Your Ivory Neck– Your Fortress– My Temple


The Laws of Nature My God 65 yrs

 On my towers men have left me
I am a woman in pain
They prepared my table and drank my wine
I see no relief around me
Said the thief 

The night of pleasure turned into fear
You persecuted me all these years
The princes ate my herbs
I see no relief around me
Said the thief 

 On my towers men have left me
Declare what you see

Merchants traded me
Swordsman cut down my trees
Slinging arrows at my Towers
Trampled my garden
Made me kneel left me burning
Nobody was at his word
My world was not here

The night of my pleasure turned into fear
He came to me in my dreams no reason to get excited
There are many here who thought life was a joke
Stop talking the hour is getting late
This is not your fate

Declare what you see
Saints surrounded me
I saw women and barefoot children coming and going
Shimmering images in my mind
A Lion did growl
I saw a chariot of horsemen, asses, and camels
The thunder whipped around me
He spoke into my eyes

I have passed over you six times
I heard your voice in the darkness
Is anybody out there
Grab my hand and ascend with me and sit at my side
Darkness crossing into the light
I felt his breath on my eyes
He came when others drink my wine and ate my herbs

 Your Ivory Neck Your Fortress My Temple

Isa. 21: 1-7

Your temple fell in 587 BC  when your ivory neck and eyes closed and men assailed your fortress for a time time and a half.  Till he passes over you 6 times and he speaks into your eyes will you be reborn.

Peace and Quiet in Your Eyes


Raising the Dead
Gods of Death
Good and Evil
Male and Female
Listen to Your Heart


 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div