How do You Kill a Nation: Mental Illness; Chap. 2

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How do You Kill a Nation


Ron Thomas

Chapter 2

Behavioral Mechanics

Mental Illness

So now in this Chapter of my book “How to Kill a Nation”  I will focus on the perfect murder of a society leaving no fingerprints.   A marriage made in heaven in the darkness of space.  The husband’s name is ” Behavioral Mechanics” whose wife name is Mental illness  together they birthed a daughter who they named Assuming.  They also birthed a son named, “Projection of Thought” who is a born warrior.  In Time and Space this is what is called a Virgin birth.

Behavioral Mechanics and his wife, Mental illness have been a married  couple since the time of the first recorded civilization the Sumerian empire around 3500 BC.  The floodplains of ancient Mesopotamia.  Between the rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates stretching into India and the lands of Egypt.

The Son, “Projection of Thought” knew that at a certain age he would have to leave his parents and cleave to his helpmeet his sister, Assuming ,which he made her Queen.  They consummated their marriage by engaging in intercourse, naked in the throne room performing their ritual before the gods of Mythology.  She being a fertile woman bore many children from her womb into the light.  Together they rule their portion of the known world of Time and Space.  Their kingdom is in the heavenly realms along with other kingdoms that we will explore in later chapters.  They to lay in bed together and bare other sons and daughters who serve them to this day.  She was a virgin and now she is a Mom along with her King they find shade under the Oak tree of their father, Behavioral Mechanic’s a giant among Oak trees in a forest full of cedars,  Mental Illness.

Assuming and her husband are like angels that travel to and from heaven to earth and lay the foundations of their Mom, Mental Illness which is like a tree that spreads its root’s throughout the land.

Lets Assume you are not clear what I am talking about, let me come back down to earth for a while and dwell among you, I will come down from my mount so you can gather at my feet.

You assume my name is Ron, you assume that I may either be male or female, my name can go both ways, you assume that I am married, you can only assume what my ethnicity may or may not be.  I might be white, I might be black or I might be Mexican.  I revealed my hands to you only what I wanted you to see for spiritual reasons.  The only thing you know for sure is that words come down from heaven and appear before your eyes.

I was diagnosed PTSD, combat related, and Manic Depressive a combination of being molested at a young age of 12 with images of combat around 21 yrs old.  I am a Vietnam Vet.  You do not have to assume that, that is the Truth.

I like you spent my time in the secular offices of the physic boys and girls who I assumed they knew what they were talking about.  I sat around for hours what seamed like an eternity.  Then one day I got mad because I because I started reading the handwriting on the wall.   The more I looked at the handwriting on the wall the more angry I became.   I finally gave up the ghost, stood up quivering like an earthquake and tore down the veil from top to bottom.  Behind the veil to my amazement in the shadows was “Projection of Thought“.

It was at that point that I cast the demons out of me.  I realized that all those hours I spent in their offices, I was” Assuming “they knew what they were talking about.  I also realized I was mimicking back their diagnoses”Projection of Thought’s” of what ailed me.  They were only feeding my “Assuming ”  the Queen that took up a room in my heart and mind all I was doing is telling them what they wanted to hear.  They were not listening to me.  They both lived in my mind rent free for years until one day I stood up and tore the veil across my eyes from top to bottom, the heavens to the earth and lo and behold there he was ” Behavioral Mechanics”.  Dressed in the clothes of a woman with the stance of a warrior, a divine mythical authority of a god like king, who blinded me for years to the truth.

I know from my medical illnesses that symptoms can clash with each other and mimic each other.  Doctors are taking a calculated guess as to what is wrong with you.

I do not have a problem in the taking of medicines to mask the problem but somewhere in the future your going to have to step on the head of the Texas rattlesnake and castrate the bull in your mind if you are every to see daylight again before the sunsets.

The moral of the story never assume that the projection of thoughts are your friends they will crippled you for decades.  They lie in the heavenly world waiting to feed on your bones till they bleach in the burning Sun.

What this means is that if I tell you a lie long enough you will come to believe that it is true and accept it in blind faith, ex…..

You pull a NCIS Miami, forensic analysis, identify the illness what the symptoms are, arm yourself with the Truth.  Just because you cut the head off the Texas rattlesnake the fangs still have poison in them that course threw you vein’s and it will eventually kill you.  Then you overturn the tables in the courtyard of the money changers and start asking questions instead of mimicking back what they want to hear.

Then you will rise up from the dead and join me in the heavens were you belong.  Man is the Angel of Death that put you in darkness for 400 years about time you gained your freedom with the Truth.  Our battles are fought in the spiritual world of the heavens.

Just to refresh your mind what a projection of a thought is in the Time and Space of Behavioral Mechanics.

I read a physic report back in the late 70’s from Michigan Institute of Technology, the jest of the report was that if you got a controlled group of people together and targeted a unknowing subject.  The controlled group as a whole go up to the subject in no set time pattern and tell the person that they looked sick , in less than two weeks they would come to believe that lie and would develop imaginary illnesses.

To reverse this “projection of thought‘ you tell the Truth.  You tell the person that they are not sick and reverse the process.  I know this because I tested the theory on one of my Lt.’s.  He got sick within two weeks I had my platoon tell him on occasion that he was sick and then reversed the process.  I was in Military Intelligence at the time learning interrogation techniques on combatants interesting stuff that’s another story.

You keep telling yourself your sick then you are calling in the chips and showing me your hands, the “Dead Man’s Hand’s.” You cast your own fate, God did not do it to you you did it to yourself you crippled yourself by assuming, blind faith.

Seeing is Believing Before You can Hear

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