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A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

 Marriage of God


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Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East =West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

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Faith is the meeting of the face to face in the Darkness

Gyroscope<>Aramaic Map

a device consisting of a wheel or disk mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis which is itself free to alter in direction. The orientation of the axis is not affected by tilting of the mounting, so gyroscopes can be used to provide stability or maintain a reference direction in navigation systems, automatic pilots, and stabilizers.

God Eternal


A Time to Eat Homosexuality; A Time to Drink Truth; A Time of Peace

God Eternal


Spiritual Imbalance


Follow Christ 




Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

He came to me;

Projection of thought is the acquisition of ideas without having the complete data. We then project these thoughts onto others.  If the ideas go wrong then we blame the other person instead of ourselves because  we did not have the complete facts.   We base our assumptions on man’s relationship to God on scientific facts that man shapes history.  A God does not interfere in shaping a person’s history.

We see this today in the idea of socialism that man can shape his own destiny.  We see that here especially in America and Europe with the idea of an open society where licentious sex is rampant ie….the introduction of artificial sex life-size dolls that provide the man a mocrum of sexual pleasure.  Man is able to provide equality for all based on faulty assumptions that man can control history other examples are climate control which are based on mathematical algorithms that have been proving to be false.  Yet we tend to hold on to faulty scientific facts concerning the world around us as irrefutable without having all the facts in front of us.

Therefore we are inclined to forget that, unprovable ideas like God’s relationship to man may determine the course of history more often than not.

This pagan idea of man-God relation tied man to his gods through his ideas and images.  We see this in the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant religions in the projection of the Christ and the Virgin Mary.   The images that they have produced for all to see and worship.  If something goes wrong then we are quick to blame others ie……satan is attacking my bishop’s……satan is attacking my church……..satan is attacking me and the list goes on.  This is a relationship error in man trying to control his destiny and those around him.

Show me anywhere in the New Testament where Christ tells you to pray to him, you can not.  Show me anywhere that Mary nursed Christ in some spiritual way that we should honour.  Woman have been nursing creation since time began.  The Lord’s prayer even starts out as ,”Our Father who art in heaven”.  In the gospels of Matthew it even tells you that you can not call yourself Father.  Yet people accept that assumption, that the church is the object of their faith, without having all the facts in front of them.

So when something goes wrong in their life then they are quick to blame others ie…….satan is attacking me…….demons are running loose…..it is the old adage I am the victim.  Exorcism is on the rise again because people are tied to pagan gods that man created to control destiny of the world.  It is a relationship error man to God instead of seeing God to man.  Your failures in life are attributed to some existential force (Satan-demons) and successes are tied to God.

You see this in the modern-day Catholic Church redemption is confessing your sins to a man in a box with a sprinkling of holy water for good measure.  They end their prayers with the Father, Church, Son, Holy Ghost….ect…..you call the pope Father

The Protestant religions man’s relationship to God is wealth, money, the prosperity God.  They all end their prayers in the name of Jesus Christ.

Christianity then becomes two houses with men’s thoughts of his relationship to God which is a pagan idea alien to one idea God Eternal.

Nowhere in the Word, NT, does it tell you to call someone father except your own father and nowhere does it tell you (Christ) you to pray to him.

The virgin Mary is Aramaic imagery to rebirth the idea of one God in the heart of all woman, which flows back to Genesis.  God.s relationship to the Woman the freedom for independent thinking from pagan religions.

The Hebraic idea of God Eternal freed the Jews for independent thinking.  God has given man freedom of action.  We can act either for God or against God.  In the idea that God is Eternal, like success in one’s life is an undertaking, it is not a blessing.  A man may arrive at power by nefarious means not because God aided him.  This leaves God free to hold man accountable for his successes and failures.

Freedom from religion started over 4000 yrs ago creating the gulf between the Jewish people and the pagan worship of gods.  The Hebrews broke away from the man to God relationship that they believed that man control his own destiny.  God Eternal for the Jews freed you for independent thinking which left an invisible God to judge your success and failures.

In the Western hemisphere freedom from religion cropped up when Martin Luther fell away from the Catholic Church.  He proposed an idea of the relationship of God to man similar to that of the Jewish people and he assumed that the Jewish people would accept his ideas of Protestantism.  To his surprise they rejected him and in the annals of history the Jews turned their backs to his ideas of God.  Martin Luther later in life would turn his back on the Jewish people.  This created a rise in antisemitism that later on showed up in World War II when the powers to be ignored for the most part the plight of the Jews in the gas chambers of Germany and the Catholic Church sided with the Nazi government during the war to maintain their status quo.

So when you see the projection of thought mans relationship to God to control his own destiny then both houses of thought mans thought creates open borders ect which are going to be disastrous for all.  It follows Aesop’s fable the Goose that laid the “Golden Egg”;

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs :

Once in a village lived a poor man. He had a goose. It laid eggs. But these eggs were different from the eggs laid by other eggs.

The poor man’s goose laid a golden egg everyday.

The poor man took the egg to the town and sold it.

He got a lot of money by selling the golden egg. He was a happy man.

One day he said to himself, “I get one golden egg only everyday. Why not I have all the eggs at a time. Then I will become very rich. So, I will kill the goose and take all the eggs.”

And so the poor man killed the goose.

And what did he find?

The goose was like any other goose. He could not find a single golden egg. The goose died.

From that day the man did not get his golden egg, he used to get everyday.

The moral of the story go to America to find you golden goose because man told who it was ok you will die spiritually and contribute to the spiritual death of America.  It is a relationship error man trying to control destiny without God.  Democrate’s are in this boat and like the Titanic they will sink this country all due to power and greed at our expense.  Europe is in the same boat.

God Eternal is easy for me to understand,  God gives me freedom from pagan religions and I am judged from heaven by what I know of the Word.  God’s judgement is on my shoulders as it was with Christ and stood before the Father.

Nations fall on thier relationship an idea of man to God or God to man, God Eternal.

Did you see the image in my eyes now hear His voice in your heart

The twilight zone of your rebirth the spiritual zone between Earth and Heaven

[Alpha]In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. [West]

Remember to read this verse from the right to the left and enter the world I live in the spiritual world of the Word that was given to us by our Father.

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