Muhammad –Allah–Jehovah Dividing Darkness into Daylight Gen. 1 : 4


Step into the Twilight Zone of Time and Space.  The Theory of Relativity the 4th Dimension, where Time and Space are compressed to a singular point in Time and events.

Welcome to my world, Arabia, the lands of the Bedouin and Quraish Arabs, 500,000 thousand square miles, who have lived in this land stretching back into the unrecorded history.  Look at the heavens, time now is 1:00: 50 AD the Sun is starting its journey into Darkness the latter part of the first century AD before time crosses into the 2nd century AD.

The land has no centralized cities no civilization they have *fecund woman and have been exporting Semitic Arabs into the Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylon city states for thousands of years with their barbaric vigor.  The Bedouins live in the deserts and the Quraish live along the coast establishing villages at the end points of trading routes.

*fecund fertile woman, they sent their children into slavery to the Eastern civilizations for 2500 yrs.

Their religion was a dispersed nature of religion, heavens, stones, stars, trees, animals –anything of having the capability of being elevated to divinity by minds of man.  This idea of divinity reveals itself in the central worship in the Kaaba in modern-day Mecca.  It is called the,”Black Stone”, a black meteorite, that Islamic tradition dates it back to Adam and Eve?

It’s now 70 Ad and the Roman Armies destroyed Jerusalem by the sword for political and religious reasons to also safeguard their trade routes into Egypt.  In the midst of war some the Jews headed eastward into the lands of Arabia where warring armies seldom went.

It was here about 5:30:00 AD they founded the city of Medina. They brought 2500 yrs of handicrafts, goldsmith’s art introducing the date palm to the Muslims what the potato is to the Irish.

The Jews helped the Quarish Arabs convert Mecca into a cosmopolitan city.  When the Christian invaders came to proselytize and plunder.  In gratitude for their sanctuary they joined the Arabs in defeating the Christians.   By this exemplary conduct of the Jews not by the sword but by their conduct.

They liked the Jewish idea of nonsexualized ideas of Judaism, ascetic monotheism and the devotion to family life and education.   The Arabs called the Jews, ” The People of the Book” and they lived side by side in peace for many years.

Over time this set the stage the nature of the Arab worship, the salvation doctrine of the Christians and the monotheism of the Jews into a new God image.

From the shadows of the night, Muhammad; stepped into the light the Koran of Islam and the motivating ideology of Judaism.

Muhammad at age 6 lost his parents and was first raised by his grandfather then an uncle neither taught him how to read or write,  by age 12 he took a caravan into the lands of Syria.  Where he came in contact with the Christian and Jewish religions. He carried away a great respect for,”The Book of the Jews”,  the Patriarchs of the book became his hero,s which reflects in the Koran.

At age 25 he married a wealthy widow and remain monogamous for 25 yrs when she died.  At age 55 he developed a penchant for younger woman, between the ages of 7 and 22, he accumulated 10 wives and two concubines contained *houris of age and experience.

*nymph of paradise, a beautiful girl child that is a virgin.

Somewhere in his life he decided to become like a Mose’s and united the two tribes of Arabia the Bedouins and the Quarish in a nation that would attain glory around the world a force to be reckoned with.  This idea soon turned into a revelation in the cave where suddenly he was able to read.  He bought this new religion first to his wife, relatives, cousins and to strangers.  Like the Christians his first converts were slaves this radicalism of Islam raised the eyebrows of the Quraish in Mecca.  They ran him out of Mecca and he fled to Medina where he thought he could enlist the aid of the Jews who were fierce fighters.  To his amazement the Jews refused to fight along his side.  He was illiterate but not naive to the sentiments of the Quarish in Medina.   He turned his back to the Jews and stole all their wealth because he knew that as long as he did not take from his own people the Quarish, their wealth, they would turn the other eye.

He took the wealth of the Jews and turned around and created an army of 10,000 soldiers and before the Quarish realized their mistake he marched against Mecca.  Within two years all of Arabia fell under Muhammad’s rule,  Islam became the new creed of the land.  Mohammed died in 632 AD.  The successor to his death was his friend Abu Bekr who carried the Koran into the world that was not ready for it by the sword; he shed blood.  Islam started to breakup in 1000 AD and finally died in 1500…..rebirthed around the 1940’s.

That as they say is history let’s return to the past the time is 2014 AD give or take; look around Europe and America; into look in the mirror of Time and Space; on a straight edge line East to West. Lets plot some events from memory,

  • Wars and rumours of wars around the world
  • America is aligned with Saudi Arabia, Mecca, Islam
  • Russia sides with Syria
  • Obama made his apology tour with the Muslim countries and told Putin to wait and see what happens on an open mike before the 2016 elections.

He was counting on Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 elections.  The children had been taught Karl Marx’s concepts of society, under the veil of socialism.  Karl Marx was a Jew who had ideas of grandeur a new empire to rival the empires of history.

  • In 2013 Francis is the first Jesuit pope a militant arm to the Roman Catholic Church over time he makes allegiances with Islam in Turkey and the other nations in the region of the Middle East. He increases his control through the EU and the UN.
  • Christianity is a branch of Rome where they get their ideas ie…..cloaked as Democrats.  The rests that follow Christianity are being led to slaughter by the sword.

Move further west to 2016 when President Trump won the election the outcry was immediate.

The Christians lost their power to control, there are only two tribes in America, the conservative Christians who are naive and the radical Christians who side with Rome and Mecca.

A snippet of history from 2016 to the present

  • Russia interfered with the elections
  • Trump moves the US Embassy to Jerusalem
  • The powers to be orchestrated the mass shootings of children in America
  • Mass migrations of Muslims into Europe and Muslims and Mexicans into America.
  • Licentious sex covers the land now covered under the radical Christians
  • The Eu makes alliances with Russia and now is creating its own army with Germany at the helm and Macron is threatening to kill all Yellow Protesters.
  • Jorge of Rome has already sided with Mecca he screams the loudest about open immigration, they throw out the word white tribalism and the Democrats mimic back to the public.

9/11 was the opening shot for control of America, the powers to be made alliances with Mecca.  So that President Bush in a matter of 3 months took the rights of Americans away with the Patriot act and put a Koran in the White House.

The UN and the Democrats along with some Republicans are all calling for open borders and confiscation of all weapons.  They are already debating in the Senate about gun control they orchestrated the mass shootings of children and the police officers in America.  Governments will always use the population as collateral damage to move society into their ambitions for a glorious empire.  They always put the women and children in front of your eyes to appeal to your emotions.

To you millions of Christians you have been sold a bill of goods because you have been led to believe that some Divine Intervention is going to save your butt.  6 Million Jews went to the gas chambers for the same reason in Germany and the Roman Catholic Church aligned themselves with the Nazi’s.  They were taught to lay down their arms now they are learning how to fight by raising their arms.

Europe taught the men to lay down their arms and they are starting to raise them.

The Christian Democrats under the guise of social justice are trying to get the men of America to lay down their arms.

When you see the Red Sun travel across the heavens from East to the West.  When it sets in the West the future of America and Europe will come from the past.  Europe falls the rest of the world will fall to the sword. Great wars are coming, great battles and the blood will flow in the streets of the cities.  Time and Space are being compressed in the Twilight zone of the Red Sun.  Hearken to my words.

I come from the House of David

I am Eternal

I never Died

I never Resurrected

My son


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