A Time for War, Universal Health Care; A Time to Kill

A time to cast away Lies, and a time to gather Truth together;
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Truth is the meeting of the face to face in the Darkness

God Eternal

Spiritual Imbalance


Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

In Texas we have a venomous snake a, Texas Rattlesnake, they have been known to get around 10 ft in length.  They sit in the brush and you walk up on them you will never hear their tails rattle until it is too late then it will lunge at you.  If you get lucky you will miss its fangs which are full of poison.  If he sinks his fangs into your skin you have about an hour to get to a hospital or you will die.  Even if you kill the snake and you touch its fangs it will still kill you.

The smaller the rattlesnake the more deadlier it is it will kill you. I grew up in Texas I know what can kill you only by knowing the Truth.  Whether I believe in God or not the Truth will always stay the same for eternity.

America in my generation grew up on entitlements they got fat and lazy with all the new-found wealth coming out of the wars. the children grew up with the latest toys that is not uncommon to see a 4 yr. old with a mobile phone.

The America I grew up in only half the population worked and paid the taxes to support the country.  The other half were worthless bastards that stole the wealth from the mainly the middle class working man by sitting on their ass and letting the rest of us work.  Just to be clear a thief has no color it’s not about race or ethnicity or whatever.

The churches with the help of the education system and the Democratic Party and the Republican Party raised a bunch of entitled rattlesnakes .  They can not see past their nose but they are quick to kill you if you do not agree with them. For the sake of argument some children never grow up they can be in the 60’s they still got a childlike attitude.

I don,t trust men as far as you can through them, you tell me the sky is red I going to question you or research till I find out what the Truth.

Universal Health Care is like a Texas Rattlesnake it will kill you simple economics.  All countries in the world have to be able to produce enough products and food to sustain itself and to be able to trade with other countries for other staples.

America is no different you must have a sustainable population either thru birth of babies or by legal immigration so to not tip over the apple cart.  America has been killing babies for over 50 years.  That creates an imbalance in population growth and sustainability to feed everyone.  So they started killing at birth coupled with the half of America that sucks off the tit of entitlements adult children that never grow up and work.  You then have an aging population that can,t work anymore like myself.  What happens, again simple economics, you kill off the elderly through Universal Health Care.

In Texas we call this culling of the herd, you kill off the newborns and you kill off the older cows and just maintain enough cattle that you can feed.  If you can not feed the cattle you have then you have to cull the population some more.  Simple economics.

So what do you think children is going to happen in America when you listen to the men of the Church,s and the Politicians that tell you to open the borders and let more people into our country, that A. are illiterate, B. they are not going to assimilate, C. they are going to suck off the tit of Americas entitlements and not work. I am making a broad stroke of the brush there are good people who come to this country and better themselves.  But the people that are coming up from the south are coming from countries that have kept them stupid and they are to  lazy to educate themselves where they live and try to make a better life for them and their children.  Instead since their countries are so corrupt they cannot sustain their populations the governments along with the Roman Catholic church tell the population go to America and they will give you entitlements.

Cattle are stupid creatures it is easy to keep them together without much fuss and move them around.  The Church’s and the governments of the world are the cattle barons of the future, Globalism that’s a fancy name for killing off anyone that does not contribute to their idea of what society should be like.

People forget that a decade ago or so they had the idiots here in America beating their native drums about zero population growth.  Why do you think the government never got rid of abortions when they have the power to do so.  Then you see the Church’s here in America tell the puppets to go out an protest.  I would have to ask how come you keep voting in the same sob that keeps the killing fields open.

Not withstanding Universal Healthcare again simple economics the total worlds debt is and I am guessing around 80 trillion dollars,  the debt goes up another 20 trillion dollars the economies are going to crash.  So what redistribution of wealth are you talking about.  None of the worlds currency are not  supported by anything tangible like gold the currencies have no worth no value.

Universal Health Care is like a baby rattlesnake your going to be walking around in the brush and it is going to kill you someday.  To kill a rattlesnake you shoot it in the head.  The same with the ideas of Universal Health Care you vote it out of office before it is too late.

Because if you do not the Hospitals of America are going to kill you off.  I find it ironic that the Greeks of old knew what stomach cancer was.  If America wanted to cure cancer they would have done so.

Birth and Death fall in the line of economics and sustainability of what a country can produce.

You have to cull the herd like Texas cattle but at least have the respect for me to choose the way I want to die.  Instead of the friendly fires of Universal Health Care making the babies and the elderly collateral damage.

When the Army kills its own in the combat field it is listed as friendly fire, collateral damage and people die because of blind faith.

Next couple of years America will be culling more of the herd they have been for 50 years.  And we the American taxpayer pay for it, what a joke.

Seeing is Believing Before You can Hear

Babies see

God Eternal


Before they hear

Before they speak

Layman’s term;  We lost America in a generation let’s take back the generation

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