In the Belly of the Whale

Roll the tape

Thirty years,

Anyone doing time?

I’m did that one

30 yrs. in the whale

30 yrs. in darkness

Storms were on the loose

Wrapped up in silence

My whole life spinning into a frenzy

Stepping into darkness

Steppin’ the twilight zone

Laid down and went to sleep

 Ship’s move between the moon and stars

30 yrs. in the whale

30 yrs. in darkness

That’s what I laid hands on

30 yrs. in darkness

Shipmaster came to me, Calling my name

“How can you sleep with the storms all around”

It’s got my head spinning’ round

Casting lots they gave it to you

It fell upon Jonah

How are you going to lighten the load

30 yrs. in the whale

You took a lot and slept through it

30 yrs. in darkness

Oh, yeah

30 yrs. in darkness

Why is the devil upon me

30 yrs. in darkness

What you doing’?

You’ve been here for 30 yrs.

 Letin your life slide away

The nearer to land

You still wear your thorny crown

How do you calm the seas;

that are wrought and tempestuous

Shipmasters cast lots;

 threw you into the sea

 You only have three days and three nights

Three seconds it does not matter

To figure out which lot to choose;

To make land like the others;

Or in prison yourself with words

Grab words out of the air

Like bricks to rebuild your house

300 yrs. In darkness

30 yrs. In darkness

3 secs in darkness

It still adds up to a

Quality of life

 Building words

 in your


@RFT 2019

King James

Jonah 1 -(17)

17 Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.


I learned to read like the ancient Aramaic languages, you read from the right to the left, how do we train our eyes to read that way in life.    Take the word Depression which equals to Angry.  If you read from left to right.  You deconstruct the word Angry then you won’t have to worry about the word Depression it will disappear into thin air.  Take the word Angry an surround it with beauty and the walls will come tumbling.  You can either imprison yourself with words or rebuild yourself with words.  Depends on which lot you want to lay down in.

He just sent you two witness at your gate,

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Lord chose me, I chose you