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Those who suffer include the earth and the environment, the pope said.

He said:

Father, the Way of the Cross of your Son is prolonged in the cries of our mother earth, which is wounded to its depths by the contamination of its skies, the barrenness of its fields, the pollution of its waters, and that it is trampled by contempt and crazed consumption that goes beyond all reason.

Aboard the papal plane en route to Panama last Wednesday, journalists asked the pope what he thought about the proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico. Francis responded that the fear of migrants is “making us crazy.”

“These are walls of fear,” the pope said.

On a theological note God had walls that was guarded by the Cherubims to keep man out when stepped out of the Garden and left his nature. ie…… it did not make God crazy, man goes crazy.

“So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.”

“cries of our mother earth”

In the Greek Western Mythology (“Mother Earth”) is a goddesses of the earth.  Known as Tellus Mater or Terra Mater during the Roman Imperial period.  In Greek mythology “Mother Earth is known as,  “Gaia”,  she is one of the Greek primordial deities the 330px-feuerbach_gaeaancestral of all life.  She is the mother of Uranus (the sky) from whose orgiastic union bore the Titans the giants men that came down and took the daughters of men and that of Pontus ( the sea) who you know today as Pontus Maximus that you call father, the primordial sea gods.

It must be noted that there was also a man called Pontius Pilate who crucified a man before his time Jesus.

According to Roman Doctrine the , Virgin Mary, let Jesus suckle from her breasts and is known as the mother of Jesus or in mythology the mother of gods and you suckle nourishment from the sour breast milk of Ishtar an Egyptian goddess who bore the child Mary.  I suckle my nourishment, virgin oil, from the breasts of the Word and chew them up like unleavened bread like a baby.

In the Greek mythology “Mother Earth” is known as ,”Gaia”,  (/ˈɡ.ə//ˈɡ.ə//ˈɡˈʌ/) all living organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to a form a synergistic self regulating complex system to perpetuate life on earth.

1600’s painting

Your modern day pope grew up as a child in a socialist country. Argentina and stole babies to sell to the Argentine military.  He is part of the militant wing of the Catholic Church.

Next time you see the pope ask him,” How come he is killing the first-born of the family by abortion and sexual molestation?  Why is he telling me to let the mice into my house and nation on the southern border when the one God himself had a wall?

MY Yah;

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

From what I can see there were only two people in the garden standing on earth after God created it .  I did not see instructions from God telling me not to step on mother’s head but to step on the head of the snake or if you like spiritual objects serpent .

The Roman Catholic Church denotes the number of man, 666, but he is only one of several that roam the earth devouring up all.  The Angel of Death will pass over you seven times then the Lord will take vengeance on the first-born of Hagar, the pope, Hear my words.  The walls of Jericho will fall. Carry on

I lay the truth at the base of your temple it is up to you to pick up.

God Eternal

Before they hear

Before they speak

Welcome to my World

Eternal God

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