The Politics of SEX –America’s Future–332 BC

Ignorance is the lack of Wisdom , Knowledge is the Marriage of Wisdom.

There is a difference between Hebrew thought and Jewish thought; I follow the Hebrew thought two words, “God Eternal” and live a nomadic life in America.

To follow me or not walk with one God you only have to memorize 6 words;

[God Eternal]

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

The cornerstones of your Temple, Truth, Lets Make You Great Again, America

And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

The following words contain scenes of partial nudity and adult language

Alexander the Great was an ancient Greek king who created the largest empire in the known world, born 556 BC.   He came into power in 536 BC when his father died.  From this position through military and political ideas he created a large empire of ideas that influenced early Christianity, Islam and the Jewish people, military and political governance still in play today in the temples of men.   The phallic symbols in the courtyards of Washington, Rome and Mecca that are visible in the noon sun to all.

He called himself the son of Zeus, and so claimed the status of a demigod, linking his blood-line to his two favorite heroes of antiquity, Achilles and Herakles, and modeling his behavior after theirs. This belief in his divinity was instilled in him by Olympias who also told him that his was a [ virgin birth ]as she had been miraculously impregnated by Zeus himself.  *****The virgin Mary was miraculously impregnated*****Christ is a Hellinized version of the Olympias******

He is known as ‘the great’ both for his military genius and his diplomatic skills in handling the various populace of the regions he conquered.  He is further recognized for spreading Greek culture, language, and thought from Greece throughout Asia Minor, Egypt, and Mesopotamia to India and thus initiating the era of the “Hellenistic World”.

In his conquests he came into the ancient city of Jerusalem and was greeted by the High Priest and instantly took a liking to the Jewish people they were known as , “fierce barbarians”, to appease them he allowed them internal political and religious freedom.

His goal however across the empire he created the nations he conquered.  He wanted everyone to speak Greek act Greek and think Greek.   This is what you call forced assimilation of a sovereign culture ie……America

The method he used to conquered nations was simplicity of an Idea,  SEX.   He ordered his officers and men to intermarry with the populations and breed many children thereby altering the sovereign state of a nation and making it Hellenized to Greek ideas.

SEX  Assimilation by acculturation by Insemination

In less than 10 years he founded 25 cities Greek cities in the Middle East among them Alexander in Egypt. He ruled for only 12 years died in 524 BC.

………… and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads…………


SEX  Assimilation by acculturation by Insemination

Alexander the Great

  • President Bush Dy-nasty >rule 8 yrs <> Re  Educate the Children
  • President Clinton Dy-nasty. >rule 8 yrs <> Oral sex in the White House from an common child–this was politically staged
  • President Obama Dy-nasty >8 yrs <>  Apology tour to the Muslim nations made America the number one tourist attraction for Pedophile and Sex trafficking in the World.
  • Men of my generation

****From the head of one and it parted into four heads to cover the land of America like the four corners of a white sheet to cover the land******

The Dy-nasties of the three High Priests in a like matter of 16 yrs disarmed the warriors of the Davidic lineage [Hebrew] by artificial insemination.  They created foot soldiers in the likes of pornograhy on TV , flashing images of men kissing men, woman kissing woman,  11-year-old male child dressing like a woman as a news sentinel, the rise of the LGBQT and adding prefixes & suffixes to the root word Morality by adding  of bi- sex fluidity–no gender identification—-AI sex dolls flowing into America ect…..animated cartoons that convey the same prefixes to the root word Morality.  We see the images 24/7 flashing before our eyes non stop.

Sex will drop you to your knees and destroy you, America and Europe if you do not rise up like a warrior from the Davidic lineage the ,”Warrior King”.  Pull your sword and cut the prefixes and the suffixes off the root word Morality cut the arms off.   Christ was a warrior not the Hellenized version of the Christian Church.  This is where I have a problem with the translations of the New Testament.  Christ, Jeshu was a Hebrew not a Israelite Jew there is a gulf of difference in oral tradition and written, history remains a constant it repeats itself.

Time out for a silent Commercial

……Two mature Woman walk into a room…..Before their eyes the see a male gladiator pumping iron his biceps glistening with the sweat of his prowess……..They look at him and ask,” How do you keep so virulent?”……….He picks up a Greek prophylactic symbol, ” Eugenics, obelisks in a pill form,   “It keeps me young and…. (winks with his left eye)….. the women will like it also.

We return you now to your regularly scheduled program

One thing about Jeshu he always drew His sword from his right side and slashed to the left.  Wink at me and you are calling judgement upon your head.  Truth is always on the right side, “look at the Cross” the thief to the right of ,” God Eternal”, the thief to the  left is always in judgement the cycle of life in the nether world.

For the children that can’t pronounce the word Dynasty insert a hyphen

DY-Nasty——{Die-Nasty}——Simple idea from one River

If Europe falls America will fall also that is statistical probabilities of history—334 BC because the warriors that came from the ,”Warrior King David”, have all laid down their arms and became by a virgin birth artificially in-semen-aided by the High Priests the altars of Hellenized Christian ideas

Saudi Arabian Statue Placed at World Trade Center Declaring ‘No God But Allah’ Sculpture honoring Saudi Arabia placed at site of 9/11 attacks

Time for the warriors that are in America to draw their swords against the insemination of a whoring idea of bloodshed a known pedophile of the Greeks idea of pacification of nations.

Me I will draw my sword, “God is Eternal” not a phallic symbol of Divine Hellenization.

****Theocracy…….. government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided*****Allah***meets the definition***** Islam disappeared once in history and now is on a crusade to capture the world.  It failed once it will fail again*****

Anyway the stakes are high and the collateral damage of religious ideas will always be the woman and children first and then enslaving the warriors a simple idea SEX.

Early 3rd Century Khabouris Codex

John 5: 30 – 31

” I/Ronald/Peter can not from my own selfhood (naphshi) undertake anything, but even while I am hearing. I condemn (dain) and my decision is just (kean) for I do not that my own will (sibyanee) be done, but rather the will (sibyani) of Him who sent me.

If I/George/Bob give testimony from my own selfhood (naphshi) my testimony is not truth (shrara)

  • naphshi****My Soul
  • dain****Religion
  • kean****Noble
  • sibyanee****Child
  • sibyani****Prophet
  • shrara****it refers to loose-fitting trousers of the Women of India and Pakistan.  What this is saying in the spiritual world— men that give up their authority and put on the pants of a woman.  The give up the Truth and the woman and children die-nasty. 

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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