Faith is the Rebirth of Common Sense

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I was answering a post on God Interest the other day.  The Question had to do with prove that Jesus was not god incarnate ?

The book learned man responded that Jesus was god.

So that compelled me to write this piece;  Absolutes of Truth have two sides, that by Laws of Nature, that makes them an Absolute Truth that cannot be denied by man or governments or the sciences of man.  Absolutes cannot survive scrutiny with only one side that is an impossibility.

Everything since recorded history is two-dimensional in the physical realm what we see around us and the spiritual realm.  Since the young man’s answer was in the spiritual realm follow me in the Spiritual realm.  The good book itself tells you that Truth has two sides like a sword.

Faith is the Rebirth of Common sense that requires you to answer the following questions if Jesus was a man God;


Khabouris Codex Early 3rd Century New Testament

8:36 For what is a man profited, if the whole world he gain, and his ++soul
be lost ?
8:37 Or what shall a son of man give (as) the compensation for his ++soul ?

++Soul is your mind ie.. common sense

Why Questions for you to Answer by yourself

  1. In 66 books of the Word (KJV) there are only two books where God is absent but are directed specifically towards the woman,  Esther and Song of Songs, Why?
  2. The Roman Catholic church has 80, why?
  3. The Jews, and for their part Islam recognizes Jesus as a man.  Josephus Flavius a first century jewish historian, writes about how Pontius Pilate crucified a man named Jesus, why?  If Jesus was a god it would have been in all the newspapers of the day around the world.  Why was God only seen in the middle east and not elsewhere?
  4. Why was Jesus born of the womb of a common woman through her birth canal into the world, why?
  5. The Genealogy of Jesus, his step dad was Joseph his mom was Mary, following his genealogy he was the son of David the son of Abraham, the Father of all nations, why?
  6. Why would a God, who even Jesus told you no one has ever seen the Father show up one day on the dusty streets of Jerusalem in the first century and say here I am and not in the rest  of the world, why?
  7. Why does the Old and New Testament specifically targets the nature of man and touches lightly on the nature of woman?
  8. If Mary a common woman who birthed Jesus from her womb, how are woman guilty of birthing sin into the world?
  9. So women can birth good and evil into the world at the same time or are they separate births?  Some male childs are good some are bad.
  10. So woman first birthed evil then birthed good at least Mary (Hebrew) had the foresight not to lose her common sense, she raised the baby to believe in one God and raised him to the age of 12.  That would also mean that Mary nursed Jesus from her breasts.  If he was God why would he need a womans milk to grow up on?

When I was a solider many years ago. I was ordered to forward observe live fire of a mortar crew.  They were firing a 4.2 mortar shell that had a range of 4000 meters and a kill radius of 100 meters.  A book learned Lt. ordered me and my platoon to sit 1000 meters in front of his mortars and correct their aim to a set target.  I refused the order because common sense told me if his crews did not set the right coordinates in their firing calculations they could drop the mortar on my head killing everyone.  That is when you through book learned out the window because you have heard the words before and listen to your common sense, that is the voice of God within you.

Parallels of Common sense

  • Mary birthed Jesus
  • My Mom birthed me
  • Mary nursed Jesus and weaned him from her breasts
  • My Mom nursed me and weaned me from her breasts
  • Mary raised Jesus in the idea of one God
  • My Mom raised me in the idea of man’s god, Pentecostal
  • Jesus left home at 12 and for all intents and purposes disappeared
  • I left home at 18
  • Jesus came back around 30 yrs of age
  • I started searching for God at around 33 yrs old in and out of churches
  • Jesus crucified himself to one God
  • I crucified myself to one God 14 yrs ago.
  • Jesus was taught by his mom one God
  • I was not taught by my mom
  • I had to search for God because he was not in the buildings of mans schools, I found him in my heart by common sense.

Faith is the Rebirth of Common Sense so you do not lose your soul. Which is another way of saying lose your mind.  What do you gain if you lose your soul?

I rose from the ashes of man’s garden when I chose to be grafted into the Tree of Life of one Almighty God who made me and you.

 Peace and Quiet

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