A Time to Build; Destroy Your Temple and Rebuild in 3 Secs.

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

 Marriage of God


East<<Alpha<<<< <Cross>>>>>You>>>Omega–West
   Old Testament         <<<        New Testament
Ignorance of God

God Eternal

Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

Khaboris Manuscript

Ancient Syriac New Testament

Scribed In Aramaic

The Language of Jesus of Nazareth

John 14

26 “Now that which breaks off the effects of sin (paracleta) is rukha d’koodsha, that which my Father will send through me (b’shme); it will instruct you in all matters, and it will bring into your minds all that I have said unto you.

Sin–is like an archer that misses the target.

paracleta–advocate, helper

(God’s) rukha d’koodsha(Love)

b’shme—-you shall love

John 17

17 “Father, let your truth (bashrarak) make them holy (kadish), as that which you will (mitak) is the real truth.”

bashrarak—-let your truth

kadish—–prayer morning evening and for universal peace


*You follow Jesus genealogy to Abraham.

John 18

37 Pilate said to Him.  “Well now are you king?” Jesus said to him, “You said I am King”. For this I was born and for this I came unto men (alma), to testify about the truth (sharara).  Everyone that is with truth (shrara) shall hear (shama) my voice.

alma—-young woman

sharara—loose pleated trousers—-shrara

shama—  Means a monotheistic prayer morning and evening for one God, and universal peace.

*Men that relinquish their authority as men like a woman wearing trousers they hear God’s voice.

John 20

22 After He said this,  He inspirited them and said to them,  ” Receive rukha d’koodsha“.

rukha d’koodsha—-receive God’s Love


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