Your Resurrection From Death Part 3

Like Fish in The Deep Sea

“Ask not what your Country can do for You but What You Can Do for Your Country”

Going to take a walk in the imagery of Man’s nature with the Aramaic perspective.  The psychology  of what it means to be Resurrected in the Words of Jesus.

The Resurrection  of Jesus the core the center of your wheel of life that spins around your body (mind a spirit).  You have to understand what the scriptures are saying to be able to make an informed decisions on what you believe and why.  Unfortunately like me and many out there we accept what man teaches us about the Word.

I am going to take each verse in 1 Cor, 15, 1- 22 a little bit of a walk in the dusty streets of Jerusalem around 33 AD.

I will keep the path very narrow as it should be.

Take my Hand and let’s walk together.

“In the Belly of the Whale”

To make land like the others;

Or in prison yourself with words

Grab words out of the air

Like bricks to rebuild your house

300 yrs. In darkness

30 yrs. In darkness

3 secs in darkness

It still adds up to a

Quality of life

 Building words

 in your


@RFT 2019

Khabouris Codex 3rd Century

1 Cor. 15

15:5 And he was seen of Kipha, and after him, of the twelve,

15:6 and after them, he was seen of more than five hundred brethren
together, many of whom survive ** till now, and some of them have slept.

Kipha  in the Aramaic language means a (dome)  this means the sky above your eyes the heavens and the stars a dome covering you wherever you are at in the world today.  After him (Jesus) died they saw his ++spirit leave his body.


Twelve means from one person who told you about one God grew to 12, in this case the number 12 denotes 12 people that changed their belief to one God.   It is a matter of understanding what you believe which man does not teach you. Only the Holy Spirit can teach you more than I can because simply I do not walk in your shoes however we all can unify with the words of one God.  Not a triune god of the church.

brethren this means your family your children ect it does not mean we go and save the whole world we only save those around us.  That is the great commision to save yourself and those around you once you understand what it means to believe in one God and not the gods of men.

** Or, are standing.  You can see it in a person’s eyes when they believe in one God and serve him.  He was standing when he rose when they saw his spirit and some will never see his spirit, God.

“Refer to Belly of the Whale”

KJV John 8

6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus +stooped down, and with hisfinger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.

7 So when they continued asking him, he +lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

8 And again he +stooped down, and wrote on the ground.

9 And they which heard it, being convicted by their ownconscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

10 When Jesus had +lifted up himself, and saw none but the ++woman, he said unto her,++ Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?

6 And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor: but no man knoweth of his ++ sepulchre unto this day.

+ having the head and shoulders habitually bent forward,  spiritual unbelief

++ woman is lowercase (in the body, soul) and then Woman is uppercase (in the spirit),  this means to the woman (mind or soul) you believe in one God and the uppercase means the body of Woman (spirit) that believes in one God.

[ These verses Jn. 8  the woman is being accused of being in adultery.  In the spirit lined up against the 10 Commandments means simply that the woman gave up her belief in one God and gave in to the gods of man, in the spiritual realm she became an unbeliever then she returned to her belief , uppercase Woman.  This is where you will see the other words in the Bible like whore in Rev. But the word Whore in Rev. and elsewhere is gender neutral like the word prostitute that is a man or woman that serves other gods violating the 1st Commandment.]

There is a lot of information here let it sink in.  Man always persecutes the Woman but the Woman is the helpmeet of God and belongs to God not man.  The woman if you read further rose up in the spirit in one belief.

11 She said, No man, Lord(God). And Jesus(man) said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go(stood up and left), and sin no more.  Sin no more means do not lose your belief in one Lord.

Jesus rose, I rose, my wife rose and if I guess right there will be some women out there that will rise . That is the Resurrection we will continue tomorrow.

It was a man called Jesus or a man called Ron that I have been telling you about, the belief in One God, that came out of the regions of the Tigris and Euphrates river basins.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He just sent you two witness at your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)

Peace and Quiet in Your Eyes



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Male and Female

Gods of Death

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