Time to Heal : Ron the Father of Many Nations; Even if there is no God of Abraham

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

 Marriage of God


East<<Alpha<<<< <Cross>>>>>You>>>Omega–West

Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East =West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

If You are off Center move to the East

Faith is the meeting of the face to face in the Darkness

God Eternal

A Time to Eat; A Time to Drink Truth; A Time of Peace

God Eternal

Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

He came to me;

Just for sake of argument, I take God off the table and I take the Bible of the table.  Then I am still with some absolutes in life;  I am born and I will die those are absolutes. The Sun rise in the East and settles in the West it is a constant cycle in motion 24/7 for thousands of years.  I was born at one point in history and the other point I will die.

I already told you that I am the Father of Many Nations taking those four words lets define them how I can make that claim even with taking Faith in one God off the Table.

Lets start there, there is no God.

What is my nation?  You know my name as Ron I am a Father of Many Nations.  My nation consists of the following;

  1. My wife of 50 yrs this coming Monday
  2. Two Sons
  3. Four Daughter in Laws
  4. Two Grandchildren
  5. One Great Grandchild

From my blog I have 94 followers or other nations that have their own genealogy.  So I do not offend anyone, in the Hebraic thought and the Eastern thought anyone younger than me is considered a child, I am 65 yrs old.  I sit with the Council of Elders.

Lets define another word a derivative—ites synonym for this word is someone who is uninformed ect, like children.

So as a Father I want to better my children to become all they can be all they can be. This is called Eternity wisdom to guide your children and their children from generation, to generation to generations. That is our purpose in Life as Fathers.  I concede a lot of Men miss the target.  A lot of Women miss the target. Nonetheless move on life is always in motion no time to waste.

Call my nation the nation of Ronites, my nation is a nation within a nation within a city.

  1. My nation is in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas in America and the other nations of the world visit my house via blog from China to Australia to Laos to Thailand ect.  My nation is vast and covers the world.

I have satellite nations that follow me like the nation of Kalliopites.

Then there is the nation of R.KBites , RareBearites, Raineites, and the list goes on.

There is precedent in History of using the derivatives ites to identify a nation ie…Canaanites,  Moabites, Ammonites just for laughs the Troglodytes ites.

Using colloquial terms I am a King of my nation at my right side sits my Queen of 50 yrs. Who has kept me straight.  We are all judges of our nations so in that respect there are many other kings and queens who judge their nations around the world that listen to what I say.

Two things to remember;

  1. All humanity for thousands of years knew in their mind there is a God.  The Hebrews idea of one God flowed into all the other religions of the world. That is a historical fact.
  2. Never stop learning; in the Eastern religions and the Hebrew religion if you stop learning you are spiritually dead.  It is like watching the program the “Walking Dead”.  Between the two absolutes, birth and death, your dead anyway no life in you.

So as a Father, I have seen my share of physical death from the combat fields to the combat fields of life that is full of landmines that you cannot see sometimes.  So I want my children and those who follow me to be better than me.  That is my eternity that my wisdom travels for generations.  Even if I put God on the table there is no religion in the world that can definitely say that there is an afterlife.  I would be stupid to suggest that to you.  I will not know that for sure till I close my eyes for the last time.  I can say I hope there is an afterlife but before I get there my purpose as a Father is to motivate my children and the nations around me to be all they can be to inspire their children to become all they can be.
So my redemption from my past to help motivate my children and the nations that follow me not to travel the path I walked it made me who I am today, that why I do not proselytize my faith, I am not a christian, I am not a Hebrew but I understand the images of the Bible and it is deep philosophy that I have studied an learned over 14 yrs with relatively few outside books.

I would never tell you to do this: this is just to show you how my mind works.  Back in the day when drugs were the rage, I was into Opium and other drugs.  I had always heard that Heroin can addict you in 7 days.  So I decided one day to try it to see if that was true.  It was I got addicted in 7 days and I got myself off simply because I knew someone that sold Methadone, it took me maybe two weeks to get off Heroin the point is I researched everything before I did it.

