face to face in the Darkness” ; A Time to Eat; Quantum Mechanics and the Virgin Birth

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;

 Marriage of God


East<<Alpha<<<< <Cross>>>>>You>>>Omega–West

Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East =West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

If You are off Center move to the East

Faith is the meeting of the face to face in the Darkness

Gyroscope<>Aramaic Map

a device consisting of a wheel or disk mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis which is itself free to alter in direction. The orientation of the axis is not affected by tilting of the mounting, so gyroscopes can be used to provide stability or maintain a reference direction in navigation systems, automatic pilots, and stabilizers.

God Eternal


Spiritual Imbalance


God Eternal

Physician Heal Thyself—[You] in your House

Quantum Mechanics and the Virgin Birth in Layman’s terms

Quantum Mechanics

The Cern accelerator in Switzerland simple quantum mechanics.  They are colliding two particles at extreme speeds and it is at the point of impact trying to find out what the God particle is.  Layman’s terms they are taking an electron and colliding it with a neutron to see what proton it creates.  Protons are Light, energy, life, the two particles colliding burst into energy, light.  This takes place in a millionths of a second.

It is the same analogy of studying the impact of two cars colliding into each other exploding and studying in a millisecond the energy it emits.

        God Eternal Help/Meet the Woman’s Virgin Birth Quantum Mechanics

God made male an female.  The Woman is the Bride of Man and the Man toils in the ground the dust of the earth the serpent.

The woman’s egg travels down from heaven into the fallopian tube a narrow passage.  The man’s sperm travels up from earth into the fallopian tube, a narrow passage and they meet.

So the woman’s egg is hurtling down through the cosmos of darkness, fallopian tube ( refer to the map, East to West).

The Man’s sperm is hurtling up through the cosmos of darkness, fallopian tube (refer to the map, East to West)

It at the point of impact between the egg and the sperm in a millisecond it produces life.  Scientist are spending millions and billions of dollars to understand how life is created at the point of impact.

A woman’s egg comes down from heaven.  You can argue all day long about the abortion issue but the reality you kill life in milliseconds which creates dark energy a black hole in your heart like the cosmos in the heavens.

A black hole is created when negative energy, darkness swallows up positive energy, life, Quantum physics of God Eternal.

Your serve pagan gods then you are unequally yoked you either create life or you destroy life in the Twilight zone that is between Heaven and Earth.

The Quantum Physics of God Eternal move your body/ egg/seed to the East and collide with God Eternal it all happens in a millisecond.  Christ told you that he would rebuild the temple (Woman) in three days, he also told me that I would go on to do greater things than him.

God came for the bride, Woman first then the Man that is scripture from Rev.  Christ came for the Man to quit bruising the Woman simple as that.

Pagans over spiritualized the story of the virgin birth all they have to do is look at quantum physics and exact science to helpmeet you to God in the Spiritual realm to bring you into the light.

It is that point of impact between the woman’s egg and the male sperm that makes it a virgin birth by the hand of God not created by the hands of man who caresses your feelings and body.

Pagan Gods tell you that he create a male a woman.

He came , He told me and He left.

Did you see the image in my eyes now hear His voice in your heart

The twilight zone of your rebirth the spiritual zone between Earth and Heaven

[Alpha]In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. [West]

Remember to read this verse from the right to the left and enter the world I live in the spiritual world of the Word that was given to us by our Father.

Welcome to my World

My spirit resides in the house of king David, known as the “Warrior King”

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