One Summer in The Center of The Wheel



White Room with Black Curtains

In a White room with five spokes

Sat a man in a spinning wheel

He made a resolution to make ablutions

Watching thousands walking in circles

38 years in the center of the spinning wheel

At times he saw an Angel entered the pool

Strangers Blind and Lame

Never stopping by to say “Hello”

Stirring the pool, people declaring

The waters have healed me

In the center of his spinning wheel one day

In the white room with five spokes

It came to him in a vision

I ‘m not here for your infirmities or being lame

I came back to raise your spirits

Make your ablutions to follow me

Follow me onto the Crystal Arc

Sailing into the Eastern Sun

@RFT 2019

Khabouris Codex 3rd Century

“Pool of Bathsheba”


5:2 Now there was there in Urishlem a certain place of ablution, * which

* Or, of baptism.

was called in Hebrew Bethesda and having in it five porticoes.

5:3 And in these were many infirm people, ** blind and lame and

** People of infirmities

withered, awaiting the moving of the waters.

5:4 For an angel at times descended to the pool

+ and moved the

+ Mamuditha, bath,


waters; and he who first descended after the movement of the waters

was healed of whatever disease he had.

5:5 But a certain man was there who for thirty and eight years had been

in a disease.

5:6 Jeshu saw this (man) as he lay, and knew that for a long time he

had (been thus), and said to him, Art thou willing to be healed?

5:7 The diseased man answered and said, Yes, my Lord; but I have no

man who, when the waters are moved, shall cast me into the pool: but

while I am coming, another before me descended.

5:8 Jeshu saith to him, Arise, take up thy bed, and walk.

5:9 And in the instant that man was healed, and, arising, he took up his

bed, and walked: and that day was the sabbath.

5:10 And the Jihudoyee said to him who had been healed, This is the

sabbath: it is not lawful for thee to carry thy bed.

5:11 But he answered and said to them, He who made me whole, he

said to me, Take up thy bed, and walk.

Men can baptize you in water (stir the waters) but they can never heal your soul. They claim miracles in the name of God but only deceive you.  Your body will die, your soul will die of infirmities if you bathe in the waters of man. Taking your spirit with you either into darkness or into the light.  The Hebrews never told what hell was only that your soul was dark.  Mans describe hell for you and what they think heaven is.

Take up your bed and walk means you gave up your soul to men waiting for them to heal your spirit you became stationary in time and space the cycle of Life.  Get up and walk quit owning the words of men who deceive you with miracle water or beads etc and stir the pool.

You will see him in the darkness when his breath hits your eyes.  The Nature of Life in the Womb of Creation.

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