When my health got bad I had to quit working 5 yrs ago I found a way to get into college and lasted there for 2 yrs till my health would not allow me to continue.  I held a 4.0 grade average I study ARCGIS, I was not looking for a degree just something to challenge my mind and I never had the chance to go to college, I went to the battlefields at the age of 18.  College was a blast for me, I was the GrandPa with those pesky children around me but I enjoyed it immensely.

After college I took a security job for about 2 yrs till my health prevented me from working anymore I had to stay home.

So I got my WordPress site with the intention of becoming a professional writer.  I write from the Word because it is very deep philosophy that covers your whole life.  Then this last summer my wife suggested that I write a book.  So I researched everything I could about the subject and wrote my first little book in 90 days. Got it published the name is “Dead Man’s Hand”, subtitled , “Progressive Christianity”.  I just finished contracts and it should be available on Amazon in a week or two.  Whether it sells or not is immaterial to me.  I will get the royalties off of it .  If it sells good all I want is a 1968 Corvette L-71 Blue convertible and I will be a happy camper.  I love the big block Corvettes, 427 cu. in. Hemi with a 4 speed shift.

Now I set a goal to write my second book when I reach my goal of writing 600,000 thousands words, right now I am at around 450,000 thousand words on my blog posts. My only enemy is those darn commas and this damn auto spell, my spelling sucks enough.  I am the victim here blame my English teacher it’s her fault 🙂 :).

I learned how to self publish my own book and from those mistakes my second book will be better.

When you get tired of blaming others for the ills of your world, your nation get up off your butt soldier and start walking towards your dreams and goals into the light of the Sun and I will walk alongside of you like footsteps in the Sand.  Been there and done that you are not going to fool an old dog.

Ok let’s put God back on the table, three word to remember, Faith in God, now explore your world around you and your nation.  Maybe it needs a little dusting, straighten your room out. Become a King or Queen in your own nation and judge your children righteously.  There are only two kinds of people in the world winners and losers, I don,t like to lose, I am a Father of Many nations.

I will walk with you 24/7 contact me via WordPress Combat Operations worldwide I will get to you.

Welcome to my World

My spirit resides in the house of king David, known as the

Warrior King

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


Feel free to comment or to follow along

6 thoughts on “Time to Heal : Ron the Father of Many Nations; Even if there is no God of Abraham

  1. RON! I HAVE LIKE I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY, BUT SO MANY WORDS! I’m attempting to write my own bible, to unite the 4 major theological dynasties under 1 religion – my cult of personality. Have you seen my cult page? Because my personal philosophy is that cults are just religions that have survived long enough to obscure the truth behind many layers of bullshit. The difference between a cult and a religion is that in religion, the originator of the religious conception (the founder, or leader) is dead. In a cult, their leaders are alive.
    It is all propaganda to reserve the truth of knowledge and divinity for the ”alleged elite”. Well I’m a teacher and philosophy is my favourite hobby. Linguistics is my area of interest. I’m a student of the school of humanities. I care about people, and don’t give A.F. about maintaining the ”holier than thou” red tape that ”protect” religious pomp and spiritual panopoly. Through my absolute self-centred, ego-maniacal, emotional range and fury, narcissistic tendency to just obfuscate the crap out of everything… I make everything about me, and me, more me, me me me me.
    I see myself as more than human. I see myself as a figurehead for human nature. Nature vs nurture, people have learned to become denser and none-the-wiser despite getting ”smarter”. Ignorance is infuriatingly pathetic. But I am no different than anyone else. I’m just more… stubborn, and unrelenting. I am sympathetic, empathetic, and apathetic all at the same time. The woe of the world washes over me and I just don’t know how much I care about the individual person anymore…


      1. I guess. Just letting you know it’s not exactly formatted well or anything.. And it’s 70 pages at the moment.. Btw I’ve got my antichrist manifesto on my cultofkim . WordPress. Com page.


      2. I will if I can find it later in the day and read it, You got access to office Word they have a book formatting template that publishers use.


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