Fri. Texas Rattlesnake Mouse King of Texas; Social Commentaries

The Texas Rattlesnake lives in all parts of the great State of Texas, one his favorite foods is the field mice that scurry across his field of vision.  Once he has his target in sight He strikes and the  victim usually dies within minutes.  Using my eyes lets see what is in his field of vision today;

Mornings Prayer;


Raising the Dead
Man<<Alpha<<<< <Cross>>>>>You>>>Omega–Man
Gods of Death
Good and Evil
Mother————– Earth
Outline of a Tree with Roots

Pledge of Allegiance

Washington DC hires a straw Cop at 60K a year to make sure area restaurants are not giving out plastic straws.  Sink your fangs into that mouse.



Axios first reported that the proposed legislation, citing a Green New Deal document linked to Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign website, could be announced as early as next week: 

The Green New Deal is a set of vague, but broad progressive policy goals seeking to transform the economy in the name of fighting climate change. It has risen from obscurity to prominence since the November election, with Ocasio-Cortez, a rising progressive star, leading the charge. Democrats eyeing presidential runs — including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris — are backing the general concept of the Green New Deal, which is sure to play a role in the 2020 primary.

Aside from the renewable electricity goal, the bill could include federal job guarantees for people “working in the low-carbon transition” and universal health care — although the connection between fighting climate change and universal health care is not explained.

One thing about mice that travel in a pack and Rats throw them crumbs ie…..fighting climate change, universal health, words like vague, broad, progressive. To the mice they do not notice the danger all they see is a big block of cheese.  It is like the story that my Father told me how the rich man threw the crumbs to the working man the mice that run around the country following the Rats.


“Colin Kaepernick is an American hero. If the USA is to have a future, it is the Colin Kaepernick’s of this world who will lead you there, in fact, it is Colin Kaepernick who is leading you now,” Roger Waters said in the statement.

“Colin Kaepernick” is one of those special mice, he worships Islam, he worships a black rock of Mecca that he keeps in his nest.  I do not kneel before the gods of Islam or the Triune god of the Christians.  He is just a special mouse, I can sink my fangs into.  Roger Waters is not even an assimilated American just trying to make a name for himself, he has outlived his time.  Full of poisonous venom on old dog who wants bite me.


12000 thousand more mice are heading to my den.  Factoid there are 25 million mice in America that costs us 25 billion a year, one billion per mouse to teach them not to leave their fecal material in my front yard.  They still do not know how to use a restroom.  Combine that with the other parts of the country the gods of Congress that changed the rules of one God one Nation into a Triune god of Christ the lines between life and death are becoming murky.  The gods the Rats of Congress need the mice to nibble at the workers freedom.  Reminds me of Europe maybe they need a Mouse King to clean up their house.

Mouse King

In Combat especially in urban warfare sometimes you have to clear away the brush in front of your yard to see you the mice are, and have a password and a counter password handy to identify friend or foe.  Password; Who Commands You?……..Counter Password; one God; correct answer.  However if they say Jesus will raise them from the dead, or Jesus is a mouse a migrant they are the foe.  Mice do not know who created them much less care.

Time for me to sit in my easy chair and drink some coffee and watch the morning sun rise in the midst of the battlefield.  Later on I will sharpen my arms there are a lot of mice running around the neighborhood to sink my fangs into.  I can kill you in microsecond if you do not hear my rattle.

I see the hands of God who made me. Who raised me up as a Texas Rattlesnake now my fangs drip in truth, the nature of God to teach the mouse a lesson in depositing fecal material in my world.  I do not compromise my belief for any Rat this is a grown mouse just in case you’re wondering.

Of course I am talking about a snake what did you think I was talking about?

Afternoon Prayer;

Pledge of Allegiance

I (Ron male name) a son of the Father cannot do anything by himself only that I see the Father do, for which the Father does I as his Son likewise do.

Seeing is Believing Before You can Hear

Before they hear

Before they speak

Welcome to my Paradise

 House of Eden

Rattlesnake King

Hell on Wheels<>I<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide