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How do You Kill a Nation


Ron Thomas

Chapter 2

Behavioral Mechanics


So now in this Chapter in my book “How to Kill a Nation”  I will focus on the perfect murder of a society leaving no fingerprints in the “Behavioral Mechanics” of Education and the use of gods, men, for the ” projection of thoughts”.  At first glance all I saw was a mountain to climb it seemed like an impossible task to move a mountain to project a cogent thought of inspiration.  A beam of light that would shine like a lighthouse across the land for all to see.

So I went into the heavens and looked down from above at the landscape that surrounded me stretching from East to West and started to evaluate the problem, “How to kill a Nation“.  How do you commit the mass scaled slaughter of women and children without firing a shot and leaving no fingerprints or DNA.

Any civilization primitive or other wise, the Rulers of your nation have to maintain an equilibrium of thought to unify their societies to prevent civil discourse to create a pseudo Utopian society with an Economic structure in order to survive their reign.

Then it came to me like a lightening bolt, you control the Education in your kingdom.  You control knowledge in your kingdom that your people can acquire in measured amounts not too much and not to little, like the intersections of the X axis and the Y axis, the center of the Cross, knowledge one is able to attain from birth to death.  Knowledge is a controlled commodity ie…in the days of old only the kings and religious leaders knew how to read and write the common people did not.

As a Ruler you never teach your people more than you know or they will overthrow you that is an absolute Truth.  They put you to sleep using a variety of methods to control your behavior preferably through Education which is non-invasive or through as I see over in Europe through invasive force ie..military or by the established police.

Negative Freedom

Negative freedom means that we by nature from our birth we submit to the authoritarianism of the world we are born into.  To illustrate we are going to take, one God off the table and compose a list;

  • Government
  • Parents
  • You
  • School
  • friends

Set the Script;

You just stepped out of the garden, your name is Adam (_____) and Eve (____), put your own name between the parenthesis.  You have no idea who God is you do not even know how to  spell you are what would be called a dufus.  You are just a common person nothing special about you.  You have clothes, shelter, and food that you have to work for later in life somewhere in time between your birth and death.  Average age span is around 70 yrs old.

* You were already born into evil, born into sin* , life by its very nature you have to submit to authority to survive or you will die.*

Authorities in your World without the Word, one God.

The Rulers set up their courtrooms,

The government sets out the rules for economic policies and rules for society to follow under the authority of men, with a king,

Your parents follow the law,

You are birthed you follow the laws of your parents who follow the law,  when you are old enough you go to school and you follow the laws to the school and teachers for a decade,

You start to hangout with friends who follow the laws of their individual parents and you all follow the laws of the government, school etc.

You become enslaved to the laws of men, conscienceless or unconsciously you submit to the laws of men, this also includes the church.  The reason I did not put church’s in the list because right off the top they are created by men who created their own laws authority that you follow.

So right off the bat you did not stand a chance once you stepped out of the garden you became a slave to the rulers that control your life.  You are dehumanized and have relationship problems dealing with those around you.  Which causes anxiety attacks because of the loneliness that surrounds you.  Which causes you to blow off into other area’s of endeavor that make you ill, stress, Mental illness the umbrella of your existence.

*Has it every dawned on you that the physic boys have no clue what cause’s these illnesses, symptoms overlap each other,  I can say that by life experience, I do my research it is all in the Word (s) that you listen to.  The authority of men that you submit to never Assume, ask questions research gain knowledge.*

You submit to men you are spiritually dead and like Lazarus you are dead, he was only dead for 4 days and Jesus told him to quit sitting around and “Come here”. and he rose from his self-imposed spiritual death.*

What happens you grow up like this young lady she is around 27 yrs old, unmarried, 3 children two dads, suffers panic attacks and her friends around her all suffer anxiety attacks.  She smokes marijuana which is a secondary problem.

She feels dehumanized by all the laws and is trying to find her identity as a young woman.  This is a relationship problem.

Going on down the street, talking to a 50 yr old man the other day, a professional,  who goes to a church, we were talking about how America was going to disappear within two years.

  • We both agree that America will destroy itself within 2 years.
  • Myself and my sons were all in the Military
  • He was in the military and his son did not.
  • I do not go to church I believe in one God of the Hebrews
  • He believes in God that the men created in the church.
  • Me and my sons will fight for America till the last breath, this is called positive Freedom. Come take my weapons not going to happen.
  • He will not fight and accept his fate. Which will cast judgement on his teenage son.

Both are spiritually dead in their graves both have relational problems they submit to the authority of men law.

I am going to play these words from Socrates from about 400 B C.

Socrates was not a democrat or an egalitarian. To him, the people should not be self-governing; they were like a herd of sheep that needed the direction of a wise shepherd.  He denied that citizens had the basic virtue necessary to nurture a good society, instead equating virtue with a knowledge unattainable by ordinary people. Striking at the heart of Athenian democracy, he contemptuously criticized the right of every citizen to speak in the Athenian assembly.”

The last time I had heard that was when Hillary told you it would take a village to raise a child.  Jimmy Carter created the Dept. of Education to control your education.  The proof is in the pudding as they say.

Look at the headlines across America the children are tying to find their identity by becoming individualized submitting to their own laws which men made which is ironic so they can fill the void of loneliness in their life they can control their own lives with their own laws.  Gravitating to whatever drug of choice that comes down the highway.  Climate control man can not even control himself much less the climate but you submit again to a lie the authority of men.  Anything that moves nowadays is oppressed including cartoons and they destroy history of the nation for some contrived sin.

As the paslmist sings,” Your finding Love in all the Wrong Places”

Worst case scenario America will travel into fascism and the tears will flow and then if your real lucky into a dictatorship.

Positive Freedom in the Spiritual World

Short list;

  • One God void of mans church an Christ, I followed Jesus to find the Father.
  • Gods law…He loves you
  • My Nation–The Father of all my family and extended
  • Defend my Nation from all enemies foreign, domestic and spiritual.

I filled the void in my life and submitted my life to my Father who made me and loves me. Who removed the stone from my tomb and resurrected me into the heavens to sit at his right side all in the spirit of the Word.

Like Enoch I will live for 800 yrs because in 800 yrs people will remember there is only one God.  Like Enoch I will leave one day and disappear from your minds but my words will stay with you for eternity.

Mental illness is a projection of thought by men to make you submit to thier authority their words and cripple you.

Seeing is Believing Before You can Hear

Babies see

God Eternal


Before they hear

Before they speak

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