Parallel Worlds- He rose from the House of the Dead- Israel/America One and the Same

Cycle of Life

The Ancient Hebrews came out of the Mesopotamian lands 3500 BC years ago.  Led by Abraham the “Father of all Nations”, born in the city of Ur in the East of the rising Sun.  Over Time and Space they migrated to the West away from the Light they were born into.  Through the descending generations ie…Abraham,  Isaac,  Jacob, to King David, to King Solomon.  For over 2500 years they were all united in the belief of one God these were the Ancient Hebrews.  God told king Solomon during his life that upon his death 931 BC.  He would divide the kingdom into two houses, you now had the Northern Kingdom (Ancient Hebrews) and the Southern Kingdom (Israel).  Over the course of  the next thousand years the Northern kingdom only remnants of the Ancient Hebrews were around these were the men who heard the voice of one God.  The Southern Kingdom, Israel, the children grew up believing in other gods and when times were bad they paid homage to the one God that created them.  When times were good they worshiped the one God.  They became belligerent and boisterous they were the….. menstealers, 1 Tim. 1: 10, the slave owners, liars and thieves.

Jn. 2:22 But when he was risen from the house of the dead, his disciples
remembered that this he had said; and they believed the scriptures,
and the word which Jeshu had spoken,  Khabouris Codex

Jeshu the Messiah came into Israel around 31 AD, it is documented that he came from the Northern Kingdom the Ancient Hebrews the lineage to Abraham. His message was simple, “Be reconciled to one God” for he was coming soon to destroy Israel and only those that heard the voice of God would be saved.  In 70 Ad the Southern Kingdom of Israel fell to the Roman Armies and vanished from history until 1948.

The cycle of life being reborn in 1948,  Israel began again in darkness birthed in the belief of one God in the lands of the Middle East and now is experiencing like a woman the birth pains of labour the trials and tribulations of creation.

America was birthed in a new world in the house of Washington and like Israel stayed united in the belief of one God for about hundred years then like Israel, America divided itself into two houses, 1776.  You had the Northern Kingdom the ones who heard the voice of God and the Southern Kingdom the children that became boisterous belligerent the …..menstealers, the slave owners, black and white.  The message is still the same today as yesterday our future, Be reconciled to one God” because he will come like a thief in the night and America will burn down and from the ashes will only be the ones that heard his voice.  It is those few that will rise from the house of the dead and be reborn from the grave.  America will again be reborn in darkness like a thief in the night soon the higher the sun rises and sets that is God’s will the cycle of life.  The  time of the gentiles is coming to an end.  “When knowledge increases the end is near”, God is coming soon, take time to “reconcile yourself to one God”.

Look behind you and there I am that is your future ascend the lineage from Jeshu to Abraham and beyond.

Early 3rd Century Kurdistan Khabouris Codex –Book of John

2:23-b …..Jeshu was in Jerusalem at the petscha/passover, at the feast, Many
believed in him who saw the signs which he wrought.
2:24 But he, Jeshu, did not confide himself to them, because he knew
every man,
2:25 and needed not that any should testify to him concerning any man,
because he knew what is in man.
3:1 But there was one of the Pharishee whose name was Nikodimos, a
ruler of the Jihudoyee:
3:2 this came to Jeshu in the night, and said to him, Rabi, we know that
from Aloha thou art sent a teacher; for no man can these signs perform
which thou doest, unless Aloha be with him.
3:3 Jeshu answered and said to him, Amen, amen, I say to thee,
Except a man be born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of Aloha.
3:4 Nikodimos said to him, How can an old man be born ? Who can
again the womb of his mother the second time enter, and be born ?
3:5 Jeshu/god answered and said to him, Amen, amen, I say to thee, That if
a man be not born of waters and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the
kingdom of Aloha/GOD.
3:6 Whatever is born of the flesh, is flesh; and whatever is born of the
Spirit, is spirit.
3:7 Wonder not that I have said to thee, that it behoves you to be born
3:8 The wind bloweth where she willeth,*** and her voice thou hearest;
but thou knowest not whence she cometh, nor whither she goeth: so is
every man who is born of the Spirit.
3:9 Nikodimos answered and said to him, How can these things be?
3:10 Jeshu/god answered and said to him, Art thou Malphona/ wise man of Israel, and
these knowest not ?

3:11-a 3:11-a Amen, amen, I say to thee, What we know we speak, and what
we have seen we testify; …..


Rucho signifies either the Spirit, or the wind; as, in like manner, does the corresponding Greek
word wneuma and hence most of the versions of the latter have, ” The Spirit bloweth where he
willeth; ” but in the Syriac text the verbs and the pronominal affix to the noun ” voice” being in the
feminine, the application of Rucho to the Holy Spirit seems not to have been contemplated.
OLSHAUSEN on the Greek text has well said, “The comparison itself, and the expression, fwnhn
autou,  show, beyond doubt, that wneuma does not here mean the breath of the Divine Spirit, but the
wind properly so-called.”

Hebraic Word Today Name

Many times I have heard people comment, “hwhy Yahweh [H:3068]
is God’s name while Myhla elohiym [H:430] is his title.” This is
similar to saying, “the word “king” is a title and “David” is a
name.” Hebrew does not make a distinction between a “name”
and a “title” as both are shem, descriptive of one’s character. The
word Klm melek [H:4428]
, meaning king, describes the character as
“one who reigns” and dwd daviyd [H:1732] describes the character
as “the beloved one.” The name hwhy Yahweh [H:3068]
his character as “He is existing” while Myhla elohiym [H:430]
describes his character as “the one of power.”

With a proper Biblical understanding of the word “name,”
passages in the New Testament take on a new light.
And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will
I do…
John 14:13 (ASV)
Is this verse saying whenever we pray we should conclude the
prayer with “in the name of Jesus”? Not really. In Hebrew, “in”
can also mean “with.” Also, if we replace the word “name” with
“character,” a completely new perspective of this verse is
And whatsoever ye shall ask with my character,
that I will do…
Yeshua is saying if we ask what he would ask, then he will do it.
Below is a translation of this verse from the Shem Tov Hebrew
And she brought forth a son and she called his
name “he saves” (Yeshua) because “he will save”
(yoshia) his people from their iniquity.

To understand the Philosophy of the Word you are not always taught the original meanings of the words that can have several layers to them in the Hebraic thought.

I am not Jewish but I do follow the philosophy of the Ancient Hebrew of one God/thought who does not keep me in slavery or makes me feel good all the time. 

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