A Time to Die : Face to Face in the Darkness: Freedom from Religion

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

 Marriage of God


East<<Alpha<<<< <Cross>>>>>You>>>Omega–West

Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East =West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

If You are off Center move to the East

Faith is the meeting of the face to face in the Darkness

Gyroscope<>Aramaic Map

a device consisting of a wheel or disk mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis which is itself free to alter in direction. The orientation of the axis is not affected by tilting of the mounting, so gyroscopes can be used to provide stability or maintain a reference direction in navigation systems, automatic pilots, and stabilizers.

God Eternal


A Time to Eat; A Time to Drink Truth; A Time of Peace

God Eternal


Spiritual Imbalance


Follow Christ 




Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

He came to me;

I look around America and asked the question how can a great nation fall from grace?  How did we get here?

America was born in freedom with a rule of law, equality for all, a Republic formulated by a governmental structure that goes back to King Cyrus in the Bible, 600 BC.  Whose government was structured held by the ancient Hebrews,  one God.

Freedom has inherent dangers and responsibilities if people do not live within prescribed boundaries society will drift into authoritarianism.  The Republican form of government started eroding after World War II.  We have seen the rise in socialism that is penetrating into society today reshaping as they say the values of America.  If The rise of democracy sets some people free it gave birth to a society in which the individual feels alienated and dehumanized.

The Protestant and the Roman Catholic Church help shape this rise in the dehumanization of society by virtue as I stated in a previous blog.  They believe they have the power to control man’s history or destiny with his relationship to God.  So to make sure that man could control his freedom.  The churches all have different rules of oblations and religious sacrifices with a governing board to legislate morality.  The churches started socialism and it gained speed in the mid 1960’s.  Then the idea flowed into the colleges where they started teaching the children Saul Alinsky radical ideas of reshaping society for the working class.  When the children graduated the drifted into Politics the Judiciary and Executive branches of government.

The two great religions in America destroyed the Republic without even firing a shot.  They served pagan gods that flowed out of the Roman Empire instead of one Eternal God.

Socialism will slam head on into authoritarianism then it will move down the road into a dictatorship.

America is witnessing the collapse of capitalism, by the introduction of Marxism through the Churches  like a virus has infected every part of American life.  The working class has raised its voice along with their children that everything and everyone is oppressed.  Uniting the exploited working class with a common cause they will push this country into an economic mess that America will not be able to pull out of.   If you attempt to resist you will be pushed down the ranks of society.  You already see this verbal assaults on those that resist coming from Rome to Europe using weapons on their own people.  Only yesterday they shot a protester in the head and killed him.

The liberal churches of America and Marxist socialist colleges all share an 18th century idea in the innate rationality of man, a belief in the inevitability progress through man’s struggle for freedom and peace.  Layman’s terms man is here to serve God which comes from the ancient Semitic people 4500 BC arriving on our shores perhaps 80 yrs ago.   In their irrationality they have not thought through the willing surrender of peace, the embracing of socialism for all.   The results are going to be catastrophic for the working class.

For Marxists,  The have been trained to think of historical  developments as reflecting the struggles between classes—classes that had their basis in economic forces that transcended national boundaries. They are humanists in that they see men everywhere as representatives of one human race, fundamentally alike though temporarily distinguished from one another by the differential development of the economic order in various parts of the world and by the diverse constellations of class power expressing these developments.  An explanation in terms of racial or national peculiarities was therefore obnoxious to their way of thinking.  The fact that America is among the most highly industrialized  capitalist countries in the world appeared of primary significance; the special facets of American history seemed decidedly secondary.  They are erasing American history in the churches and schools and the parents say nothing all they are flying the banner of redistribution of money to all.

Man’s nature being the product of historical evolution we all have certain inherent mechanisms and laws; that social systems are going to be judged by their ability to meet man’s basic needs, the tendency to grow, to developed and to realize potentialities which man has developed over the course of history it will however destroy creativity in society.

Democrats and the Republicans will led us all into an authoritarian rule the wheels have been set in motion.  To his credit President Trump can see this coming and he is trying to stop the inevential from happening. To put this in context this is what Rev. 16: 19 is talking about.

19 And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations (America/Europe) fell:

Washington DC–Spirit of America

  1. The walking dead those that believe in themselves; let the dead bury the dead
  2. Those who think they know God: waiting on Christ to come back
  3. Those who accept God Eternal will be spared.

God Eternal has survived over 5000 yrs and been reborn, died reborn, disappeared for over 1200 yrs to be reborn in 1948.  That is the cycle of life birth and death and how to survive in between those two events for yourself and your children and their children.

There are only 3 civilizations that have survived as long as Israel, they are China, Egypt and India and they have to date never reborn.  All the other civilizations and Empires have all disappeared from the history books.

America is born————————–2019——————–dies somewhere in the future.  God’s cycle of life.

I will take God Eternal to My Grave and pass it along to my children.

Watch what happens to America when the sun turns red in the sky next week she will accelerate into socialism on her way to death.

Did you see the image in my eyes now hear His voice in your heart

The twilight zone of your rebirth the spiritual zone between Earth and Heaven

[Alpha]In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. [West]

Remember to read this verse from the right to the left and enter the world I live in the spiritual world of the Word that was given to us by our Father.

Welcome to my World

My spirit resides in the house of king David, known as the

Warrior King

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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6 thoughts on “A Time to Die : Face to Face in the Darkness: Freedom from Religion

  1. And how else does a gyroscope move? By rotating and swiveling and GYRATING it’s way into position. Like a movement of the hips. And thus the necessity of the ways of women. To inspire others to be better in themselves. And when the other is “better” they often then judge the woman for doing whatever she was doing before the so called “enlightenment of understanding”.


    1. If you are talking about theology they teach the woman is guilty with is BS. That is pagan religions I am not a religion I am not even Christian, I go by two Words God Eternal and let it go at that, but I teach the aramaic text which goes back to around 2500 BC.


      1. I’m not attacking you. LOL I’m supporting you. It is the use of language and the words people use that end up evoking meaning. I’m thinking of music and dancing and the human body, and how Elvis was such a “bad influence” because of his hip thrusts and stuff. LOL
        There is a divide between east and west belief systems. With words and languages, people often bring with them such baggage and assume they know what the other was meaning. Instead of taking the words for face value.
        What I should have said was that you (them, me, him, her, anyone) cannot pick up a gyroscope (a person’s ideals and inner self) and put it in place. It works itself out, figuring out the way to the ideal position.


      2. I did not think you were attacking me but man has always blamed the woman for the ills of the world, I was just correcting you if that is what you were saying on the bottom of that paragraph. My apologies if you thought elsewise.


      3. True I would be quick to defend the woman faster then the man on a theological level. They church always teaches that it is the woman’s fault for all the ills of the world and that is BS. The man is the image of the serpent in the Garden. The Woman is the mother of all creation.

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