A Time to Hate–The Mouse Kings of the Negev Desert–Polygamy–Mormons Utah

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace

Like spokes in a wheel always spinning the Cycle of Your Life

 Marriage of God
Ignorance of God

There are only two directions to go West to East Aramaic Road Map 6000 BC

You are off center move to the East

Judaism teaches you strong family relations, a non sexualized, monotheistic faith,one God.  Like points on a wheel Judaism dates back to 3500 BC turn your eyes to the East.  Your Battles are fought in the Spiritual realm of the East [You on the Wheel] Not in the Physical realm of the West.

The Mouse Kings of the Negev Deserts and the Mormons in the deserts of Utah.

Islam permits men to take up to four wives, Mormons have been known to have 10 wives.

Mice are small rodents that proliferate large social complex families.  They feed off the crumbs of the earth and spread diseases that kill you: and they are known to invade nations for food and shelter.  We ourselves have a mouse problem coming across our southern border looking for food and shelter.

Polygamy from the eyes of my helpmeet for you from the Lord: He sent me this morning;

Al-Faqira, 47, was married off by her family at age 16. After eight years and four children together, her husband left her, saying his family preferred he take a younger, wealthier wife. For the past decade, he has refused to see her or their children, now in their twenties, claiming they are “no longer his business,” she said.

Al-Faqira said her children have fallen into drugs and street crime. She claimed that fierce competition with her husband’s second wife has led to physical assaults on her family. Her husband’s polygamy, she said, “unleashed violence into my life.”

Polygamy has been linked to domestic violence, psychological disorders and deepening poverty. The custom has contributed to lowering Bedouin girls’ average age of marriage to 18 and driving up their school dropout and unemployment rates to 85 percent and 80 percent.

“Polygamy is not a random crime. It’s a problem of ego and ignorance, men who have been stripped of their land needing women to treat as property,” she said.

Around 20 to 30 percent of Bedouin men practice polygamy, according to government figures, with the rate climbing as high as 60 percent in some villages. Bedouin polygamy takes many forms, from several wives cohabitating under the same roof to men picking up and moving on to second wives without looking back.

On Hadra al-Faqira’s wedding anniversary, just weeks after she gave birth to a daughter, her husband walked out and took a second wife.

She hasn’t seen him since he moved down the road in their dusty Bedouin town and started a new family, with seven more children.

“I can’t bear the thought of her,” al-Faqira said of the second wife. “He destroyed my household when he started another.”

“It’s simple: polygamy means more mice children, and that means more demographic concerns ie…land grants that are not valid with my God.

A time to weep; a time to mourn, and a time to hate;  I weep for these women and mourn for the children in the western deserts of the wilderness.

Truth be known the Bedouin Arabs have been mechanistically using woman as factories to export their children into the ancient Semitic regions of Mesopotamia for thousands of years in the deserts to the west of you.

America has a new TV show that features one guy with two woman and I only watched the trailer.  They looked like they were having a basket of sexual fervor laughter and fun for all the children’s eye’s to see to enable the darkness in their lives like a Python that will squeeze the life out of ” your heart and your breasts to stop the flow of the rivers of life to my children”, a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing

Christ told you to give up your possessions and follow me.  What does that mean to you?  What does it mean to me?

I turn off the TV or find another program, I have now what is called an X-96 box that gives me hundreds of TV programs around the world I only paid 56 USD for the box and pay 80 USD for high-speed internet dropped my cable bill from 200 USD a month to 80 USD.  I find another program, I do not watch women getting murdered, raped, molested; children getting murdered, raped, molested; programs that show a white family that makes the males look stupid, I don”t watch black families that make the males look stupid, women kissing women or men kissing women or sports programs where you see a muslim convert kneel and spit on the God in the land I was born in, programs like the View, SNL, Samantha Bee.  Very few Christian programs will I watch;

I was watching CBN the other evening just to see what they were talking about, the discussion was about what to do with all the illegal mice coming across the border.  His solution pray that Washington does the right thing.  Children he has no idea who I am

He is to the West of the center of the Wheel he lives in the past the Mice Kings that came out of the ancient Semitic lands to export their pagan gods to the west.  When you ask for directions from the man in front of you on how to find Paradise and he does not point your eyes to the East he is just another slave trader.

I can only give you His word to put light in your eyes to make it easier to hear His voice when you decide to journey east to where you were born to be reborn from the womb of the Garden.

I follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that exported one God of Faith to the west so I turned my eyes one day and looked to East and watched the Son rise for the first time.

I used to follow the God of Abraham, Ismael the son of Hagar, and became a thief a slave trader children I lived in the West among some of you in the darkness of the nether world.

Polygamy creates an imbalance in the spinning wheel around your heart creating a wobble in your spiritual world that you live in.  No different then the magnetic poles shifting to the West of Center.  I know when you see the Red Sun travel from the East to the West you will feel the earth tremble and quake somewhere in the future look to the East it will be revealed to you.

By the way my Father told me that I could name all the animals that are around me just food for thought…… a time to plant,……..

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Twilight zone where no life lives between earth and heaven; heaven and earth that is where I battle in the dim light of the Son. For I am a son of God and His Son told me that I would go on to do greater things than Him.  Only Time, Space and my Father will know these things.

My spirit resides in the house of king David, known as the;

“Warrior King”

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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Footnote:  the image of the wheel I created everything centers up. When I go to view and see the word line that has the word you on it; it is off center when I go to edit it is centered.  I have learned to see my Fathers hand.

a time to gather stones together; bricks made from words to build your foundation