The Texas Rattlesnake the Mouse King of Texas

I feel obliged to tell you the story of the Mouse King of Texas from a philosophical viewpoint.  Not many people have ever heard of the Mouse King of Texas,” The Texas Rattlesnake”, he is old now and the sun is starting to set behind his shoulders.

He called me up the other day and invited me over.  He wanted to tell me his story.  I did not realize he used to be royalty, I had heard of the stories over the years of the, Mouse King of Texas but I chalked them up as mythology.  So when He called and told me who He was curiosity took over and I had to see what He had to say.

So I went over to his house; he was sitting on the porch looking off into the heavens.  I introduced myself and asked,”Are you the Mouse King of Texas”.  He answered, “Yes”.

He then looked at me and asked,” Do you want to hear my story?”  Puzzled,” I said sure.”

He then started talking; I took notes because it peaked my curiosity; then He started talking;

I was born into the courts of the Pharaohs of Egypt many years ago.  As a young rattlesnake in the bush country of Texas.  My mother , I sucked her breasts to feed me till I grew up to be weaned from her bosom.  Then my Father took over and started to groom me for my destiny to be the Mouse King of Texas.  I was destined to rule a nation.  I remember as a young rattlesnake that the captains of other nations would bow before my Father bringing treasures and gifts from far away lands that I have never heard of.

I remembered seeing Cobras and Pythons from India and a King called a ,”Black Mamba” from Asia that killed His people in 3 secs in the courtrooms of my Fathers throne.  I wanted that power that is what I was being groomed for to rule a nation.

So I spent my youth being taught how to kill, the art of death, I was trained by the authorities of the Courts.

When my Father died, I was Crowned the ,”Mouse King of Texas”, I ruled in the bush country of Texas.  By the prelates of darkness the sorceress, the magicians, the rulers of  the Temple’s. As a young rattlesnake with the whip of my rod I could kill you in a matter of minutes.

But it always stuck in the back of my mind that I wanted the power of the, “Black Mamba” the King of Southeast Asia.  He had the power to kill you within 10 secs.

Excuse me while I drink a Budweiser to quench my thirst:  I told the,” old Rattlesnake sure.”

Then He started talking again;

For years I sunk my fangs into everyone that I did not agree with.  I killed thousands of people with my poisonous fangs.  I started getting tired of all the blood I was shedding.

What did you do?

Well I was always jealous of the , Black Mamba, the king who could kill you in a matter of seconds.  I could never grasp that power.

As I got older and wiser and sicker I realized I could not take care of myself anymore.

What did you do?

Well I stilled ruled over my kingdom but the shedding of blood became mundane.  I realized that there were other snakes that could kill you in their time, sometimes the poison is fast and sometimes it takes decades to kill you.

You still rule?


But I rule now with Mercy , I sit under the Bramble bush of south Texas, an Old Texas Rattlesnake, I will warn you but if you do not hear my rattles, I will kill you. My diet consists of mice that seem to infect my house.  I am a giant in the land that fell from heaven and who realized to pick and choose your prey.  It is not a matter of who kills you and how fast but I you leave alone the ones that want to live.

I used to be a snake but now I show Mercy to those that want to live to the others I will send you to hell.

Tales of an old ,Texas Rattlesnake, King of the Mouse kingdom, I love mice.

Tales of Ulysses

I closed my tablet I was confused,” How could an Old Rattlesnake determine who to kill or who to let live?

Then I was reminded of these words from earlier in the day;

XIII. 5:19 BUT Jeshu answered and said to them, Amen, amen, I say to
you, The Son cannot do any thing from the will of himself, but that
which he seeth the Father do. For those which the Father doeth, these
also the Son likewise doeth.

The so-called early Christians with the hands of the Muslims killed the head of the snake who told the Truth.  Truth is always venomous to the spirit.

My Father showed me His hands they are not bloody only mans hands are bloody.

I went home to think about the King of the Mouse kingdom told me and the truth of the matter.

Me I went an made me a cup of coffee and watched the Sun set because my rule was setting in the west. But I still had power to kill greater than the,” Black Mamba”, I can kill you in microsecond if you hear my rattle. To raise you from your slumber.

I do not see any blood dripping from my fangs.  I see the hands of God who made me.  Man raised me as a snake now my fangs drip in truth, the nature of God.

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  1. I am in the south east. I have never shed blood, but have been accused of spreading lies. If they are not lies, then I manipulate and obfuscate the truth. I talk of nothing but myself. I am human, a far worse creature than any snake.
    Only humans are capable of evil, because humans have a conscience.


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