A Time of War; Letters to the Church of Man : A Time to Kill

The worship of three Gods my answers to a pastor who wants me and others to worship a God/man, I followed Jesus back into the Old Testament I do not worship Christ nether should you.

Jesus never had a last name nobody did in the First Century, your are worshiping a pagan God I follow Christ to the God of Abraham.  The Early Church put Jesus on speed dial a amped God into a triune God. Christ did not speak Greek. He was a Aramaic Hebrew he spoke Aramaic. Perhaps you should read Khaboris Codex or the Khaboris Manuscript, Syriac to Aramaic New Testament Readings of Josephus Flavius who wrote the Antiquity of the Jews. The Virgin Birth is nothing more that Ancient Hebraic imagery of someone birthing the idea of there is only one God look in the garden, I don’t see A Christ there. You take blind faith and run with it instead of learning who Christ was. He was a man nothing more who told you to follow him back to the Garden. If you like to read there is a little book called,”Hebrew Thought Compared with Greek”. I believe in a God who made me, who feeds me, clothes me and shelters me as long as I listen to Him. Man serves God which comes out of the ancient lands of Mesopotamia the land of gods, God made me so I listen to Him not Jesus who was a man.  The Early Church gave Jesus the last name I did not nor did the LordGod.  I left the church 14 years ago when I realized they were only teaching a third grade education. We come from the seed of Ishmael the Bastard Child the religions of the World, we adopted the idea that there is only one God and not polytheism that Christ is God, you can’t have two Gods, even Quantum physics will tell you that two particles cannot occupy the same space at the same time. So teach your children that come to you to be bastards (look in the Word) teach them how to die. I simply teach there was only one God in the Garden on the 8th day man made his gods.  I am not Jewish but like the Jews I never stopped learning, your sending men and children into the netherworld read Ezekiel,37 interesting stuff, when it mentions trees that is talking about men, image is everything in the Word.  There is a dichotomy image in the Word not a triply of Gods.  You stopped learning and now collect your wages from others.  Study your genealogy back to Hagar the Egyptian Mistress and Ishmael the Bastard child, the second born, who would not inherit nothing but misery and spiritual death.  All you are teaching sir is death, I teach life in one God who raised me from the dead.  You are teaching that man is  a God that the God/man controls me, I do not think so. Preach on.

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