Polytheism, Ideas of Man the Gods that Control You the Male Child and the Daughters

Ignorance is the lack of Wisdom , Knowledge is the Marriage of Wisdom.

To follow me or not walk with one God you only have to memorize 6 words;

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

Six words that came to life around 8000 BC the first recorded slave revolt that occurred somewhere in the mountains of Turkey.  We know this by cuneiform script that have been found in the Middle East.  The people who revolted left the mountains and drifted into the floodplains of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.   My guess is that they built the city of UR which has also been dated back as far as 8000 BC.  Making it older than the pyramids of Egypt.

And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

In the Ancient Aramaic language, “river” is an idea that came from man that there was one God that control the heavens and the earth that controlled man in all areas of his life and his family.  A river flows across the lands that it travels it has a starting point and it has an ending point.  It provides life for all that live along its banks, fish, crops, and animals mainly back in the day it was primarily sheep.

So six words an idea there was only one God, ” became into four heads” heads is a literal translation.  What it means is that the idea started to grow within the hearts of men.  Across the known world between the Tigris and Nile rivers.

When man stepped out of Eden (God is Eternal) history tells a different story now you have two houses of ideas and only one can survive.

Basic instinct in man for thousands of years is the need to control others with ideas.  This is where you see the rise in mythological gods that the kings and pharaohs used to govern the people by use of creating churches (ziggurat).  The idea that one God could control man was an affront to the empires.   Man always has an idea to control families but if you take away those six words and rely on your instincts.  Then as you see the 4 great empires vanish from the books of history

………… and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads…………

  • Akkadian Empire. >>>>>2500 BC <>
  • Babylonian Empire. >>>>1300 BC <>
  • Assyrian Empire. >>>>>>>800 BC <>
  • Neo Babylonian Empire. > 500 BC <>

Islam was an idea that vanished around 1200 AD and reappeared around 890 AD in a more virulent form.  Woman and children are fed to the lions that roam their lands and the men slash their heads once a year to show allegiance to draw blood.   They mutilate their daughters and woman and cut the heads off if you cannot quote the”koran”.

Present day the ideas of the Western Man are created from the Grecian empire ideas like a river that flowed into the Roman Empire the head of one river that spread its net across the world and captures the imagination of all.  The Roman Empire has all but vanished from the eyes but the ideas have evolved to fine tune control of nations still resides in man’s heart.

****Ideas are like an organism it always has to evolve to maintain governance to capture the imagination of children “a rule of law” to maintain a civil obedience to the heads of states  nations to control the thoughts of  families.  To legislate morality, mans ideas are always transitory to survive, it is predestined to evolve, but in the end it will vanish in the horizon and disappear from the eyes and ears.  The only absolute one is left with is the idea the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West this cycle has been around for thousands of years.****

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

The Early Christian Church wanted to maintain control over nations so they took over control from the Caesars and created their own sovereign state which we now know as the Vatican, where pedophile clergy can find diplomatic immunity from the authorities.  Most recently the Bishop of Argentina and a couple of years ago the Bishop of Mexico was accused of pedophile and the charges were dropped at the request of the Vatican.  The Mexican governments at the time swept the whole ordeal under the rug as they say.

Rome in its divine authority over nations, states and families could not relinquish the  power of six words to the people.  They took the idea that God is Eternal and added their own story line to it.

  • God is eternal
  • God who is eternal since the dawn of time.  ****Why would a God who is eternal have to resurrect himself in a man’s body?  When He made everything around you including yourself.  Ideas resurrect themselves as we see currently in the Muslim religion.*****
  • The Vatican by sleight of hand through ideas of oblation and religious sacrifice a governing hand to maintain control even to this day over the heads of states and children.

The Aramaic language is very symbolic in its usage.  Christ was a man like Abraham that heard the voice of God,  I like to think it is the same six words that are revealed to you.

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

This was giving control of one’s life back to you simple as that and God will remove the debris of ideas that control your heart there is nothing you have to do.  For the Aramaic language the heart is the seat of your mind.  The ideas of the three great religions could not release their control over people ie….Christianity, Jewish and the Islam religions…they all had a hand in crucifying Christ in their own way.

The symbolism of the virgin birth and the resurrection of Christ is merely to take the idea of one God and birth it in a sterile vessel your heart and let it grow.  Christ himself told you that no one has ever seen the face of God.  When ask how can a man be reborn twice for the womb?

 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

One eternal idea that has survived the gas chambers of Germany and other calamities as it travels out of the ancient lands of Mesopotamia.  Aramaic language river and water gives life to all how much more life can these six words give you.

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected


Early 3rd Century Khabouris Codex

John 4: 20 – 21

“Our forefathers worshipped at this mountain, but you say that in Jerusalem is where we must worship”.

Jeshu said to her,”Woman, believe me (hemenene),*** the time comes when neither at this mountain nor at Jerusalem shall you worship the Father****.

….Hemenene basically means hear what I am saying….Put your ear to the ground and hear creation.

****the time will come for some that they leave the mountains of temples and return to where life all started for you to be reborn in Eden, “God is Eternal” he will raise you from your graves where you slumber now”.  You shed the ideas of man, circumcise your heart, one to one idea, God is Eternal, past , present and future.  Circumcision is both sanitary for the male in the physical realm as well as in the spiritual realm of thoughts.

The ideas of Man that inflame the imaginations of the children in America and around the World.

  • Globalism
  • Open Borders
  • Free Sex
  • Climate Control

Just to name a few there are other ideas that flame the imagination of children around the world.

If you watch the news today the great German Empire a satellite state of the EU, their factory output dropped 2% and they are going into a recession.  When you crush society, you crush the economics of the state they will disappear because they flamed your passions around the gods the ideas of man.  As they say in Texas the children run around like a chicken with its head cut off, it takes a while to die and it will, the cycle of life, the passing of the Son, East to West, ideas of man will always die.

If you stop to smell the ,”Roses”and look around and you will see the Obelisks that sit the temple courtyards of Rome and Mecca.  They are ancient phallic symbols for sex, the gods and goddesses of man.  Chew on that idea for a while and let it sit in your kidneys it will purify your blood to the truth.

Assimilation in the ideas of man will only lead to your destruction you are calling judgement upon your life.

Assimilation for me is simple as it should be for you one idea one God not subordinate to Man who calls himself your father.

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

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