Symbiotic Orgiastic Sexual Union of Death


God of Death


A philosophic look at absolutes in the world were man has the power of the Gods of Life and Death.  A  psychoanalytical look at the latter God, the God of Death.  How did man harness the energy of Death and create a symbiotic sexual union for all to follow.  Where did it come from?  Death is a malleable commodity in any government we are slaves to the state.

In order to postulate a cogent Theory of Death then you have to treat Death as a work of art.  You have to postulate the hypotheses with absolutes and give it a body, death in the spirit is and abstract concept that we cannot see.  We can see it in the physical realm of our senses when someone dies.  Between the lifespan of a man birth and death which is absolute.  How does death occur in society where man has established laws and ethical considerations to guide our lives.

I am not going to answer the cycle of death that’s an absolute. Nor am I intending to provide an answer at this time why death occurs at in opportune times throughout our lives there are too many ethical questions to answer at this time and perhaps in time I will address each one more distinctly.   I would have to synthesize each ethical question of death in light of the individual one at a time, to look at each variable bringing it into the light a sub atomic particle for you to look at its ethical opulence.  Does it sustain a virtue and morality within the framework of the individual ? Although each variable would be at odds with each other they are also joined to each other.

To understand the behavioral psychology of life and death that impacts the physiology of the nature of man.  His spiritual realm of ethical evaluations on an individualistic basis.   I had to gather a modicum of knowledge approach death from a psychoanalytical view from the Philosophies of Western and Eastern thoughts about life and death a look at Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden surrounded by the Law of Nature which is not transitory; nature remains an absolute.

As long as Adam and Eve stayed in a state of oneness with their individualistic nature and the Law of Nature surround them.  There was a separateness between them but at the sometime which seems opposing the ethics of an orgiastic sexual union that bound them together into one.   To facilitate the creation of life the sexual orgiastic union between each other they had given to each other their freewill a sexual orgiastic union that is an intense explosion of emotions in micro-seconds becoming one with each other.

However in the 21st century this orgiastic union is transitory and fleeting because man always want a trophy wife and young woman advertises their sex appeal becoming a marketable object to attract a man.  These transitory sexual unions always results in divorce, mental illness, drug addictions etc.

To understand, when a woman becomes impregnated and the baby is growing in the womb.  The baby relies on the woman to supply him or her with the necessary nourishment that flows thorough the umbilical cord.  As the baby grows larger in the womb although they are separate individuals the mother’s love enlarges over the course of time to protect her baby.

When birth occurs the baby is still dependent on the mom to provide nourishment from her breast, her love for the baby becomes more protective to ensure its survival.  They are still separate individuals but need each other to survive.  The mothers protection of her child will last her the rest of her lifetime.

Since I imprisoned myself by design to the spiritual question of death and its physiological distress on man who creates this symbiotic sexual union with others where death becomes a reincarnation of itself cycling from generation to generation to generation.

Then I had to approach the question of death in the physical realm which is already established by the Laws of Nature. To take a modicum look at spiritual death when, “Adam and Eve” stepped put of the Garden and away from their oneness of individuality and embraced the ,”Equality of sameness”.   Each individual was now able to establish his or her ideas of virtue and ethics but it did not dissuade the stronger desire to be with some or within a herd to justify their loneliness with a sense of being.

We all have passions within our social environment that gives us a symbiotic orgiastic sexual union to be accepted by others.  Instead of Loving to give, ” Love your God”, “Love your neighbor”, we all want to become the “being”, the object of Love and we put ourselves on the marketplace to accept the invitation of other beings that are drawn to us by our ethical ideas of individuality.   This ethical orgiastic sexual endeavor to satisfy our inner loneliness, a void in our physiological makeup.

To understand Death in the spirit of an individual their life between the absolutes of physical birth and death.  How did we succumb to a spiritual death?  Where did it come from? Can there be a purpose of life for man or woman to justify their existence?  Animals do not have that requirement to justify their existence but by nature they are slaves to man as well as dependence on man a balancing act of equal proportions if correctly applied.

You have to look at a psychoanalytical view of history as well as psychological nature of man to be dominant in all areas of society to put medicine on his loneliness of orgasmic sexual union to be loved by someone,  in this case by the use of religion.

You have to understand spiritual Death before you can understand spiritual Life which both are reincarnate from generation to generation.

Spiritual Death originated from the earliest record civilization the Sumerians.  The first recorded religion in cuneiform script is dated to around 3500 BC.  In the psychology of mans nature they saw man as serving the Gods in the heaven man became the slave.

In the Philosophy of Genesis there is only the God of Life and the God of Death.  Within the body of the God of life exists,” Equality of oneness”, in the body of the God of Death exists, “Equality of sameness”.

If you ascribe on a social and religious fervor to the stance of,” Equality of sameness”, then you are like an animal devouring everything in your path that you think is oppressing your herd mentality that you joined in some sexual orgiastic erotic love to satisfy your loneliness and the need be loved by someone.

Man became enslaved to the religious oblations and sacrifices that the priests concocted up to bind the common man in a unified though to the Gods they created.  Man became a commodity to the whims of the church an object of their faith an a commodity to the state.  We see the same dynamics playing out across the stage in sustainable globalism the elites want control us so we all become slaves to their ethics.

You can see the herd mentality playing out everyday in America and Europe.  The elites in American politics are corralling up the cattle one by one to lead them to the butcher houses of death.  Why do think the Christian church and Rome in 50 yrs never stopped abortions but only give it lip service.  We were all born into slavery to men and their religions.

When I understood spiritual Death and where it came from I quit running around like an animal and stepped back into the Garden of Eden and become one with the God of Life in His body.

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