Sunday Self Eval; Matthew, Time now, Sunday Rest, 5 hrs.:13 mins: 24 secs: Raising the Dead, Talking to You

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

 Raising the Dead


East<<Alpha<<<< <Cross>>>>>You>>>Omega–West

Ignorance of God

Spiritual Imbalance


Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

Positive Freedom

Ron went up into the heavens, came down from the mount and he said to his Disciples

Matthew 5

12 secs. “Rejoice, be happy (khdau), be joyful at the increasing of your reward in heaven (shmeya): for in such manner were harassed (rdapo) the prophets before you.

*prayer – tefillah – means to “self evaluate

13 secs.   You are the salt of the earth, but if salt becomes tasteless (tipkeah) with what will one salt?

tipkeah Messiah comes from the Hebrew mashiakh, which means “anointed with oil

# I rarely every go back and proofread my sentence structure, my wording, as along as the content and context stays the same in my blogs. I do it on purpose sometimes as a teaching tool to get you to engage your mind.  You probably read my blogs and it strikes you that I make good points but my use of comma’s and grammar sucks.  Which is alright with me because you are engaging your mind and self evaluating yourself and me. #

Anointed with Oil means Truth of Word’s, Life : I am going to raise you from the dead, I am a combat solider I don,t like to lose and take the same ground twice.  My weapon of choice today is the 4.2 Mortar, range 24 thousand miles, killing radius, your spirit.

Negative freedom means submission to authoritarianism,  we are born, we submit to our parents, we grow up we submit to our schools, we submit to the church we go to.  This has a dehumanizing effect on you which causes separation anxiety and other maladies like Bi Polar, Depression, Anger etc.

This also dehumanized you in all areas of relations in a marriage etc. because then we are trying to give ourselves an identity that we can live with to make ourselves feel good-by whatever comes down the path of Life in front of our eyes.  We see things first before we hear them like a baby.

Lets explore negative freedom.  Everyone on my blog knows I was diagnosed as a Manic Depressive whether it was by a man or woman.  By free choice and the world I grew up in, I submitted myself to the authority of two words, Manic Depressive.  It became the Lordship over my life for many years, I submitted to the authority of Manic Depressive that became my kingdom and world and that is how I ruled those around me in a relational aspects.

I became like a man, who told me, the story of the crippled man by the miracle waters who wanted to be healed, to feel good about myself, to be able to identify with others to have a relationship to others.  For years everyone that came by him;  he would ask for help, singing psalms of “Woe is me” to the heavens.  The congregation’s of authority, words, that gathered around me over the years would join in and change the psalm and sing,” Woe to you”.  O my church grew with words but people started to walk out the door.

I effectively listen to words of negative freedom, “Manic Depression, and  Like you I built my own coffin, climbed in and lay laid down closed the lid and went to sleep for many years. In one of my rare moments I would wake up out of my slumber.

I would look (eyes) around and think, Damn its dark in here, I could not hear (ears) a sound; then the smell (nose) would hit me; I had not taken a bath in two decades: My clothes, my body(mind) and spirit (heart) were decaying:  My tongue (taste) was parched and I thought of my childhood when things were simple.  I liked eating Captain Crunch and drinking Captain Morgan, I was like a pirate, a thief.

So after singing a couple of chorus of “My, My, Woe is Me”.  A spirit came into my heart, How the hell do I get out of here, it’s completely dark, I smell to high heaven, I am thirsty, I want to see some light for a change of pace.

Then like out of the Darkness like Darth Vader, I could not see his face, He told me I am your Father get up and walk young Ron Sky-walker (heavens).  So I pushed the coffin lid open and rolled the stone away; as  I soon as I saw the light;  I gave up my ghost like Christmas past and vowed I would never submit myself to the authority of the negative freedom of words.

Before I get to the word salt, here is a headline of negative freedom;

 armored cars and multiple police vans have been deployed to the arc de triomphe
Armored cars and police have been deployed to the Arch deployed to the Arc de Triomphe to counter the “Yellow Protesters”

*Yellow protesters, is this not the yellow star that the Jewish people were forced to wear in World War II and other times in history; just a thought was it because they believed in one God or was it something else.*

Now we look at positive Freedom;

Raise yourself from the dead, two Words, One God but the story does not end there;

The word Salt came down from above, heaven, time 5 hours, 13 mins and 24 secs.  Never assume you know what the word means.  “Become a “Physician and heal yourself”.

We all know what salt tastes like, it is acidic in nature and tastes bitter (truth) on the tongue.  To define the word salt you have to do a forensic analysis of the word. What is salt made of?  I synthesized it for you.

It has a positive proton with a metal base that overpowers a negative electron.  You have to know somethings about electricity and how it works. If your into Quantum Mechanics the first sentence give you an insight into how we came to be and the Theory of Evolution by Intelligent Design.  Protons are energy they produce light by overcoming negative electrons.

When you collide a positive proton a womans egg and collide it with a male sperm a negative electron .  The positive proton explodes into energy, life overcoming the negative electron.  This explains the Cern collider experiments in Switzerland trying to find the so-called, “God Particle”.  The big bang happens when you become a human and you collide with the Word.

For those into Astrology and the Cosmos and what they found our called “Black-holes”.

Which is the opposite of this sentence,”It has a positive proton with a metal base that overpowers a negative electron“.

They, the scientist’s can,t figure out how a “Negative Electron can overpower a Positive Proton, one God.  All they would have to do is read the Word that has come down the path of Life for thousands of years.

What I am doing is taking you a dehumanized person with relationship problems like the Cern collider and smashing you into a Proton at an exhilarating speed’s to create light in your tomb so you can stand up in the Garden a naked human, male or female where you will see Him.

Time now; 5 hours 13.5 min and 24 secs;

For such is of no use but to be trodden under foot by men.

Now you know the rest of the verse.

Time is only relevant to you it has no meaning to me.  So when you’re laying down in your coffin decaying and smelling to high heaven.  If you quit singing the psalms, Woe to me, I am the victim, My My, My.  Perhaps like Darth Vader you can,t see His face but you can hear His Words, “I am your Father”, stand up leaving the ghost of Christmas past and stand with my begotten son, Ron who used to like to eat Captain Crunch and drink Captain Morgan because my son thought He was a pirate.  I let him have his ways for a time until I got pissed and told Him bring me into the Light; and the Spirit of God came across the face of darkness where I put myself.

Before I go do me a favor next time you hear a child singing , “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” we are all going to die in 12 yrs.  Slap the crap out of him and take away his Captain Crunch and Captain Morgan.

Me I like Black Russians and stuffed mushrooms salt it with the words.  Life by its own nature is dehumanizing it is an equal opportunity employer.  I know some of you rolled away the stone covering your tomb and resurrected in the heavens.  Some will stay and some will disappear into the Spiritual realm of the Word.

Words are a reflection of thoughts that they convey images to your eyes.  ex. I inspirited you and said to you Have a good day.

Whereupon I went back to my mount and ascended into the heavens and sat on the right side of the Word.

Seeing is Believing Before You can Hear

Babies see

Before they hear

Before they speak

Then His Spirit left Me

Did you see the image in my eyes now hear His voice in your heart

Welcome to my World

God Eternal

My spirit resides in the house of God, known as the

Warrior King

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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