Your Resurrection From Death Part 2

Like Fish in The Deep Sea

“Ask not what your Country can do for You but What You Can Do for Your Country”

Going to take a walk in the imagery of Man’s nature with the Aramaic perspective.  The psychology  of what it means to be Resurrected in the Words of Jesus.

The Resurrection  of Jesus the core the center of your wheel of life that spins around your body (mind a spirit).  You have to understand what the scriptures are saying to be able to make an informed decisions on what you believe and why.  Unfortunately like me and many out there we accept what man teaches us about the Word.

I am going to take each verse in 1 Cor, 15, 1- 22 a little bit of a walk in the dusty streets of Jerusalem around 33 AD.

I will keep the path very narrow as it should be.

Take my Hand and let’s walk together.

“In the Belly of the Whale”

To make land like the others;

Or in prison yourself with words

Grab words out of the air

Like bricks to rebuild your house

300 yrs. In darkness

30 yrs. In darkness

3 secs in darkness

It still adds up to a

Quality of life

 Building words

 in your


@RFT 2019

Khabouris Codex 3rd Century

1 Cor. 15

15:4 and that he was buried, and arose the third day, as it is written.

This verse is spiritual imagery of man’s physiological nature of man  it he does .

“Refer to Belly of the Whale”

Deut. 34

6 And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Bethpeor: but no man knoweth of his ++ sepulchre unto this day.

++sepulchre a small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone, in which a dead person is laid or buried.

In the spiritual world this is talking about the smallest chamber in your heart.  Your heart has two chambers one large and one small. From the smallest part of your heart you birthed the thought of there is only one God.

What 15:4 is talking about is the spirit of a man not his soul.  Your soul(mind) made a decision to change your path or lot in life.  To better yourself.  I came to believe in the idea of one God many years ago.  The old Ron of the past, no one remembers me or my deeds of darkness.

Arose the third day,  The number three does not represent 3 days, because we are talking about you when you come to the realization of the thought, of one God, which could take you yrs, 3 weeks, or 3 secs.  Numbers in the Aramaic language only point to a quality of life.  You can sit in darkness half or all of your life and at the last second it will come to you how much you have been lied to.  Looking a numbers in respect as a quality of your life,  Enoch lived 800 yrs that denotes a quality of life which would be excellent.

So when you realize there is only one God you Rise from your grave, your darkness, and your mind and spirit looks to the heavens to listen to your Father and see His hands.  No one knows where Jesus is buried no more than anyone knows where Ron is buried.  I still walk among you in my  own world and my own heaven.  I serve God and God serves me.   I quit serving man to serve God that just kept me in my tomb in darkness.

The Old Ron died years ago only the Lord knows when He died.

It was a man called Jesus or a man called Ron that I have been telling you about, the belief in One God, that came out of the regions of the Tigris and Euphrates river basins.

Happy Trails Till We Meet Again
He just sent you two witness at your gate,
( Your gate is your eyes the narrow path to your soul)

Peace and Quiet in Your Eyes



Raising the Dead




Male and Female

Gods of Death

Listen to Your Heart

 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div

Lord chose me, I chose you