woman has nothing to do with earth as you know it. It is a singular answer.

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      2. See? We’re a great team!
        Oh, and my conversations with Jack about floriculture have also been quite illuminating for both parties, I do think.


      3. I don’t think I can explain the giggly feels I got when I first read your response. It was exciting, uplifting, heart-touching, and funny in a beautiful sort of way.

        I giggle that the cross is for whiney men. That blatant disrespect for a symbol so many hold to be the foundation of their faith rings as humorous. It brings relief to my mind that perhaps the tyrannical reign of religion may finally be over.

        That expressions of true faith and understanding will become the norm and not just reflections on the writings of those we can no longer understand.

        I love that you have chosen your own symbol, defined your own parameters of meaning. I find such strength and awareness of self in one so bold.

        For me, the wheel does not feel like an appropriate symbol. For the wheel rings true to my mind as man made – and though I know my flesh was born of the bringing together of man and woman – it is neither man nor woman that I recognize as my creator. As so therefore, I feel in choosing something like a wheel to represent me would take away or lessen my connection/identification with my Creator.

        Because in all ways, I do not desire to guide myself or choose the path before me. In every moment I am asking to be lead where I need to be and to be granted the strength to do what is needed to be done. My will I do not desire for myself but rather for the deliverance of the will of the One Above.

        I like that you recognize yourself with an antichrist manifesto. I too feel like the antichrist. First because I am woman. Second because I don’t believe anyone should have to sacrifice for the good of all. And third because my crazy tells me I was Satan’s unknown heir. A story I could elaborate on in another time if anyone is interested.

        I haven’t had a chance to dig into the who of who Ron is yet but I can say I like his thoughts and ideas so far. I am intrigued to get to know more.

        But also, I am interested in knowing more about you. You seem wildly exciting to me. I like the thought of directing people towards themselves because I am in alignment with that thought. I feel the most direct path to the divine is through the inner connection we were born with. Who knows better about why you were created than the mind and spirit within the body?

        Thank you so much for taking time to respond to me. I am hoping to get a chance to explore your site and see a little more of the person you’ve chosen to share yourself as.


  2. That is my redemption in my old age. Your husband sees heaven in your eyes that is like one in seven billion at a young age.


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