A Time to Build: Build Your Temple in 6 Secs : A Time of Peace, A Time of Laughter

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

 Marriage of God


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Ignorance of God

God Eternal

Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

Khaboris Manuscript

Ancient Syriac New Testament

Scribed In Aramaic

The Language of Jesus of Nazareth


Chapter 4

1 Then Jesus was drawn from (min) rukha d’kooda into an unprotected state (madbra) for what would be His stress from uprightness (adhilkarrsa).

Jesus no last name of Christ

min- kindness

madbra –women’s undergarments

uprightness-men stand up and dress like a man


adhilkarrsa– deeper spiritual study

2. And He fasted forty days and forty nights.  At the end He hungered.

3 and then came His own temptations (damnasii) and said to Him, “if you are the Son of God(Alaha) say to these stones to become bread.”

damnasii–silent trade ie.. you are tempting yourself to give up the belief in one God in your mind or conscience.

Alaha=one God=Alaha

4. But He(Ron) responded and said, ” It is written that not by bread alone does a man have perfect life (khayi), but by every word (mila) that issues forth from the mouth of God (Alaha)

khayi— a woman of valor, warfare and victory. She was a Warrior. “To a Hebrew woman, moral excellence was a given, but to be a warrior was a choice.”

mila–“gracious, dear”.  There are two images in the word Khaki.  Women are the Church to teach men how to be warriors and young women the children how to be a warrior.

5. Then uprightness (akilkarsa) carried Him (Ron) to a holy (koosha) city and Him (Ron) upon the pinnacle of the temple

adhilkarrsa– deeper spiritual study

koosha  peace, paradise, love

temple–the highest part of your body is between the “front-lets of your eyes”, sits your mind.  Your body is your temple and your city, your nation, your earth, your heaven.

6. Jesus said to it,  “Also it is written, to put not the Lord your God to a test.”

it–your temptations in your mind, He reminds you there is only one God, Jesus points to himself–reminding himself there is only one monotheistic God.  Jesus by His own words is telling you not to worship Him.

7. Jesus said to it, “Also it is written, to put not the Lord your God to a test.”

8. Again uprightness (akhikarsa) carried Him (Ron) to a very high mountain and pointed our to Him (Ron) all the kingdoms of the world and their glories.

Put your name between the (  ) the high mountain is deep spiritual thought in your mind, serve yourself or serve one God.

9.  and said to Him, ” all these I will give to you if you will fall prostrate and worship me.”

(Him) You fall prey to the darkness in your mind, temptations and you worship temptations, ie….Christ, open orders, globalism, climate change, homosexuality, gender identification because it sounds like music to year ears.  You lie down in your tomb, spiritual death awaiting for the stone to removed from your sleep.

10.  Then said Jesus (Ron) to it, ” Get out satan (satana), for it is written you shall worship the Lord your God, and Him alone you shall worship.

satan is your  temptations in your mind that lead you away from one God, you worship Christ you are worshiping a pagan god just a man like me. I do not want you to worship me but to worship one God of the Chosen one.

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