How to Kill Someone Lie to Them


…..Crossing the River Jordan to one God….

How to Kill Someone

This is kinda of a follow up to my blog yesterday on why I do not trust the men of the church building

It was excerpts from the so-called Apostolic age of the roman catholic church.   I did that because they drive the conversation on who god is and was for over 1700 yrs. and it becomes imbedded in the physic of society.  Even the Reformers (bishops) that came out of Rome made their own versions of god in their translations.  Millions of words to describe how you should serve their gods.

….and placed among the seven hundred thousand manuscripts of the library a copy of the Jewish law….

They in turn created the church of England and then the daughters started showing up i.e.…. They called themselves, Baptist, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Islam, buddha and the list goes on.

When you read Gen. 6….1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

The Daughters are the sub churches that sprang up as in the forego mentioned list who because of men believe in other gods.

How do you kill someone.  simply let me set the stage;

I enjoined in conversations on a blog site expounding the aspirations of a Fat Tuesday and lacing it with scriptures making everyone bow to his assertions.

People who responded used the same cliques, “That is wonderful words, Great words of thoughts from god” Ect.

I interjected that my god does not require me to walk around with ashes on my head or tell me when to fast or the other ablutions that go on during this time of the year.  Our when to eat fish or whatever to eat.   My God does not tell me to beat myself up with a stick and draw blood.

One of the respondents TET339 decided to inject his two cents worth.

How he was a superman of apologetics of the word.  One thing I learned in combat never reveal your hand to someone unless you know who they are.   The same applies if you believe in one God, never show your hands until you know the person you are talking to, that includes me to.  I stay consistent one God.  Never show your hands to me unless you have a valid reason.  I showed my hands to those that follow me one God not to outsiders that do not assimilate to the idea of one God.

After this fool thru thousands of words at me and scriptures.  It ended up that oh he believed in god but he was ok with the use of marijuana.

Trains of thoughts here;

  1. I don’t care if you use all the drugs you want to in the confines of your home.  Just do not bring it outdoors where the women and children are playing because you might kill them
  2. So this respondent knows god and his god is alright if his sons get stoned.

If you want to swim in the ocean a pound people with scripture without explaining the spiritual applications of the word then you are nothing but a book learned man or woman who never went into the garden of Eden and looked around.

One God One you and one Me that is all there is

  1. There is no such thing as a Christian the further you go into the old testament the word changes to heathen.
  2. Jesus is portrayed as a god to be worshiped.  Again going into the old testament to the garden of Eden, there is God and Adam who represents mankind.  Jesus, Ron, men are Sons of God.  Some are good some are bad.  The knowledge of the tree of good and evil.   If you read my blog yesterday you will have noticed that I highlighted the following, “Jesus the Son of Sirach”.  I did not comment on it but the words, Jesus, Son, Sirach were all uppercase denoting some kind of importance.  So who was Jesus in the first century on the dusty streets of Jerusalem?

There are only two sons of Man, (Cain/Adam) and (Able/Adam) one Kills; one Shepherds.  There is only one Woman. (Killip/Kat/Eve) Ect….

Nonetheless for me if you as a man child want to swim in the ocean then you are swimming with the sharks and I will eat you up.  Just with this scripture;

36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

37 Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Your soul is your common sense you lose that to the rantings of men with coloring books to make you feel good then you lost your mind that is exactly what this scripture are talking about.  You lose your soul (Cain) you lose your spirit you kill people you bring spiritual death.  You regain your common-sense (Abel) you give spiritual life to all that hear you.

Church’s that raise Cain; Spiritual death

  1. You cannot wear pants (women) in this church you have to wear a dress.
  2. You cannot wear blue jeans you have to wear a suit.
  3. Women could not wear makeup
  4. Women could not braid their hair
  5. Women could not wear jewelry
  6. Women could not cut their hair
  7. I could not come to church in shorts and a T-shirt
  8. If my life was a wreck, I did not have enough faith and should give more money to the church.
  9. I could not raise my hand and ask questions. I have been excommunicated so many times its funny.  Split the word, Ex-communicated only means no one is talking to me.  What a punishment by man.

The churches that raise Cain are the ones that sit by the pool of Bathsheba (pool of shame) to make you feel good and to think you are doing something spiritual in your life because you mimic man and others around you.

I followed the words of Jesus and he told me to get up and walk back into the Old Testament to the Garden of Eden.

Whereupon God raised Ron (Adam) to be Able to give you spiritual life;

  1. I do not care if you smoke
  2. I do not care if you read these words naked in your own room
  3. I do not care if your body has tattoos all over the place
  4. I do not care if you have a earing in the middle of your tongue
  5. I do not care if you eat spam and green eggs
  6. I do not care if you want to put a bun on top of your head (men) and look like a woman
  7. Or women that want to look like men
  8. The list goes on

I don’t belong to man’s churches, pool of shame, I am a Father of nations who will always tell you I love you and put you in the Garden of Eden with one God.  Faith is the rebirth of common sense and once your eyes open, then the I don’t care will fade away into the darkness.

If you are a book learned Cain then you are a mindless animal that breeds death and who takes others into your own darkness.  Because you never crossed the Jordan river to meet Him, one God.

There are thousands of Tet 339 out there that ply their merchandise for you to prostitute yourself to but there is only one God

The young man who was raising Cain, threw out the following scriptures, “Thou shalt not Kill, coupled with Socialism.  For my learned man child, “Thou shalt not Kill has to do with the fact not to kill the idea of one God. Like they did with Jesus the messenger of God.  When he threw out the word Socialism that told me whose god, he was serving enjoined with the scripture.  My God has always been a covenant with the family not man’s church buildings.

You lose your soul/common sense then you are an animal i.e.…Noah’s Ark.

12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

Women your place is special as I have stated many times God made you the helpmeet the mother of all living things to birth His Creation.  Your place is in the books of Esther and the Song of Songs.
Man raises Cain; I was Able to stand up one day and opened my eyes to the lies that surround me in the pool of Bathsheba.
Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He sent you two witness to your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)

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