How do You Kill a Nation: Introduction ; Chap. 1

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How do You Kill a Nation


Ron Thomas

Chapter 1


I wrote my first book a couple of months ago and it did pretty good as far as I can tell.  So I, at that time decided I would write my second book when I reached a goal of half a million words written through my blogs. So I have been sitting around for the last couple of months trying to find an inspiration to write about.

It came to me last night after I wrote two blogs to use this blog site to write my second book.  You are going to see how to write a book in a structured manner that I will get published after I finish it.  I already have a publisher on tap from my first book.

What I am doing right now is called self-publishing it will only cost me 98.00 USD to publish.  It will be marketed worldwide reaching thousands of readers in hopes to save their lives whether you live in America, to Europe, to China and all parts in between.  When I finish each chapter and hit the publish button in a twinkling of an eye it will fly through the Time and Space and it will appear before your eyes.

A little about myself, I have a 165 IQ, I am self-taught in multiple disciplines and can stand my ground on multiple fronts.  One thing that irritates the crap out of me is stupidity in a person that is trying to argue their point and you listen to their responses most of the time they are only repeating something that they heard from someone else.  They don,t have the fortitude to research their positions about life they just take everything on blind faith.

This becomes particularly acute in the Western Religions the three bitches in heat like dogs the Roman Catholic Church,  Christianity and Muslims.  The adult children come out from the altars and like little puppies coming into heat tell you about the salvation of the world.   They have no clue or the balls to learn themselves what the Truth is they accept things and ideals of social justice by listening to men.  I learned a long time ago not to trust men, not to ascribe to their opulence of Truth hiding behind their women’s clothing with fancy degrees on the wall.

If you do not think I know what I am talking about for clarification look at the fires of Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel.

There are three things that are common in any society civilized or even uncivilized by our Western standards for over 10000 years they are as follows;

  1. A Ruler and a cabinet to maintain civil order in a society
  2. Economics  the ruler has to be able to make sure the people work in order to produce food, shelter and to free market other products for sale in the society and to sell the excess products to other markets in other countries. Economics is a theory because it is always in motion and requires vigilance to maintain an equilibrium to prevent the population from rising up in civil disobedience. Two ways to create civil disobedience is to over tax the Middle Class or they have an unexpected food shortage, a staple of life to a particular society ie…………………* A couple of years ago in Mexico the price of corn was sky rocketing.  One of the staples in the Mexican populations is the flat bread tortilla.  The population could not afford the rising price of the tortilla.  That started a fire of civil disobedience and they started protesting in the streets.  The Mexican government at  the time jumped in and started subsidizing the price of corn to bring down the prices so the Mexican populations could afford their tortillas a Mexican staple.  That quelled the civil unrest and the people went home content*
  3. Social Equilibrium through the use of religion the main one or by the use of force.

Economics even though it is an abstract concept its a theory that binds societies together like super glue to keep it from flying apart into a thousand pieces.  It takes on the image of a man a giant in the land, who came down from heaven and who had intercourse with the daughters of man across the land.

So the Ruler has to prostitute himself with Economics and perform all kinds of licentious sex acts to keep a level of satisfaction throughout his kingdom.  Sometimes there is good sex and  sometimes the sex is bad and civil discourse takes place across the land.

Society becomes a sexual partner knowingly or unknowingly by the invisible hand’s of the Ruler and before, you are aware of your surroundings, (you) male or female slide naked under the satin white sheets in bed with the image of a man and you have intercourse till you reach satisfaction and are relieved.  Then once you climax a level of satisfaction is achieved.  Then the bedroom becomes silent and everyone smokes a cigarette and goes back to sleep till the next time.   Any disruption in the sexual aspects of Economics and all hell will be unleashed in the bedroom and blood will spill on the floor, across the living room and flow across the land.

So now in the following Chapters of my book “How to Kill a Nation” will focus on the perfect murder of a society leaving no fingerprints.  The Mother of all orgasm’s for all to participate in the bedroom, the inner sanctuary, the heart of the adult/children.

It is called Behavioral Mechanics a child of psychology the method is called, “projection of thought“.

What this means is that if I tell you a lie long enough you will come to believe that it is true and accept it in blind faith, ex…..

I read a physic report back in the late 70’s from Michigan Institute of Technology, the jest of the report was that if you got a controlled group of people together and targeted a unknowing subject.  The controlled group as a whole go up to the subject in no set time pattern and tell the person that they looked sick , in less than two weeks they would come to believe that lie and would develop imaginary illnesses.

To reverse this “projection of thought‘ you tell the Truth.  You tell the person that they are not sick and reverse the process.  I know this because I tested the theory on one of my Lt.’s.  He got sick within two weeks I had my platoon tell him on occasion that he was sick and then reversed the process.  I was in Military Intelligence at the time learning interrogation techniques on combatants interesting stuff that’s another story.

That is the path that the rest of my book will travel, “How to Kill a Nation“, with “projection of thought“. A balance of climax with Economics to maintain a gyroscope of satisfaction and blinded you to the sex act, “what appears is not always what you see.”

Seeing is Believing Before You can Hear

Babies see

God Eternal


Before they hear

Before they speak

Layman’s term;  We lost America in a generation let’s take back the generation

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    1. This is an actual book that I will publish. I like to teach it is my passion, my next chapter will be on Education, the hot topics of the day and I will touch on mental illness and whatever comes across my mind. Share this with other young people if they want to write a book follow the structure, Intro then the chapters, this second book that you see I set a goal to write about 50000 thousand words that come in around 50 chapters or so. Thank you so much for your comments. If you or if you know any young person that wants to write a book I will mentor with them and show them the ropes.


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