A Time to Heal : Depression, PTSD BiPolar,Manic Depressive; Blind Faith

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

 Marriage of God


East<<Alpha<<<< <Cross>>>>>You>>>Omega–West

Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East =West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

If You are off Center move to the East

Faith is the meeting of the face to face in the Darkness

God Eternal

A Time to Eat; A Time to Drink Truth; A Time of Peace

God Eternal

Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

He came to me;

In the Old Testament they had a group of older people who consisted of the Council of Elders, these were the men that had a variety of life experiences that could give you counsel and guidance.  Nobody, I repeat Nobody, can give you guidance unless they have been there and walked in your shoes, male or female.

I will isolate some of my Maladies, PTSD & Manic Depressive & BiPolar will start there first.

PTSD for me came from two places (1) I was molested at age 12, saw images in my mind, (2) I saw combat which created another set of images of young men dying around me blood and guts as they say.

From this I evolved into Depression & Manic Depressive & BiPolar.

At one point in my life I was taking 15 different medications a day.  I have emphysema stage 4 terminal no way out of that one.  So we leave that one the table a separate issue.  Like star trek the final frontier , death.

I am considered High Risk medically and have a DNR at the hospitals in town,  the reason for showing my hands to you so you will hear my words carefully:

Lets take PTSD (1) & (2)– I got to a point one year things just did not make sense to me an endless cycle of doing good for a while and as they say I would fall off the wagon.  So one day I was sitting in my physic office looking at all the degrees this lady had on her wall. It struck me, so I asked her if she had every been hungry?—She replied she had missed lunch before,  I asked again–have you ever been hungry?—– Where you did not have anything to eat for a couple of days?–again she answered me in the negative.  I walked out the door and never came back.

The point of this is that no one can give you advice if they have never walked in your shoes.  This is the image of the footsteps in the sand that we have all heard about.  So I learned real fast you’re a physic Doctor giving me advise on how to heal me.  I made it a point to ask have you every been molested or been in combat and watch men die before your eyes.  Nine times out of Ten they could not relate to me.  Then don,t tell me what is going on inside of me.  All you’re doing is taking blind faith that he or she knows you.  Then we turn around and mimic what they tell us to others around us.  Most of us never goggle search our disease from outside sources to define the Words that we have been labeled with, PTSD, Manic Depressive ect from several different sources on the internet ie…..the Mayo Clinic, Colleges accumulate information from several different sources.  Become well-rounded in your illness.  By doing that you can start asking constructive questions from the Doctors that you see.

Then I did a stint in the Church,s of America the most advice I got from them was to pray to God and he would somehow heal me.  O it healed for a while then I would go south.  So it was at that point I started asking them questions, if there was a God I was going to find him that set my compass for the rest of my life. I started studying the Bible on my own and immersed myself in the Word.   Then I found out that the church only teaches on the equivalent of a third grade education.

If that pastor has never been in your shoes and walked with you all he is doing is giving you dribble to make you feel good and mask the problem for a while.  Then if you slide and miss the target well it was satan screwing your head up.  I left the churches 15 yrs ago needless to say.  They always tell everyone that they have sin in their lives but they never defined what sin they were talking about only the obvious ones.

Find out all you can about the titles you are given and start to disown some of them, because you will find out some of the titles are what they call umbrellas.  I am classified as COPD because I smoke under that umbrella are three illness for which I qualify for one of them.  So I took away the umbrella and looked at only the symptoms of Emp. 4.

So I changed my sentences to I have emphysema 4 and I know everything about the disease.  If you do good christians were in front of me you would tell me I was in sin.  The first thing I would ask you have you ever been in combat, no then shut up.

With mental illness research your illness and find out which one is the umbrella and take that out of your sentences and focus on a singular illness and research it till you got a grasp on what the symptoms are ect…. and from your own experience you should be able to identify what triggers are inherent within you.  Then start eliminating the triggers, for depression eating chocolate is a good remedy.  People on the East Coast do not get much sunlight so they eat a lot of candy bars, chocolate,  to compensate for the lack of sunlight.   Get out of the house and get some sun when you can or compensate.

If you are taking multiple medicines, research every medicine your taking a lot of them will warn you about suicide risks.  When you collide two medicines that have suicide risks attached you are at high risk that you cannot control. I learned the hard way. I started eliminating medicines I went from 15 a day down to 6 meds a day.  I started asking for non narcotic medicines.  Research everything about what affects you and your medicines become smarted then the person in front of you.  Never, Never, Never accept anything about you on blind faith it you do you will only prolong the agony the rest of your life.

If you are seeing images or even voices in your head, I had both, I had to make peace with myself.  I did not have control over who molested me anymore then the people around me that were trying to kill me.  I heard the vioces of the dying for a long time, I still so but I learned to make peace with myself by virtue using a pun. I realized one day that I was not the only one in the Ark of Noah, there were more like me.  Take the umbrella away learn to fight, research gain knowledge. Make peace with those that hurt you and make peace with yourself.  Above all learn to laugh again.

There was a crippled man sitting by a miraculous pool of water that everyone was going in to get healed. A man came by and the crippled man asked him for help to get to the pool.  The man told him to get up and walk and he started to walk.

The moral of the story you can stay crippled the rest of your life or learn how to fight, research everything the more knowledge you gain the more peace you will find in your life if you start eliminating the triggers in your life real or in your eyes in the spiritual world of your mind. That is where the real battle is.

Train yourself to be a combat soldier learn what to fight and what to fight at a later date, pick your fights that you can win and research the ones to find their weakness.  I do not like to lose.

I use a CPAP at night because I stop breathing 51 times an hour. Nothing I can do about that fight move on.  I am on oxy. 24/7, I have lessened my use of oxy by taking various steps.  I narrowed down my medications that help me.  On top of everything I have 3 Triple Aortaisms, fighting the doctors over a surgery date.  I do not let them tell me to much what they think, I researched everything about what an aneurism is and the symptoms which mimic my emphysema symptoms.  So I narrowed the field of words down to a few symptoms that affect me.  It is easier to fight a smaller enemy if you cut out some of the words.  Learn to tell people who you are and not listen to what people tell you are unless they have walked in your shoes.  Blind Faith will kill you ever time.

The Aramaic definition of death is spiritual means one becomes motionless in life. You stopped trying to learn about yourself and what makes you tick.  Always learn or you are spiritually dead inside and the only one to blame is yourself.  Start today by making peace with yourself an the others that hurt you only in your eyes and heart.

Then ask God to kill them so you can have some peace. Start by putting these two words in your eyes,”Faith in one God”.  For clarification I am not talking about Christ but “Faith in one God”.  There is a difference like the credit card commercial if I ask ,What is in Your Wallet, tell me Faith in one God, if you tell me Capitol One then you missed the target get up dust yourself off and look in your wallet again.

I will walk with with you 24/7 contact me via WordPress Combat Operations worldwide I will get to you.

Welcome to my World

My spirit resides in the house of king David, known as the

Warrior King

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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  1. Hey sorry I haven’t had a chance to write of the name Ron yet. But rest assured, I effing hope you don’t die tonight or tomorrow night. So you have the chance to actually read (when I have a chance to actually write) what your name means to me. You know, one of the many helpful reference books I’d like to be able to eventually write xoxo
    Thanks for sharing the motivation for sharing your story with me.


    1. I am not done motivating you young lady stay with me watch my blog I am fixing to write I will post it in 2 hours or so, It should raise your eyebrow.


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