A Time for War–Divine Intervention–Pigs will Devour, “Allah”

Saudi Arabian Statue Placed at World Trade Center Declaring ‘No God But Allah’ Sculpture honoring Saudi Arabia placed at site of 9/11 attacks

…….there is a time for peace and there is time for war everything has its season…..the locusts out of the Middle East that killed 3000 people.  The High Priests of Islam, courtesy of the New York Port Authority, are offering the children, green candy— the Locust of Peace are like gregarious animals that spring in action like a rattlesnake……..and kill your children with their poison they Dy-Nasty.

Ignorance is the lack of Wisdom , Knowledge is the Marriage of Wisdom.

There is a difference between Hebrew thought and Jewish thought; I follow the Hebrew thought two words, “God Eternal” and live a nomadic life in America.

To follow me or not walk with one God you only have to memorize 6 words;

[God Eternal]

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

The cornerstones of your Temple, Truth, Lets Make You Great Again, America

And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

In its continuing efforts to transform the World Trade Center site into a dynamic space in Lower Manhattan, the Port Authority announced that beginning today it will showcase famous candy sculptures around the World Trade Center campus crafted by renowned French artist Laurence Jenkell.Each of the sculptures features flags from countries in the G20 summit, and the artwork was commissioned by companies and organizations including the Chanel Foundation, the International Olympic Committee and Coca-Cola.

Assimilation by acculturation by Insemination


………… and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads…………


Allah Assimilation by acculturation by Insemination.  This is the second time that the Allah has been resurrected in History.  A worthless deity you can resurrect ideas but you can not resurrect a God who is Eternal.

President Bush Dy-nasty >rule 8 yrs <> Re  Educate the Children<>Put the Koran in the White House after 9/11.

  • President Clinton Dy-nasty. >rule 8 yrs <> Oral sex in the White House from a common child–this was politically staged
  • President Obama Dy-nasty >8 yrs <>  Apology tour to the Muslim nations made America the number one tourist attraction for Pedophile and Sex trafficking in the World.
  • Men of my generation

****From the head of one and it parted into four heads to cover the land of America like the four corners of a white sheet to cover the land******

Krupp Koran only a Muslim can own a gun not you

The warriors of America need to rise from their slumber and conquer the invading animals with the sword.   Like it said in the Western Movie when Wyatt Earp’s  brother was killed by a gang,” You called down the thunder and Hell will follow”.   A time for War is upon us , Make America Great Again”, or I like this phrase now, ” You will Die- Nasty”.


We either fight like the Hebrews or we disappear like the Israelites for over 1800 yrs.  I made my choice in 1835, “Come and take it”.  You can take my life but you can not take the spirit of my words that come from Him, he never resurrected only Allah claims that title.

Time for the warriors that are in America to draw their swords against the insemination of a whoring idea of bloodshed a known pedophile of the Greeks idea of the pacification of nations.

Me I will draw my sword, “God is Eternal” not a phallic symbol of Divine Hellenization, “Allah”.

****Theocracy…….. government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided*****Allah***meets the definition***** Islam disappeared once in history and now is on a crusade to capture the world.  It failed once it will fail again*****

Anyway the stakes are high and the collateral damage of religious ideas will always be the woman and children first and then enslaving the warriors a simple idea.  Ideas and deities can resurrect like the East is to the West but they will all die.  My God never dies who came from the East. let them eat pig.

Early 3rd Century Khabouris Codex

John 5: 30 – 31

” I/Ronald/Peter can not from my own selfhood (naphshi) undertake anything, but even while I am hearing. I condemn (dain) and my decision is just (kean) for I do not that my own will (sibyanee) be done, but rather the will (sibyani) of Him who sent me.

If I/George/Bob give testimony from my own selfhood (naphshi) my testimony is not truth (shrara)

  • naphshi****My Soul
  • dain****Religion
  • kean****Noble
  • sibyanee****Child
  • sibyani****Prophet
  • shrara****it refers to loose-fitting trousers of the Women of India and Pakistan.  What this is saying in the spiritual world— men that give up their authority and put on the pants of a woman.  The give up the Truth and the woman and children die-nasty. 

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

Hell on Wheels<>Spiritual Combat<>Spearhead

24/7 Battlefield Ops Worldwide


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