Cuneiform Script 8000 BC : What is Unique; Two Became One




I was watching a propaganda program narrated by some Koran loving woman who was unveiling the lies of the Word blah, blah, blah.

This image is what you call cuneiform script this is dated back to about 8000 BC.  Reading from the right;  The symbols are what you call horns keep that in mind.

You see like spokes on a wheel that meet in the center.  That is you in the center of a spinning wheel of life around you.  The middle denotes your belief, that binds you together to keep from flying apart ie lose your common sense,  the three horns  to the left of center represent man the stronger spirit.

Now if you know your Bible Woman showed up when God put Adam to sleep and pulled one of his ribs to make woman, which if you think about the rib bone has a strength to it.  A woman has a strength within her.


So in the middle picture you see two horns pointing down one taller then the other.  Empirical data men are generally taller then the women.  It also denotes strength.  The horn that goes from the man piercing the woman they become one in belief.

This is what makes it unique about the Hebrews thoughts of God, one God, that binds man and woman together that keeps them from flying apart in the spinning wheel of life.  10,000 yrs the belief has never changed and crossed out of the ancient lands of Mesopotamia to land before your eyes.

Me I get it,  I do not have a problem with the Old Testament it is a spinning wheel always in motion around you and you’re in the middle.

Directions in ancient lands were East to West, there was no word or script for north or south that did not show up till hundreds of years later.  The world because of these ancient directions believed the earth was flat all the way into around the 1400,s.  Just an interesting fact.

I have made reference to this before mans religions will tell you that it was the woman that brought sin into the world that is what you call a thinly veiled lie.  It is true woman birth creation, babies girls and boys.  She was deceived in the garden into believing man was a god, that is the symbolism in the Garden. Man grew up became a god in your eyes and deceive you with his lies.  So for that part you are guilty but not to the same measure as a man.  A man’s sin carries weight far greater then the woman.  It is men who teach us all how to sin.

I had a man tell me a couple months ago that the woman birthed sin in the world.  I looked at him and asked, How in the Hell did you get here?  You fell out of the sky, hmmmm sounds fishy to me sounds like the serpent in the Garden.

You will see people say that Jesus had a wife, Mary Madeline does not matter to me if he had 7 hundred wives like king Solomon which there are spiritual reasons for that a later discussion.  If you ask I will tell you the reason.  They both believed in one God.

None the less you will hear that God had a wife, God is Female, God is Male ect. Without going into a long discussion on the subject.  The languages that came out of the ancient Sumerians the Aramaic languages they had words that were gender neutral.  A gender neutral word speaks to a crowd at large at whole.

If you want a scientific viewpoint then look at Quantum Physics/Mechanics, you have a proton and an electron both positively charge then you have a neutron that keeps them apart.  My God is nether a male or female he is like a neutron, gender neutral who created male and female and we serve him, a gender neutral God that has no color.  We serve him, He serves us simply as that.  Man wants you to serve him simply as that.  Men in a marriage serves the Woman the opposite of what you have been taught.

Be careful what you hear it is easy to be deceived.  Man creates our sexual dysfunctions by stealing our being our sexual  identity.  God did not make gay men, man did that look at the Roman Catholic Church.  They prey on young boys either you are having sodomy, masterbation or oral sex with that child.  That is the only 3 sex acts that I can think of. If there is another one let me know.  The Woman, men molest them, then they the women turn to sleeping with women, I do not blame them, I blame the man.

To make the record clear I never molested a child.  Although I was molested at a young age I know the emotional roller coaster your mind goes through trying to regain your sexuality.

I am going to go have a Kit Kit Bar, I am a candy freak at times.

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