You slip out of your Soul on thin Ice Out of Your Mind

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What Do Want from Me

Space may look Black

“Don,t be surprised when a crack appears in the depth of your mind walking on thin Ice”


Heaven appears beneath your feet

Then he appeared before me,” Do you believe in Magic” then climb aboard my “Crystal Ship” and travel to the outreach of Space and Time

I climbed aboard His ship and we sailed by the winds of Nebulae,  past the moons of Neptune to the outer reaches of the nether worlds lost in the darkness of your mind.

Reaching the planet Gamora from the furthest reaches of sunlight the land of the Frost Kings, the Bharaites.  He docked the ship and took my hand. I debarred our ship;

and  walked down streets that became uneven when you’re looking down.  I looked around me and faces came out of the darkness they were all ugly and none of them remembered my name.  Strangers to me just an unwanted stranger in the mist amongst many souls.

We continued down the path and rounded a curve in the streets and behold before my eyes I saw a magnificent king  who was ruling with the hammer of Thor the son of Odin.  We crossed the Biwast bridge guarded by the soldiers loyal to King Samuel who sat on the throne of Nabhivarsha, he was one of many kings that I saw in the land.

He appeared before me like a man, with the dim light of four candles and on his forehead between the “frontlets of eyes”, I saw the words,” anti-natalist”, before His throne by his feet were many vipers, I saw, across his crown, “I never wished to be Born”, his is eyes look like two lumps of coal. He spoke to me, I have been told you are the one that can interpret the handwriting on the wall, none of my sorcerers or magicians can reveal these words to me.  If you can interpret these word I will grant you anything in my kingdom.

I looked on the wall and saw the words;

توھان ملڪ کي ھڪڙي جھاز وانگر گھمندو

هڪ وقت لاء، وقت ۽ اڌ

My Lord speaks to me in visions,” You will roam the lands of Nabhivarsha like a serpent for a time and a time and a half devouring the children.

My Lord has spoke with you before but you did not listen,

שחררו את ילדי למשרתתי והניחו להם לצאת בספינת הקריסטל מזרחה להרי ארראט

He has spoken, I picked up my staff and before my eyes the vipers slithered across the floor and became like children.  Follow me into the hold of the Crystal Ship and we will depart from the nether world of Gamora back across the moons of Neptune into the eastern sun, sailing across the deserts  the river Tigris and put you on the mountains of your Fathers where you will play and sing like children again.  They came in twos all manners and diverse of men and daughters they came.

Then the Stranger left and he was gone.

Texas where I am from is like a wild horse whose spirit roams across the land like the wind.  We are a Republic within a Nation most people do not understand what a Republic is and why it is important to understand.  Freedom in Texas is different from any other country in the World.  What does mean it to be free?

I have my own castle if you wish, I am an individual being with one set of house rules if you enter my kingdom.  Read the handwriting on the wall;

One God One Republic One Nation under One God

If You are a stranger to my Kingdom, I will ask you to leave.  That is a Republic that is how I would teach my children anywhere in the world to rule their lives by. I abide by the rules of the state of Texas and of America.  But I will not give up my freedom in God, I will draw arms on you.  My Lord pulled me up out the nether world of Gamora and healed me physically and mentally over the course of time the longer I searched for him. I found my Father in the mountains east of the Tigris river where I met him today 8000 yrs ago.


Socialism comes from the land of the Gods between the Tigris and Nile rivers.  This is where you have the gods, I wish I was never be born teaching the children of India, or the politicians in America that are wanting to kill a baby outside the womb right after it is born. Or President Maduro feeding the people of Cuba while his own people starve; or the Imperial Roman Catholic Church telling you not to follow Jesus the church is your salvation.  Then he hires the hired killers the Muslims to do his dirty work.  I followed the words of a Hebrew Rabbi Jesus who held my hands for years and led me out of the land of gods that surrounded my world and I now sit on the right hand side of my Father in the mountains away from the valleys and cities of the plains.  Whether in spirit or out I do not know only my Father knows.

Become a Republic within the confines of your heart and your eyes will open some day and sit with me and the Father on the mountains and watch humanity from above the noise.  You will not be a stranger in a crowd of strangers looking down at your feet.

Instead you will see a familiar face that appears out of the rain someday and calls you by your name. Take my hand and join me in the mountains your Father has been waiting for you. And you will lift your head and gaze at the stranger with the raindrops washing away the dust from your clothes and rise into the heaven to the mountains.

 you will see Him and Me in the Garden waiting for you to rise from the lust of the dust.

One God, One Love, One Garden.

Raising the Carbon from the Dust




 Peace and Quiet

Guarded by



“Rattlesnake King”

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

Ist. Armoured Div