Psychoanalytical View: Is Love an Art ? Pt 1

Thought I would take a side trip in the Word where it states, “we are to love our neighbor”.  It can be assumed that we all love one God but that would reflect in our intimate personal relationships as well as to those outside our house.  It like a doctor asking what is your threshold of Love on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.  Self evaluates how would you rate yourself.  Remember you can’t cheat, Father is watching over your shoulder.

So the Question is:

  1. Is “Love an Art”?
  2. Or can Love be taught?
  3. Or the third question: Can we mimic Love?

I will look at all three questions and answer them in random order.  In order to Love accordingly to what God states then we have to lay down the first brick to set a foundation in absolute platform from which to learn from.  Something that is tangible and enduring.

I will be using myself as a witness, 50 yrs of marriage, same woman, my  high school sweetheart, who sits at my right side in the Garden with me.  I will point some of my own personal observations.  It would be my hope that you young people can take what you learn and like a clay potter create your own image of love that will last and guard you the rest of your life’s.  First we have to diagram out what the Word states;



Eternal Life


Garden of Eden

The Tree of Life


Adam and Eve

Before we talk about how you get into the realm of heaven we have to take a psychoanalytic view involving Space and Time.  Space and Time in the Word right now are stationary.

With that in mind Space and Time compressed;


  1. When the Sun rises in the morning, age 20 yrs old
  2. When the Sun is overhead, age 40 yrs old
  3. When the Sun is behind you, age 60 yrs old


You’re in Garden male or female you are naked and all around you is nature that God provided for you.  To be naked has several different philosophical meanings.  For simplicity sakes I will keep it narrow in scope.

What this means is during the day take a moment of silence and watch the birds, the Trees, grass the wind blowing across your face.  When you are reading these words put yourself in the Garden of God.  The longer you stay there your eyes will open and you will start to see Him.  That is part of what it means to be reborn from the womb.

So to answer question 1, Is Love an Art?  Yes in the sense you must have a passion for finding God and proving it to yourself that He exists, I can tell you all day long that He exists and if you take my word for it you’re assuming I am telling you the Truth.

I am teaching you young people never assume anything.  Men will lie to you and not think anything about it.  You will only know if I am telling you the Truth follow my advice and prove either I am wrong or I am telling the Truth.  That way you are challenging yourself to think about spiritual things that concern you, your mind,  body and spirit.  I will repeat a scripture that I posted on one of my other blogs for a refresher course;

14 sec  “Yours is the light (nohri) for the world of men (alma)”…..this little set of words have two meanings one is for Man and the other is for Women….we can only concentrate on the latter.  Alma means young woman.  Layman’s terms you crossed the line and are standing in the Garden naked this is your house, you have the authority of God as who you allow into the Garden with you, your house, you have the authority of God who see’s you naked, mind, body and spirit.  For the Woman that is the Philosophical image of the Cherubim guarding the line you see above just for illustration.  You have the authority of God and his spirit is in the image of the Cherubim.

“Yours is the light (nohri) for the world of men (alma)” ……for the man you yield your authority your spirit to the woman in her house, her mind-body and spirit, you lay your arms down.  It is only when you as a man leave the Garden to Defend, your helpmeet the Mother of all living things, the birth of the children of God.

*She has the authority of God who she reveals her nakedness too, that is a given, If you make her cry the helpmeet of the Lord, you will have hell to pay, mark my words.  You yield your strength to her*


Now between Heaven and Hell there is space like between Earth and Heaven






Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil



In the Aramaic language the words for hell, hades, ect… denote a quality of your life. It is not some spiritual realm that we all go to .  That is spiritualized from the Greek translations from the early church on purpose, like paying homage to Jesus instead of paying homage to your Father in the Garden.  To burn in hell for eternity simply means you sat on your hunches thinking you were good, spiritual death and you passed the pseudo good down to your children who pass it down to their children for eternity.  You simply passed your death onto them.

If your paying attention nature is not in the Garden of Man it only exists in the Garden of Eden in the spiritual world of your mind, body and spirit.

When man separates you from nature in the spiritual sense it creates a separation anxiety that results in a malady of illnesses most notably loneliness……which leads to anger…. which leads to a plethora of illnesses, ie…….you assumed the Dr. told you, that you were Mentally Ill.  You use that as a rock every time you fall you blame it on the rock. Or you blame it on God or you blame on something called satan which man the church spiritualized to keep you a victim so you seek their altars until you burn out and fall from heaven like a meteor streaking across the sky and slam into the ground we all come from

Look at nature in the Garden to understand separation anxiety from God……..I have a white poodle been part of the family for 14 yrs.  She has to sleep with us, she has to be near us, we sit in the living room she will bring her food bowl with food in it and eat it near us.  If we take her in the car for a ride she has to sit between me and my wife.

When we leave her in the house alone, she gets angry and overturns rugs or her food bowls in the living room.  She is angry and depressed that she has no human contact.

I am going to depart for a bit, and let you digest this and put it in your heart, in the Aramaic your heart is your mind.  I was in the hospital all night last night did not get home till 5 in the morning today and I have been writing all day time to call it.  I write some more on the subject tomorrow.  Only you have the power of Words that control your body, mind and spirit.

Carry on See you tomorrow, Love you alldownloadDon’t burn yourself back into the ground look around at nature.