You were Meant to Be Here From the Beginning


There might have been some things I didn’t see
But don’t be so unkind
It doesn’t mean I’m blind
Perhaps there was a thing or two
I missed lying in bed
I shouldn’t have said
But your there
You see, it’s all clear
Your were meant to be here
From the beginning
Maybe I could have changed
And not been so cruel
Not been such a fool
Whatever I did is done
I just can’t recall
It doesn’t matter to you Lord
You see, it’s all clear
You were meant to be here
From the beginning

Whether you believe in God or not I will not debate that I know what I know.  We are all mind-body and spirit the number three a perfect square if you are into math.  You take one of your problems and line it up in the Garden.  Dwell on it for a while then go on to something else.  Man tells you to constantly pray that is a crack of crock.  You dwell on the problem and that is that and go on to the next area of your life.  For me that’s how I learned to rebuild my mind body and spirit and get caught up in the words of others either in the church or out of the church.  I live and breathe in the Garden of Eden, Oh it is a real place on the other side of that mirror you are looking at in all its nakedness.

Your face is at right angles time to put the slivers of glass back together in the 4th dimension. returning to your real identity not the one man stole, he is one that stole your sexual identity, I did not steal it but breathed into your eyes to give life.

You will see him in the darkness when his breath hits your eyes.  The Nature of Life in the Womb of Creation.

Peace and Quiet in Your Eyes


Raising the Dead
Gods of Death
Good and Evil
Male and Female
Listen to Your Heart


 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div