One Love, One God, One Garden—-One Life—-One Death


Raising the Dead
Gods of Death
Good and Evil
man and woman
Listen to Your Heart

My walk as I have said before is going to get narrow over time.  It is important that I teach you young people all I can as fast as I can. Although I have followers all over the world: I do not make mention of the other religions because at the end of the day they are all made by man.

I stick to one God who made everything which is different than man who creates everything.

11:3 For by faith we perceive that the worlds were ordained by the word
of Aloha (God), and (how) these (things) which are seen were from those
which are not seen.

You live in your world(s) in the present the horizon circles all around you and the sun rises and the sun sets, everything within your field of vision is your earth and heaven.  Behind you is your future if you decide to look back.  Man did not create the animals or the birds or the trees.  Man can replicate life but they cannot duplicate life they can only destroy life.

By His word the told you he gave you a garden, most of us spend our lives east of Eden because we cannot see the spirit of God and His Hands.  We are not taught to see the spirit of the Word.  Most of us will spend our lives in death and take others down with us.

God made us to love each other as individuals in the Garden.  For us to make love to each other we have to create love within our being not the sex act.  To create Love within in you watch the courtship rituals of the animals around you not the sex act.  I stress that emphatically.  Animals that mate for life eg……

Mates for life

You can learn alot by watching the animals in your world your earth.

Man and Woman walked away from what God created for them and displayed their sex acts for all to see.  They were only ashamed of their sex acts when God brought into their conscience their heart.  Sex acts in the garden of male and female eg…….

Sex and Sodomy


You watch the sex acts of those animals around you; you are already dead.  You mimic the love of man and you become celibate to his wishes and submit.  Most times because you want to be the object to be loved.  Men, we want trophy wives to show off to other men.

You become celibate to the courtships of the birds and animals in your world and you will raise yourself from the dead.  Not by my hand but by the hands of God . You let yourself get blinded and crippled by submitting to the altars of man.  I was guilty of that myself, I created sex by watching the animals around me instead of mimicking the love of the Father by watching His spirit in the birds and animals surrounding me in the silence of the Garden.  Their courtships all done in silence in the spirit.

We all want to be loved God made that in all of us.  We all have to learn the art of courtship by watching the spirit of the animals around us .

If we only watch the physical act then we are nothing but dogs.

Most Western Churches will tell the Woman that she is guilty of bring sin into the World.  Ironically the Muslims say the same thing.

They both beat the hell out of the woman and children by overpowering them if they don’t submit to their wills,  like Lions prowling your world…..

In Nuclear Physics it is well known that within in a mass (your world) there are two protons of equal energy(male and female) if they collide they explode like dogs mating in an orgastic sexual act.  Two keep the protons apart you have to have a large mass of neutrons (Intelligent design, God) to stabilize each proton (male and female).  This is called and “Equality of Oneness” each is an individual and have to make love (courtship) before they can create life. Make sense.

America is fornicating like the gods of Sodomites of the Old Testament….







The churches of America the Presidents and the Roman Catholic Church all turned their eyes to the Sodomites and for that they will be destroyed by their own hands not by my hands.


10:35 Destroy not, therefore, the confidence which you have, for which
there is a great reward.
10:36 But patience is needed by you, that ye may do the will of Aloha,
and receive the promise.
10:37 Because (yet) a little time, and a very little, and He who cometh
shall come, and not be slow.
10:38 But the just by the faith of me shall live; but if he become weary,1
my soul delighteth not in him.

1 Or, be cut off. ejq, abscidit, defecit, viribus defectus fuit. Ethpa. Excissus fuit; taedio affectus fuit (fruit)

Seeing is Believing Before You can Hear

Before they hear

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