Land of the Hebrews 6 Pt 3


…………………………Crossing the River Jordan…………….

 Walk down the Via Dolorosa, Hebrews 6, together, in the dusty streets of Jerusalem around 33 AD.

My own mind is my own church

 The path is very narrow

Take my Hand and walk with me and He will carry us thru

Reach out and touch God
Your own personal Father
He hears your heart
Someone who cares
Your own personal Father
Someone who cares
Someone who’s there
When you’re feeling unknown
And you’re all alone
Flesh and blood
By the telephone
Lift up the receiver
I’ll make you a believer
First time around
Put me to the test
Things on your chest
Still need to confess
He will deliver
He will forgive
Reach out and touch him
Feeling unknown
When you’re all alone
Flesh and blood
By the telephone
Lift up the receiver
I’ll make you a believer
I will deliver
You know I’m a forgiver
Reach out and touch God
Your own personal Father
Reach out and touch him


Khabouris Codex Cannon 3rd Century New Testament

Hebrews 6

3:19-b … to enter in, because they did not believe.


6:6 (and) who again shall sin, cannot again be renewed unto
conversion, who would afresh crucify and put to shame the Son of God.

Conversion here means the heathens me and you that stay with the governance of man’s gods instead of converting to the idea of one Almighty God.  It is like exchanging an old pair of shoes for a new one.  Sometimes it takes awhile to get that new pair.  Once you put forth the effort then it pays for itself in the end.

6:7 For the earth that hath drank the rain which hath come upon it
many times, and shall have brought forth the herb that is useful for
them on whose account it is cultured, receiveth blessing from Aloha;

Rains are the words (many times) of the ancient prophets ( 10 Commandments ie) of old including Jesus not Christ make that distinction.  If you are serving Jesus Christ then you are serving man who changed the translations to keep power.  When you see people stating they are waiting for God to come or Christ to come.  Man created a dual god for your entertainment pleasure.  The reason I say this so cavalier is by virtue, America was built on one Almighty God, 1776 and Texas was built on one Almighty God.  These men did not wait for God to show up, they went with their convictions that their actions were honourable they would not let themselves become slaves to men who claimed titles.

6:8 but that which shall produce thorns and briers hath reprobation; nor
is it far from the curse, but its end is burning.

This is a judgement those that do not convert from the gods of man become like thorns and briers a picture of the crucifixion of Jesus.  The same fate holds for you in your spirit.  You call judgement down on your own head, Almighty God already told you what would happen, you’re judging yourself.

We serve one God not the gods or governments of man.  We stay within the bounds of mans governments but we do not bow to them.  When mans governments cross the line like you see in Europe and America then we fight with whatever tool we have under the hand of the Lord.


God rested from his creation (you) in the Garden of Eden.  Your still tilling in the Garden of Man, East of Eden, were you have no rest from the animals around you destroying your Garden, memories of Cain.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He sent you two witness to your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)

Listen to Your Heart

 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div

Lord chose me, I chose you