How do You Kill a Nation: Economics and Death: Ch. 5, Part 2

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How do You Kill a Nation


Ron Thomas

Chapter 2

Behavioral Mechanics

Economics of Death

So now in this Chapter in my book “How to Kill a Nation”  I will focus on the perfect murder of a society leaving no fingerprints in the Economics of Death and the use of gods, men, for the ” projection of thoughts”.  At first glance all I saw was a mountain to climb it seemed like an impossible task to move a mountain to project a cogent thought of inspiration.  A beam of light that would shine like a lighthouse across the land for all to see.

I gave you a glimpse of history in the first part of the Economics of Death.  I wish to point out for you men out there.  Bill Clinton had oral sex performed on him in the White House years ago and Congress did not do anything.  The most secure place on the Planet.

I had my share of oral sex in my life time before I came to the Father.  I sure as hell did not make sure anyone saw me.  My Father however saw me, point taken.  His so-called wife Hillary Clinton never said a thing. You worship them.

Universal Health Care, What is that?

That is where the government takes over your medical needs.  They control your diagnoses and your treatment.  Medicare for all that is another way to kill you with the gods of man.  Because they know that half of you will never raise your hand to question their expertise.  I myself fell into that trap. I assumed that I was Mentally Ill that I was Manic Depressive ect… because I submitted to their supposedly authority.  I submitted to their words.

It is a known fact that if you go to a hospital anywhere in the world if you cannot pay then they flag your records.  The governments will break the backs of the working man.

As cruel as it may sound all nations have to have a balance of natural birth and natural death to sustain their economies for the living.  It is simple mathematics, you spend what you can for your family.  To be able to feed your family, your wife, and your children wherever you live in the world.  It is no different here in Texas where I live or in China. The government has to have workers to sustain the nation.  To many workers to many babies, to many elderly to take care of  they will kill them.  That is  factual history.

It is your life between your birth and death that concerns me and drives my passion to tell the Truth.  The governments of the world will simply kill the working man if he in their eyes becomes non productive.  That is a historical fact in the annals of history.  The Physiological nature of man is to kill, no different from the animal kingdom, they kill others and they kill their own.  We are the ultimate killing machine.

They kill the woman and the children, the Christians, the Protestants, the Muslims all from the Imperial Roman Empire, they all had a hand in killing a man who believed in one God no different than me.  Case in point;

I have an Aortic Aneurysm that needs a stent. It was diagnosed in 2013. Your Aorta is a major artery that supplies blood from your heart to the rest of your body.  It flows down into your legs, via ill lateral veins.  A normal Aorta artery is about the size of a small garden hose with walls just as thick.  My Aorta has grown to 5 cm above the normal.  My ill lateral veins the ones that come off my Aorta, normally they are 8cm in diameter, they are now at 21 cm, 3 times the size.  So I need three stents.

I am high risk right now for my Aorta to explode, for which case I would not make out my chair I would be dead in seconds.  Not to be melodramatic that is simply the Truth.

In the early part of December my heart doctor set me up for an angiogram, a procedure where the they insert a micro camera from a needle into your veins from your groin area and follow the veins into your heart.  Since I smoke cigs, they wanted to see if I damaged my heart.  Before I went under there was a RN that looked at me smiling telling me that once I got to sick they the hospital would not take care of me anymore.  This was an Imperial Roman Catholic hospital.

As far as my heart both chambers are in primo condition for my age with one of my veins having a little plague on it.

The Moral of the Story;  Never Assume what you hear is Truth.  The government controls the worker and his medical and they will see fit to do whatever.   They will kill you if you do not  contribute to society like a baby.

In America they want to take a newborn out of the womb and if the Dr.s decided they will kill the baby by plunging a knife into their skulls.

When someone does not want you they will kill you under the guise of morality.

Man showed his hand,


Imperial Rome and man showed you what would happen if you worship one God and not their gods they will crucify you.  The push comes from the elite to control the populations and the workers that feed them as a Combat Soldier that would be my weapon of choice Universal Healthcare.  In Combat you hear the bullets whizzing past your ears but you never see the one that kills you. Man showed what was in His hands they are bloody.  Put your right hand behind your ears and with your thumb and middle finger click them that is what a bullet sounds like going past your head.  The next they shoot you will never hear the bullet

Now I will show you the Fathers hands they are not stained with blood or dirt or grime;


Could be me an old Texas Rattlesnake but I can see the nature of my Father my Aloha.

Seeing is Believing Before You can Hear

Before they hear

Before they speak

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