Poverty is Eternal Life=Knowledge without Wisdom is Eternal Death

Ignorance is the lack of Wisdom , Knowledge is the Marriage of Wisdom.

Poverty is Eternal life the Centrality of the Cross and the core message to, “Be reconciled to one God”.  Closer examination is required to justify poverty as a primitive state of Eternal life.

In Christianity we are always told that Christ is the Centrality of Eternal life, man in the Western hemisphere with his elevated state for attention turned Christ into a supra-supernatural being that quantity is eternal life .  This is an outgrowth of the heavily induced ideas from the Hellenized version of Christ that has permeated the winds of the altars.  You see this theme in the creation of the supernatural beings of divine authorities that preach from the pulpits.  You give them money and the supernatural being of Intelligent design will give you a quantity of  wealth.  That is the core preaching of the pulpits anywhere in the world of Christianity.  Quantity of material gains will give you a quality of life.  Quantity of material gains only produces gluttony you keep eating until you vomit so you can eat more, vomit more, eat more, vomit more, and this cycle continues with no resolve to the quality of one’s life.

In the Western hemisphere (Parents, Church’s, Colleges)  have diminished the quality of poverty and turned poverty into a quantity of  illusionary entitlements for all to determine a quality of life for all nations. You can hear these ramblings of rights everyday from the old men in the Vatican on a daily basis and elsewhere across the world.

In the ancient Oriental and Hebrew philosophy of life, all life has a functionality/quality  as opposed to the Western preaching of a quantity of life.  In the Hebrew accounts of Creation (Gen); Man is never described he is always illustrated as a function of God.  Woman is never described only illustrated as a function of life.   Genesis is not a historical account of Creation I will leave that to the scientist to debate but a functional account of life.

They, Hebrews,  saw the earth as an orb within a bell glass and everything inside was made by God to give you a quality of life.  The movement of the  heavens, stars, sun, plants and animals etc… everything to supply your needs.  They saw the horizon as circular with no end in sight so the earth was flat and the Beginning and End was Eternal that no one could cross.  You stand on a high mountain and all you see is the horizon for 360 degrees.  To this day, you still have people for whatever reason still believe the earth is flat residing here in America.

For the Hebrews to have a quality of life you are directed to go back to the Garden were you are in an improvised state ie…poverty and open your eyes to the resources around you that were supplied by intelligent design.

Poverty is good in its primitive state instinctively it produces three beings that co-exist together, shelter, food and a bed to sleep in.  When we open our eyes from the darkness of the waters that surround us and come up for air into the light we see all the resources around us.  Knowledge then becomes king within us to bring order out of chaos and confusion to supply the needs of three children.  To bring firmament in their life you are told to cleave to Wisdom.   Knowledge is the lamb and Wisdom is the Bride,” Let no man asunder”.

Poverty is good even outside a theological or philosophical discussions because by its own structure it compels one to be happy and content and survive with the resources around them.  To improve their state of being to a qualifying state of immortality passed down for generations.

Ignorance is the absence of Wisdom eternal death;  Knowledge is a plauge like a herd of pig’s crossing the land devouring everything real or imaginary that is oppressed by the lack of entitlements a glutinous appetite that is always hungry.

Early 3rd Century Khabouris Codex

3:34 For he whom Aloha hath sent, the very words of Aloha speaketh;
for it was not in measure that Aloha gave the Spirit.
3:35 The Father loveth the Son, and every thing hath he given into his
3:36 He who believeth in the Son hath the life which is eternal; and he
who obeyeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of Aloha
remaineth on him.
4:1 But when Jeshu knew that the Pharishee had heard that he had
made many disciples, and baptized more than Juchanon,
4:2 (though it was not Jeshu himself baptized, but his disciples,)
4:3 he left Jihuda, and came again into Galila.
X. 4:4 AND he needed that in going he should pass through among the
4:5 and he came to a city of the Shomroyee which is called *Shokar,
nigh to the field which Jakub gave unto Jauseph his son.
4:6-a And the [fountain of water of Jakub] was there. But Jeshu was wearied
with the labour of the way, and sat by the fountain; and it was …..
*sort people into groups—seperate the wheat from the chaff

fountain of water of Jakub– the spirit of Jacob was there who lived hundreds of centuries before.

Before you marry be sure you are equally yoked with Knowledge and Wisdom for eternal life for generations.  Unequally yoked is ignorance which is eternal death for generations.

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