Since the Sun rose in the East this Morning

Ignorance is the lack of Wisdom , Knowledge is the Marriage of Wisdom.

Faith in man has shed more blood than any weapon every devised more than the stars in the heavens more than the grains of sand on the shores.  You took the sword to the necks of my children, the High Priests of Rome and Mecca; and cut down the colonnades my children, turning your rivers into blood, since the rising of the Sun this morning.  You cut my cedars, my oaks down in the darkness of the night silencing their voice so you thought.  They sit with me in the heavens for eternity and became one of “us” and chomping at the bit like horses waiting to be unleashed by their Father.

Islam, Christianity all came out of the ancient flood plains of ancient Mesopotamia since time was recorded.  It was the, “He“brew man “, that walked away from his faith in others, born in the city of Ur, and simple realized one day that your world is like wheel, spinning around him in all directions.  You realized that one could walk to the walls of China and you would not come to the edge of the wheel it extended into eternity.  When you looked up into the heavens he saw the passing of the planets above his head ie…..the Sun, the Moon they were a constant that disappeared into the horizon with no beginning and no end.  This wheel was in constant motion  rebirth.

The Sun was reborn every morning and traveled across the sky and in its season the Moon would rise and travel the same course to provide a dim light in the darkness of the wilderness.  Like a spinning wheel on a cart never stopping.  Like the spokes of a wheel that is spinning, you saw,

To “everything there was a season”, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant, a time harvest what was planted, a time to kill, a time to heal, a time to break down, a time to build, a time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

You watched the heavens and earth; and you realized one morning that there was an invisible God that made your world and everything around you like a spinning wheel constantly traveling into eternity never reaching the beginning or end.

You became a god like us reaching the immortality of the others that have gone before you into the heavens with the one who made you and the world around you within the,” Five colonnades of your Temple” in the garden of Eden.

I sent you my son to walk among you and you turned your eyes and whipped him with a crown of thorns.  I sent my other son and you still did not listen.

When the sun turns red on the horizon and travels across the heavens then you will know the end is near.

I have heard the prayers of my son; I sent the locusts into the temples of Mecca to reveal my hands to you; yet you still mock me.

I have revealed my power to you in the Temples of Rome, by revealing the swordsmen who cut my children down; yet you still mock me.

When the Red Sun sets in the West then I will unleash the gods of darkness and the angels will open the vials of judgement to cover the world like a net.  The angel of Death with the armies of the Saints who lie sleeping in the tomb will ascend into the night; those who sit to my right will descend into the night and slay all those who mock me.  The temples of the High Priest of Rome and Mecca.  You called down the thundering noise of the men who sit on the horses and they will cover the land like a river and destroy your temples then you will know who I am.  I have listened to my sons prayers he laments that you mock me.  I will send my judgement to reveal my hands and cut the heads of the serpents in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Brussels, Rome and Mecca

My sons prayers ascended into my ears and I listened, Mecca, Rome Brussels, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, to cut the head of the snake those that use my name in vain, to call down the thunder and Hell will follow.

When the Red Sun sets in the West my judgement is near and the Angel of Death will bring his armies to seige your cities and those that mock me and the blood will flow off the rooftops  bringing all to their knees hiding in the courtyards of the cities.

You took the children I made for you and the High priests Rome and Mecca mock me;

10 year old canadian boy nemis quinn mélan� on golden was photographed with a naked man
Young boy dressed as woman poses with naked man for magazine feature

I sent locusts into the courtyards of Mecca and you still mocked me, you told the children they were black grasshoppers.  They are the same locusts that I sent to your fathers that you have heard about to bring them to their knees.  Mock me no more.

I am Eternal

I never Died

I never Resurrected

My son


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