What makes America Unique ?


Ronald Thomas

Socialism is the governance by Kings to their subjects by Arms.  Freedom is the governance of Kings by the subjects by Arms.

Arms are the last resort in desperate situations required of men and women of Honour Valor and Dignity.

Since the times of recorded history in the good book, mankind has always enslaved other men.  It had been that way for thousands of years it was a way of life.  It started in the first recorded civilization of the Sumerians between the Rivers of the Tigris and the Euphrates floodplains of ancient Mesopotamian, 8000 thousand years ago.  Who instituted the idea that mankind was sent here on earth to serve the gods of heaven through an intermediary, kings, queens, priests ect.

America is the only country in history of recorded annals of time that broke the chains of slavery to the monarchs the kings of England who they themselves were enslaved by the yoke of the Roman Catholic church.

When America and Texas broke the chains of slavery.  They exerted their God-given right to attain wealth and property (knowledge and wisdom) by whatever means in accordance with the idea of one God. We enjoyed the right to entertain and create our own worlds away from the governance of man.  The only constraints were the regulations to maintain order and discipline in the founding colonies to prevent anarchy and chaos.

I see to often in my travels in the wilderness the comments that come from the church, God will tell you what to do, just listen……that is the same package that came out of the floodplains of ancient Mesopotamia.  Mankind telling you how to serve God.

Man by his own intrinsic nature does not like to be told what to do everyday of his life.  I searched for one God many years ago and found him in the wilderness of the deserts east of Eden.  I serve one God who does not care what color I am, male or female and justified my existence as a man or woman of Honour , Valor and Dignity that has not lost his common sense.

In America man has lost his reverence for one God and now roam the streets like uncaged animals infecting the children with the virus of hate by making them  victims of Freedoms birth tearing down the truth of everything that is good that made America and Texas stand out from the rest of the World for the first time in recorded history.

Freedom to be the best you could be to pull yourself up and stand under the flag of one God, one Nation, your Family not bound by governments and kings and queens of American Congress as it is today.   Mindless children who are going to put everyone back into slavery through the greatest political trick ever, make everyone believe they are oppressed as a victim of Freedom.

These are the fights going on in America and Europe over who is going to be the king and queen to rule your lives.  It seems to be Merkel of Germany and Macron of France who are guiding Europe into more slavery.  In America it is the Democratic party, the likes of Nancy Pelosi and her daughter, Alexander Cortez who are aiming at being the new slave masters of the Freedoms of America and Texas that I love with all my heart.  Texas is like a wild horse that can’t be tamed by man a wild spirit of Freedom that roams the deserts and plains of Texas.  Put a bridle on her and she will die a painful death.

To the children in other countries that have governments of dictatorships and socialism and the other isms.  Your Freedoms from mankind’s governance is the innate spirit within you that you hear God who created you.  You create your world unseen by eyes of man in the temples of your heart the inner sanctuary of your fortress.  God never sent you here so he could serve you.  Mankind came up with that idea and if you are waiting for God to serve you.  Your going to wait a long time my children.

God created mankind to serve him by free choice to justify our redemption as a man or woman from the bondage of the Nun (snake of mans gods) mens governments.  It was the heathens that adopted from the Jewish concepts of kings and queens and if you know Jewish history it never worked out to good.  Gideon himself when the Israelites wanted to make him king, 3000 yrs ago.  Refused the title telling all that the Lord was his King and the King that he and I serve one God.

If you accept the words of Improbabilities then you are enslaving yourself to that word.  I deal in probabilities that I can do anything in accordance with the good book to justify myself in the eyes of Father.  I do not own the words of man, manic-depressive,ptsd, I am stupid, I am not beautiful ect.  I let them own me far too many years because simply I listened to kings of mankind who decided that I was.  By faith I assumed they were telling me the Truth.  Walk away from the words of mankind and listen to your heart and your eyes will open to a world you never knew existed.  I am just a comely old man who found his justification as a man in one God who is my eternal Father.  He justified me and now I do not have to justify myself to others that are blind and crippled and dead.

 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div

Lord chose me, I chose you