Future–America’s Present–Past ; an East West Line

To the Ancient lands of Mesopotamia all direction of life was on an East West line.   Standing in the present looking towards the East the rising Sun that was already your past because of what you did in the present.  What you did in the present became your future, your past, that guided your present life.  Life in the Hebraic mindset life was cyclic it was constantly in motion, Evil was darkness and light is your life.  Like reading the following verse in reverse to ascend to the heavens.  Truth always ascends to the heavens the opposite of the lies of Man that are always in darkness.  A walk with one God is a narrow walk void of Man’s influence.

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

If we look through the lens of the Ancient Hebrew Philosophy then the past for America’s present starts today with the rising of the Eastern Sun when you see the new Congress, particularly the House of Representatives takes office.  The Politics of Governments and Religion will be in the Temple courtyard/ playtime for the next two years.  The money changers, the billionaires, the millionaires, the Politicians the Church’s will all be setting their wares on the table for all the children to play with the bright new open society/toys that capture their attention.

As Daniel wrote when “knowledge increases the end is near”, the Sun light is diminishing the higher it rises and everything will go back to darkness to be reborn the cyclical of life.  You look towards the heavens and you can see, wars and rumours of war, the seasons are changing fruit of the cedar trees are falling to the ground.  Is the end near no but it is close.

America’s present is like the Roman Generals that came back to Rome to a large festival for all to see the wealth of the conquered lands, a long possession and the people lined the main thoroughfare to throw flowers and cheering amid the sounds of trumpets.  He rode in a chariot pulled by two horses behind him stretched the wealth of the nation, there were foods of all tastes, colorful clothes of all different colors and the gold, silver and gems.  Then came the long lines of the captured animals of the land.   They had dragons that could change like a chameleon from one gender to another at a whim,  they had the beasts that were like eunuchs, behind them came the court jesters animals that had bright pink manes on top of their heads carrying colorful banners.  Behind them came the slaves, men women and children.  Then came the Generals Armies the swordsman’s that slayed 41 million children by the blade during the conflict that has lasted for decades.  There was always a slave standing next to the General amidst the noise and gaiety, whispering in his ear. “Glory is fleeting”.  The General possession would pass in front of the Caesar to present all to him and then he disappeared.  America’s,” Glory is Fleeting”, I can hear the whisper in my ear.

America’s future lies in her past you have to travel back to her beginnings to see her future.  You cross the wilderness of open societies, sanctuary cities, the deserts the hot Sons of sex, drugs and rock and roll,  cross the rivers of the 38th Parallel, cross the oceans to land on the shores of Normandy to march to the muddy trenches that blocked her path.   The journey will take you past the Civil Wars of ideologies ie… slavery, the British invasion past the plantation of Anthony Johnson the first black.  He became a property owner that owned slaves, and was one of the first … “’the black patriarch’ of the first community of Negro property owners in America“.

This is America’s future, Slavery, back to the darkness except this time all conquered nations will become enslaved to the Politicians and their Religions.

I cannot be held responsible for the sins of my father ( Anthony Johnson) only what I do in the present determines my future that lies behind me before the sun sets and engulfs me in darkness.  The present conjunction determines my course;

And God saw the light, that it was good (: and God divided the light from the darkness.

Early 3rd Century Kurdistan Khabouris Codex –Book of John

2:8 He saith to them, Draw now, and carry to the chief of the guests.
And they carried.
2:9 And when that chief of the guests had tasted those waters which
were made wine, and knew not whence it was, (but the servitors knew,
who had filled them with waters,) the chief of the guests called the
2:10 and said to him, Every man at first the good wine produceth, and
when they are satisfied, then that which is inferior ; * but thou hast kept
the good wine until now.  *smaller
2:11 This is the first sign that **Jeshu wrought in #Kotna of Galila, and
manifested his glory; and his disciples believed in him.  #to pass over
VI. 2:12 AFTER this he went to Kapher-nachum, he and his mother and
his brethren and his disciples. And they were there a few days.
2:13 And the petscha of the Jihudoyee was nigh, and **Jeshu went up to
2:14 And he found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and
doves, and the money-changers sitting.
2:15 And he made him a scourge of cord, and drove them all from the
temple, and the sheep and the oxen and the money-changers; and he
shed their money, and their tables he overturned.
2:16 And to those who sold doves he said, Take these hence; make not
the house of my Father a house of merchandise.
2:17 And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thy
house hath devoured me.
2:18 The Jihudoyee answered and said to him, What sign showest thou
to us, as these things thou doest ?
2:19 **Jeshu answered, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise
2:20 The Jihudoyee say to him, Forty-and six years (man) was this temple
being built, and wilt thou in three days raise it ?
2:21 But he spake of the temple of his body.
2:22 But when he was risen from the house of the dead, his disciples
remembered that this he had said; and they believed the scriptures,
and the word which **Jeshu had spoken.
VII. 2:23-a WHILE ….
**Jeshu God has a dual meaning: nowhere do I see the name Jesus Christ

Hebraic Word Today Intestines

The Hebrew word  hhai [H:2416] is usually translated as life, but
how did the Ancient Hebrews perceive “life”? 
Will you hunt prey for the lion and will you fill the
stomach (hhai) of the young lion?
Job 38:39
Hhai is concretely the “stomach,” but in the abstract it means
“life,” as in the verse below.
In the six hundredth year of the life (hhai) of
Genesis 7:11
To the Ancient Hebrews who
lived a nomadic lifestyle, always in search of food and water. To
them a full stomach was a sign of life.

To understand the Philosophy of the Word you are not always taught the original meanings of the words that can have several layers to them in the Hebraic thought.

I am not Jewish but I do follow the philosophy of the Ancient Hebrew of one God/thought who does not keep me in slavery or makes me feel good all the time.  

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