What does Polytheism creates in America

Ignorance is the lack of Wisdom , Knowledge is the Marriage of Wisdom.




To follow me or not walk with one God you only have to say one prayer one thought 6 words;

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

I know if you say this prayer the plagues demons that play in the darkness of your heart will depart.   There is nothing else you have to do God will walk with you and change you without you being aware of it.  I can testify to that. That is God’s Word from my Sanctuary that is my sermon from the Mount.  It took less than three seconds to say that prayer to redeem your life.   Six words that reside within me like a rock my foundation for my temple.  Six the perfect number that extends into the extended family for eternity.

God is Immortal

Never Died

Never Resurrected

Headlines Of Polytheism in America

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar accused President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort of committing treason.

Oscar-Winning Director Barry Jenkins Rips Trump — ‘No Walls No Borders F*ck Him’

Murder Rates in Some U.S. Cities Higher Than Latin America’s Deadliest Countries in 2018

WSJ: Gun Ownership on Rise in Europe After Terror Attacks, Sexual Assaults

Tijuana: 18 Murdered in 18 Hours

Two Human Smugglers Plead Guilty to Hauling Migrants in Near-Freezing Trailer

Video of Man Stabbing Dog in Mexican Border City Sparks Outrage

Psychologists Declare Traditional Masculinity ‘Harmful’

Planned Parenthood President: Abortion Is ‘Our Core Mission’

Stormy Daniels: ‘I Will Be Folding Laundry in My Underwear’ During Trump’s Speech

Criminal Probe Launched into Sex Abuse Allegations Against R. Kelly

High-Tech Puritans: CES Trade Show Revokes Innovation Award from Sex Toy Manufacturer

Narco-Terror: Gunmen Kill Seven in Bar near Cancun

Killings Continue in Tijuana — Mexican Cartel Gunmen Attack Police in Restaurant

Five Mexican Nationals Sent to Prison for International Sex Trafficking Ring

Monotheism does not lie Polytheism is a lie from man the temples of America to the Ukraine to India, China to Africa, the Son rises in the East and it sets in the West a straight line. East West.

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

These six words will save your life it is simple as that and it will power you to save your children or you end up with headlines as this;

Spirit-Filled Pastor Explains Why Fasting Is So Effective for Breakthrough

Monotheism only requires me to realize there is one God that controls my life not man.

Early 3rd Century Khabouris Codex

John 4:20- 21

“Our forefathers worshipped at this mountain, but you say that in Jerusalem is where we must worship”.

Jeshu said to her,”Woman, believe me (hemenene), the time comes when neither at this mountain nor at Jerusalem shall you worship the Father.

….Hemenene basically means hear what I am saying….

Before you marry be sure you are equally yoked with one God for eternal life for your children children’s, children’s for generations.  Unequally yoked is polytheism which is eternal death for your children, children’s, children’s, for generations.

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