6000 BC Sun rises and Sets in the Horizon—Cycle of Life–Man

Ignorance is the lack of Wisdom , Knowledge is the Marriage of Wisdom.

To follow me or not walk with one God you only have to say one prayer one thought 6 words;

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

I know if you say this prayer the plagues demons that play in the darkness of your heart will depart.   There is nothing else you have to do God will walk with you and change you without you being aware of it.  I can testify to that. That is God’s Word from my Sanctuary that is my sermon from the Mount.  It took less than three seconds to say that prayer to redeem your life.  Six words that reside within me like a rock my foundation for my temple.  Six the perfect number that extends into the extended family for eternity, the seventh word is Elohim.

God Eternal

Never Died

Never Resurrected



Any blog I write after this is mainly for historical info in the Word of the Bible.   I live a nomadic lifestyle within the lands of America.  Those six words will grow in your heart I have no doubt, the depressions, dark images will disappear and the other demons that play with you in the depths of darkness.

Monotheism Rose from the Horizon in the East Rising Sun 6000 BC to the Present

You woke up this morning you are in the ancient lands your wore born in.   The only direction you know is East to West the rising of the Sun and the setting of the Sun.   You know this because your father taught you.  He taught you that the Sun is life for all that reside under its rays.  The Son rises from the dust in the East and life flourish under its glow and life disappears when it sets back to the dust in the West.

Our Father taught your  father an he is teaching you that the world is an orb the horizon circles around you in all directions extending for eternity like spokes on a spinning wheel.

You have no concept of North or South because there are no objects in the sky that traverse the heavens in that direction or your Father would have pointed it out.

For you all you can see is a circular horizon anywhere you at in the world so to you the world is flat and the heavens are like a bell glass all life is contained within, man, woman, birds, animals, trees, rivers etc…..

As you grow older you watch your  grandfather and your father toil in the ground and you watch the Sun travel through the heavens and like the spokes on a wheel you see the events of the day unfold before your eyes.   Babies are born and your grandparents die your father and mother eventually die.  Animals and plants are born and then die and the cycle of life starts over reborn like the Sun everyday like clockwork.  Then you realize one day that everything is born from the dust of the earth, animals, flowers, trees, man and woman ect…..  The Sun is eternal life it never fails to rise or set it has always been here in contrast  the dust of the earth is not eternal everything dies in its season.  This is the cycle of Man in the center of his heart birth and death that surrounds him everyday and what he see’s 24/7 every second the cycle repeats itself.  From the  rising of the Sun to the setting of the Sun.

Your fathers understood the cycle of life was tied to the rising of the Sun and the setting of the Sun everything had its season, birth and death but they also understood that a God had to control this process of life and death .  This thought of life and death from the Sun crossed the world to the Aztecs in America to the native Indians to the lands of India and China, Ethiopia around the world like a white sheet spreading its net.  Even the Pharaohs of Egypt knew that the Sun was life.   There was a God that made everything from the primitive dust of the Earth and everything died in its season.  Which leaves you with the following question;

What is my purpose in life?  To just to be born and die?  Why am I here, male or female?

Life is not boring you see it unfold before your eyes everyday but you are blind to its simplicity.

Abraham is considered to be the Father of all Nations.  If you take God off the table.  It stills leaves the question male or female why am I here?

Monotheism the rising and the setting of the Sun.  You see the cycle of death you are born and you die.  What is my purpose in life?

To leave a quality of life (* inheritance) to your children simple as that so their children can have that quality of life wherever you are at in the world today, to  pass down for generations to generations from your seed to the womb, man and woman, to rebirth the idea of one God that is eternal that never died that was never resurrected.

*Whether you are in Africa, Europe, China ect…. it is one God that controls the cycle of life and death with the passing Son.  Eternity is passing that one God down to your children that will pass it down to their children there is only one God.

Polytheism requires that one create multiple gods that control every aspect of your being.

To put that in context last year America killed 41 million babies to abortion. One of the first plagues of Egypt was blood.  The rivers turned red and the fish(babies from the dust) died.  Pharaoh decided that the first-born male in ever house would be slain by the sword.  The Angel of death swept the land and millions died.  That is the first plague of America the rest are already in play.

Locust that swarmed the land are the children that devour everything in sight because their parents did not tell them about the Son that rose from the East that has been Eternal and has been like clockwork rising every day.    They travel from one god to the next to be in a gang ie……socialism, climate control, open borders etc…..This is the second plague.

One thing about Monotheism whether it came from the Hebrews or wherever everyone knows within their heart there is one God that controls the cycle of life.  Polytheism destroys that concept and the animals run around the land with their heads cut off.  Men pay to see a 11-year-old boy who cross dresses and the parents do not see anything wrong that is what Polytheism creates.

This is why America and Europe will fall into darkness because they cannot see the beauty of One God who made everything from the dust of the earth.

Polytheism a hold over from the times that you were born into creates mythological gods that rule your whole life.  This creates war, ie…..the crusades of the christians……the religion of peace that is shedding blood everyday…. the sects of the Buddhists that kill each other everyday, the men of Buddha and Islam that kill their children everyday because they annoy them.

Before I get lost come back to one God that created everything even an atheist can not argue with that Truth.  Polytheism creates division between the races and they fight and kill each other.  Polytheism creates division’s between the husband and wife; be married to monotheism and leave a better life to your children, children and children that is eternity that comes out of the ancient lands of the Middle East.

Man creates Polytheism 3500 BC:  God made everything from the dust of the earth, 6000 BC.

Early 3rd Century Khabouris Codex

John 4: 20- 21

“Our forefathers worshipped at this mountain, but you say that in Jerusalem is where we must worship”.

Jeshu said to her,”Woman, believe me (hemenene), the time comes when neither at this mountain nor at Jerusalem shall you worship the Father.

.Hemenene basically means hear what I am saying…. Put your ear to the ground to the dust we came from to hear the voice of God.  Dust  is where we come from dust is where we return………..

Before you marry be sure you are equally yoked with one God for eternal life for your children children’s, children’s for generations.  Unequally yoked is polytheism which is eternal death for your children, children’s, children’s, for generations.

God Eternal

 Never Died

 Never Resurrected

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  1. I must dissent, I cannot accept your analysis and exposition of fathers and god. But I do like your prayer and the passion you feel for the honesty of your message 🙂


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