Sunday a time for Rest, Khabouris Codex

The Khabouris Codex was written 1600 years ago carefully scribed by the Kurdistan’s.  It rises to Biblical interest because it is the written language used by Jeshu, who spoke like no other man as the vehicle of his deathless concepts of life.  Here is not a translation of the words, but the words as spoken by Jeshu under the blue Palestine sky;

“Gazing across the years to be, He warned that those who defy His precepts, which are the law of life, will be ground to powder”

Enjoy and find the treasures contained within to make your heart leap.


Chapter 1

  1.  At the very beginning there was a willed action and the willed action then was by God , and God was that action.
  2.  This beginning was by God.
  3.  All was by Him and without Him not a single thing came into being out of that which was
  4.   From Him there came into being a perfect life and this perfect life became light unto all men.
  5.  And this light out of darkness became light unto all men.
  6.  There was a man who was sent by God: his name was John.
  7. This one came as a witness who would testify about the light which every man would believe through him.
  8. He was no this light but was to testify about the light
  9. For He was  to be  this light but was to testify about the light
  10. For He was to be the complete light of complete truth to cause light for every man into the world.
  11. To His own He came, and His own did not accept Him
  12. Now to those that accepted Him He gave power they will be children of God; those the wholly trust in His teachings
  13. Unto them it came not from blood, not from the will of the flesh, and not from the will of man, but from God it came to them
  14.  And willed action became flesh and dwelt among us, and we saw glory as if begotten from the Father, completely filled with  heavenliness and righteousness
  15. John testified of Him, speaking about and saying,” This is the true one, He who, it was said, would come after me, but He is the same who was before me, because He was before me.
  16. From His fullness we all partook, and heavenliness stood for heavenliness
  17. While the law was given through Moses, absolute truth and heavenliness came through Jeshu , the Anointed.
  18. Man did not understand God during all time.  The begotten of God.  He who was the embrace of His Father, He has explained Him.”

Enjoy the readings the New Testament Canons of the Khabouris Codex

This is why I never taught out of the Hellenized version of the New Testament that came from Rome, this is the Aramaic words that are the language of Jeshu the earliest records known that Christianity will not tell you about. God led me to them so I could lead you to Him that sent me.

A time being for peace (NT): A time being for War(OT)

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