The Bible talks about Socialism and Communism




Two sides of a mirror

This a response to an article that showed up before my eyes this morning,” The Bible talks about Socialism and Communism”  I will let you be the judge if my response is correct.  I did not come for peace but with the sword. You want to play church then go to the pool of Bethesda ( pool of shame) and bathe yourselves in the waters of fools that tell you the Jesus was a God.  Perhaps one day God will show up and tell you to get up and follow the genealogy of one God back across the Tigris river into the mountains of Turkey were it came from.

I am reminded of a speech that President John Kennedy gave, ” Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your country.  The church and the politicians took the but away and left, “What can your country do for you”.

If you check you history it was the Christian Jew the Pharisees that crucified Jesus the man, a Hebrew that told you the idea of a belief in one God. They killed him because of the belief in one God nothing else. It would take away the power over peoples lives from the church and give to the individual who walked around every day trying to obey the abulutions to the Christian religions. It was the Christian churches, humanity that, killed Jesus by making him a God. Socialism comes from the church I have watched that for the last 50 yrs. Blame yourself you did not take the time to walk away from the altars of man and gain knowledge through common sense that God gave everybody. ” It’s as much about the responsibility to contribute to society (rather than to selfishly pursue the god of Mammon)”. Then ask your pastor or priest or whatever you call him how come he keeps asking for money everytime he sees you.
How come he does not work like the rest of humanity?

How can he serve God and pursue your money at the sametime?

His only work is to write a 30 minute speech every week telling you how to live and how much more money god needs to do his work.

He gets away with it because he thinks your too stupid to figure out the truth.

The New Testament has been re translated so many times for political purposes to keep the populace stupid. I walked away from the church because I kept asking questions to the idiot trying to tell me how to live my life, no different then Socialism, tells you how to live your life. Me and my wife became celibate to the idea of one God. It is people like you that extrapolate to others how to live from the current sunday sermon form a man who has to market himself to increase his salary. Socialism teaches the man to sit on his butt and watch the world go by.

I live in the Old Testament with one God in his Garden and His presence. He tells me how to live my life not some goofball fool who never gets up to ask questions from his Father instead relies on some fool behind the altar figuring out how to keep you coming back to the pool of Beshada. One God one day came by and told me to get off my butt and walk. I have been walking every since far into the ancient lands of Mesopotamia.

I followed Jesus the man, a Hebrew Rabbi, followed his genealogy of one God into and across the Tigris rivers to find my Eden of peace and quiet. No man tells me how to live only my belief in one God reveals my life to me and it becomes my responsibility to act on it with a heavy dose of common sense.

Your like vipers that came from the throne of Pharaoh, you don’t like socialism but you follow the dictates of Pharaoh and tell others how to live with the whip.


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