Prelude to War: Intermission: While we take a Break for Commercials

As I climb higher into the heavens climbing the Tree of Life the more my eyes open to see the Sunlight and the more narrow my site becomes along the path. At the end of the narrow canal is the light we all seek and reach for before the Spectre of Death consumes us in air we breathe

We were all born into death in my generation, the generation before me, and the generation in front of me, from the time I opened my eyes to the world around me.  Death has been my constant companion in the Spiritual world that engulfs me, my Mind, Body and Spirit.

My generation was born into the Spirit of Death, 666, the nature of a man,  Zero Population Growth, 1969.  This ideology of a man and a woman who ideas covered the world like a white sheet and reveals the wars and rumors of wars that are occurring around you from the time the Sun rises and the Sunsets. Through the rising of the Darkness and the setting of Darkness while you sleep.  Darkness never sleeps while we are in our slumber.

The ills of the world can be traced to one ideology in our generation; Zero Population Growth the Economics of Death;

  1. Globalism
  2. Climate Control
  3. Open Borders
  4. Universal Healthcare (ZPG) Controlled Death by Governments

Which created in America by the Senate and the House of Representatives

  1. Abortion
  2. Illegal Immigration
  3. Unrestricted Drug Use
  4. Sex with animals
  5. Sex with robots
  6. Sex with Men that legalizes Sodomy
  7. Pedophile
  8. Child Marriages
  9. Lesbian sex
  10. Trans gender sex
  11. Sexual dysfunctional adults and children
  12. Gun Control
  13.  Taking the sexual identity of male or female children away from them by Queer animals in the Garden
  14. Medicare for all; Government controls the Death of its people
  15. Legalized  marijuana
  16. Turning their eyes to the murder of its citizens by illegal immigrants
  17.  Turning the eyes of hate towards the white people

In Imperial Rome the lower and middle class people were called,”Plebeians”, nicknamed the mob. To keep them at bay while they killed them off one by one to control the population they gave them to the desires of their flesh.

To those of military age turn your guns towards Congress and the Imperial Roman Catholic Church of Italy.  In Texas we kill the Rattlesnake by cutting off its head.  You cut off the head and the rest walls will fall like Jericho. the spirit of God will pass over seven times if we do not listen then the angel of Death will sweep across the country and the outcome will be worse than before.

In your quiet time reflect on nature, the birds, grass, trees ect and stay in the Garden for a while the longer you stay quite you will see Him. take my word.

Imperial Rome killed a man named Jesus before his time, I will not make the same mistake. My efforts will and have been directed to teach you children all I know so you can ascend into the heavens; the Combat side of me I will turn my guns towards Congress and the Imperial Roman Empire to cut the head off the Texas Rattlesnake.  My Lord granted me one last Combat Mission before He takes me home for good.  I aim to keep that covenant, prayer heard, prayer answered.  I am going to do my part to take back America in the next 18 months.

Stay with me and I will walk with you and open your eyes into the heavens or stay blind, lame and crippled the rest of your life by masking the problem of Death.

United States Army (ret) 1971- Military Intel, Recon

United States Air Force 1984- 50th Tactical Fighter Wing

Honourable Discharges

Sgt Thomas




Now you know the rest of the story change my gender back from God to man we are going to fight on land, in the air, I will not lose, American do not like to lose especially Texas.  My ancestors go back to the Battle of the Alamo one of 6 native Texans that died in the battle.

We battle against principalities and powers in the darkness, one idea by a man and a woman. You are going to die before your time if you Assume, Universal HealthCare, You assume they are giving you the correct diagnoses.  Never Assume opinions ,” I believe” it will kill you ever time.  Know your Mind, Body and Spirit.

It’s that young rattlesnake that is the most venomous that will kill you without thinking;  However this old Texas rattlesnake will show mercy before he strikes like the Lord I serve

Carry on I will return in a bit